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NTVUganda has added ELECTION WATCH: Nabillah, Rwakakamba face off over security's handling of NUP campaigns video

ELECTION WATCH: Nabillah, Rwakakamba face off over security's handling of NUP campaigns

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

NTVUganda has added BUSINESS UPDATE: Breaking down financial planning in COVID-19 times video

BUSINESS UPDATE: Breaking down financial planning in COVID-19 times

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Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick Live At The London Hippodrome, 1977

Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick Live At The London Hippodrome, 1977

Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick Live At The London Hippodrome, 1977

Andrea Bocelli - La Vie En Rose - Live / 2012 ft. Edith Piaf

Andrea Bocelli - La Vie En Rose - Live / 2012 ft. Edith Piaf

Music video by Andrea Bocelli performing La Vie En Rose. (C) 2013 Sugar Srl, under exclusive license to Universal International Music B.V. Watch the Music for Hope full event here: Listen to the Music for Hope full event here:

Angelique Kidjo performing “Afirika" | 2020 GRAMMYs Performance

Angelique Kidjo performing “Afirika" | 2020 GRAMMYs Performance

Watch Angelique Kidjo performing “Afirika" at the 62nd GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony. Full Winners List: 62nd GRAMMY Awards About the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: Recording Academy is the world's leading society of musical professionals, and is dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and sustaining music's past, present and future. Connect with the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Subscribe NOW to the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on YouTube: #GRAMMYs #GRAMMYAwards #UnexpectEverything #GRAMMYs2020 #GRAMMYPremiereCeremony #AngeliqueKidjo

Advanced Persistent Threat Actors Targeting U.S. Think Tanks

Alert (AA20-336A)

Advanced Persistent Threat Actors Targeting U.S. Think Tanks
Original release date: December 01, 2020

This Advisory uses the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK®) framework. See the ATT&CK for Enterprise for all referenced threat actor tactics and techniques.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have observed persistent continued cyber intrusions by advanced persistent threat (APT) actors targeting U.S. think tanks. This malicious activity is often, but not exclusively, directed at individuals and organizations that focus on international affairs or national security policy.[1] The following guidance may assist U.S. think tanks in developing network defense procedures to prevent or rapidly detect these attacks.

APT actors have relied on multiple avenues for initial access. These have included low-effort capabilities such as spearphishing emails and third-party message services directed at both corporate and personal accounts, as well as exploiting vulnerable web-facing devices and remote connection capabilities. Increased telework during the COVID-19 pandemic has expanded workforce reliance on remote connectivity, affording malicious actors more opportunities to exploit those connections and to blend in with increased traffic. Attackers may leverage virtual private networks (VPNs) and other remote work tools to gain initial access or persistence on a victim’s network. When successful, these low-effort, high-reward approaches allow threat actors to steal sensitive information, acquire user credentials, and gain persistent access to victim networks.

Given the importance that think tanks can have in shaping U.S. policy, CISA and FBI urge individuals and organizations in the international affairs and national security sectors to immediately adopt a heightened state of awareness and implement the critical steps listed in the Mitigations section of this Advisory.

