Friday, May 22, 2020

UGANDA: Above all, be of service to others

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I met a fellow Ugandan on Facebook in 2013. We became friends and are still friends to this day.

There is one time in 2014 when my friend had an issue that required me to look through some documents to help him resolve the problem he was having. I am good at paperwork.

After the issue was resolved, my friend said he was gonna give me a cow. In our culture, when one gives you a chicken, goat, pig or sheep, it is a sign of grear honour. And here is this friend promising me the biggest honour ever. I replied "bullshit. Tell that to Ugandans".

Imagine my shock today 6 years later. My friend inboxes me and reminds me of an article I wrote in 2014 which he says impacted him and forced him to always follow me on social media. He said "Martha, remember I promised you a cow".

ME: Do not joke with food. I could use that cow just about now. Is it a diary one or beef?

He replied that it is diary and we exchanged details of how I am gonna get the cow from Rukungiri to Bududa (Bakiga never break a promise unlike those traitors from a tribe I will not name).

Next week, Martha becomes a proud owner of a babycow (calf) and now I gotta find out how to grow alfa alfa for my new baby.

We are gonna call her Mathilda.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda


[05-22, 3:49 p.m.] Prince: They are called Enpaano.

Officially you've become a forever friend.

If you intend to break your good friendship, you'll have to take it back with a fine of another one(cow).

It has a big meaning in western culture. If you reach 5 cows from that one, you'll give him back one for appreciation.

[05-22, 3:55 p.m.] Martha Leah Nangalama: When I was young, I think P2 or P3, I visited one of my aunties (older sister to my father) and when I was setting back on my long walk home, she gave me a hen. The hen was laying eggs already. I loved that hen very much. But one time we got khawoya (disease which kills chicken kind of bird flu). It was devastating to lose that hen.

Mpozi how long does it take for a calf to have babies and produce milk? My calf will be giving around 20 litres daily. I am forecasting the milk business.

Of the 20 litres, Mayi Umushika will get a litre. Mayi Umusoba will get a litre. Papa Kibeti will get a litre. Khotsa Simeon will get a litre. Mathilda's Baby sitter will get 2 litres for his family. That will leave me with 10 litres daily to sell.

How much is a litre of milk in Bududa today? Thanks.

[05-22, 4:49 p.m.] Yatuha: 10-12 months may be

[05-22, 4:53 p.m.] Martha Leah Nangalama: That is too long. Are there no hormones to make the calf grow faster faster?

[05-22, 4:56 p.m.] Martha Leah Nangalama: I need Mathilda to grow fast fast and produce milk now now. I thought it takes maximum 6mths. Mpozi, what is the gestation period for cows? Is it 9 or 12mths? I think my friend should have given me chicken then. Ndabye ennaku. Should have paid attention in those Agriculture classes.

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