Click here for a PDF version of this report.
Technical Details

ATT&CK Profile

CISA created the following MITRE ATT&CK profile to provide a non-exhaustive list of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by APT actors to break through think tanks’ defenses, conduct reconnaissance in their environments, exfiltrate proprietary or confidential information, and execute effects on targets. These TTPs were included based upon closed reporting on APT actors that are known to target think tanks or based upon CISA incident response data.
Initial Access [TA0001]
Valid Accounts [T1078]
Valid Accounts: Cloud Accounts [T1078.004]
External Remote Services [T1133]
Drive-by Compromise [T1189]
Exploit Public-Facing Application [T1190]
Supply Chain Compromise: Compromise Software Supply Chain [T1195.002]
Trusted Relationship [T1199]
Phishing: Spearphishing Attachment [T1566.001]
Phishing: Spearphishing Link [T1566.002]
Phishing: Spearphishing via Service [T1566.003]
Execution [TA0002]
Windows Management Instrumentation [T1047]
Scheduled Task/Job: Scheduled Task [T1053.005]
Command and Scripting Interpreter: PowerShell [T1059.001]
Command and Scripting Interpreter: Windows Command Shell [T1059.003]
Command and Scripting Interpreter: Unix Shell [T1059.004]
Command and Scripting Interpreter: Visual Basic [T1059.005]
Command and Scripting Interpreter: Python [T1059.006]
Native API [T1106]
Exploitation for Client Execution [T1203]
User Execution: Malicious Link [T1204.001]
User Execution: Malicious File [T1204.002]
Inter-Process Communication: Dynamic Data Exchange [T1559.002]
System Services: Service Execution [T1569.002]
Persistence [TA0003]
Boot or Logon Initialization Scripts: Logon Script (Windows) [T1037.001]
Scheduled Task/Job: Scheduled Task [T1053.005]
Account Manipulation: Exchange Email Delegate Permissions [T1098.002]
Create Account: Local Account [T1136.001]
Office Application Startup: Office Test [T1137.002]
Office Application Startup: Outlook Home Page [T1137.004]
Browser Extensions [T1176]
BITS Jobs [T1197]
Server Software Component: Web Shell [T1505.003]
Pre-OS Boot: Bootkit [T1542.003]
Create or Modify System Process: Windows Service [T1543.003]
Event Triggered Execution: Change Default File Association [T1546.001]
Event Triggered Execution: Windows Management Instrumentation Event Subscription [T1546.003]
Event Triggered Execution: Accessibility Features [T1546.008]
Event Triggered Execution: Component Object Model Hijacking [T1546.015]
Boot or Logon Autostart Execution: Registry Run Keys / Startup Folder [T1547.001]
Boot or Logon Autostart Execution: Shortcut Modification [T1547.009]
Privilege Escalation [TA0004]
Process Injection [T1055]
Process Injection: Process Hollowing [T1055.012]
Exploitation for Privilege Escalation [T1068]
Access Token Manipulation: Token Impersonation/Theft [T1134.001]
Event Triggered Execution: Accessibility Features [T1546.008]
Boot or Logon Autostart Execution: Shortcut Modification [T1547.009]
Abuse Elevation Control Mechanism: Bypass User Access Control [T1548.002]
Hijack Execution Flow: DLL Side-Loading [T1574.002]
Defense Evasion [TA0005]
Rootkit [T1014]
Obfuscated Files or Information: Binary Padding [T1027.001]
Obfuscated Files or Information: Software Packing [T1027.002]
Obfuscated Files or Information: Steganography [T1027.003]
Obfuscated Files or Information: Indicator Removal from Tools [T1027.005]
Masquerading: Match Legitimate Name or Location [T1036.005]
Indicator Removal on Host: Clear Windows Event Logs [T1070.001]
Indicator Removal on Host: Clear Command History [1070.003]
Indicator Removal on Host: File Deletion [T1070.004]
Indicator Removal on Host: Timestomp [T1070.006]
Modify Registry [T1112]
Deobfuscate/Decode Files or Information [T1140]
Exploitation for Defense Evasion [T1211]
Signed Binary Proxy Execution: Compiled HTML File [T1218.001]
Signed Binary Proxy Execution: Mshta [T1218.005]
Signed Binary Proxy Execution: Rundll32 [T1218.011]
Template Injection [T1221]
Execution Guardrails: Environmental Keying [T1480.001]
Abuse Elevation Control Mechanism: Bypass User Access Control [T1548.002]
Use Alternate Authentication Material: Application Access Token [T1550.001]
Subvert Trust Controls: Code Signing [T1553.002]
Impair Defenses: Disable or Modify Tools [T1562.001]
Impair Defenses: Disable or Modify System Firewall [T1562.004]
Hide Artifacts: Hidden Files and Directories [T1564.001]
Hide Artifacts: Hidden Window [T1564.003]
Credential Access [TA0006]
OS Credential Dumping: LSASS Memory [T1003.001]
OS Credential Dumping: Security Account Manager [T1003.002]
OS Credential Dumping: NTDS [T1003.003]
OS Credential Dumping: LSA Secrets [T1003.004]
OS Credential Dumping: Cached Domain Credentials [T1003.005]
Network Sniffing [T1040]
Input Capture: Keylogging [T1056.001]
Brute Force: Password Cracking [T1110.002]Brute Force: Password Spraying [T1110.003]
Forced Authentication [T1187]
Steal Application Access Token [T1528]
Unsecured Credentials: Credentials in Files [T1552.001]
Unsecured Credentials: Group Policy Preferences [T1552.006]
Credentials from Password Stores: Credentials from Web Browsers [T1555.003]
Discovery [TA0007]
System Service Discovery [T1007]
Query Registry [T1012]
System Network Configuration Discovery [T1016]
Remote System Discovery [T1018]
System Owner/User Discovery [T1033]
Network Sniffing [T1040]
Network Service Scanning [T1046]
System Network Connections Discovery [T1049]
Process Discovery [T1057]
Permission Groups Discovery: Local Groups [T1069.001]
Permission Groups Discovery: Domain Groups [T1069.002]
System Information Discovery [T1082]
File and Directory Discovery [T1083]
Account Discovery: Local Account [T1087.001]
Account Discovery: Domain Account [T1087.002]
Peripheral Device Discovery [T1120]
Network Share Discovery [T1135]
Password Policy Discovery [T1201]
Software Discovery: Security Software Discovery [T1518.001]
Lateral Movement [TA0008]
Remote Services: Remote Desktop Protocol [T1021.001]
Remote Services: SSH [T1021.004]
Taint Shared Content [T1080]
Replication Through Removable Media [T1091]
Exploitation of Remote Services [T1210]
Use Alternate Authentication Material: Pass the Hash [T1550.002]
Use Alternate Authentication Material: Pass the Ticket [T1550.003]
Collection [TA0009]
Data from Local System [T1005]
Data from Removable Media [T1025]
Data Staged: Local Data Staging [T1074.001]
Screen Capture [T1113]
Email Collection: Local Email Collection [T1114.001]
Email Collection: Remote Email Collection [T1114.002]
Automated Collection [T1119]
Audio Capture [T1123]
Data from Information Repositories: SharePoint [T1213.002]
Archive Collected Data: Archive via Utility [T1560.001]
Archive Collected Data: Archive via Custom Method [T1560.003]
Command and Control [TA0011]
Data Obfuscation: Junk Data [T1001.001]
Fallback Channels [T1008]
Application Layer Protocol: Web Protocols [T1071.001]
Application Layer Protocol: File Transfer Protocols [T1071.002]
Application Layer Protocol: Mail Protocols [T1071.003]
Application Layer Protocol: DNS [T1071.004]
Proxy: External Proxy [T1090.002]
Proxy: Multi-hop Proxy [T1090.003]
Proxy: Domain Fronting [T1090.004]
Communication Through Removable Media [T1092]
Non-Application Layer Protocol [T1095]
Web Service: Dead Drop Resolver [T1102.001]
Web Service: Bidirectional Communication [T1102.002]
Multi-Stage Channels [T1104]
Ingress Tool Transfer [T1105]
Data Encoding: Standard Encoding [T1132.001]
Remote Access Software [T1219]
Dynamic Resolution: Domain Generation Algorithms [T1568.002]
Non-Standard Port [T1571]
Protocol Tunneling [T1572]
Encrypted Channel: Symmetric Cryptography [T1573.001]
Encrypted Channel: Asymmetric Cryptography [T1573.002]
Exfiltration [TA0010]
Exfiltration Over C2 Channel [T1041]
Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol: Exfiltration Over Unencrypted/Obfuscated Non-C2 Protocol [T1048.003]
Impact [TA0040]
Data Encrypted for Impact [T1486]
Resource Hijacking [T1496]
System Shutdown/Reboot [T1529]
Disk Wipe: Disk Structure Wipe [T1561.002]

CISA and FBI recommend think tank organizations apply the following critical practices to strengthen their security posture.
Implement a training program to familiarize users with identifying social engineering techniques and phishing emails.
Log off remote connections when not in use.
Be vigilant against tailored spearphishing attacks targeting corporate and personal accounts (including both email and social media accounts).
Use different passwords for corporate and personal accounts.
Install antivirus software on personal devices to automatically scan and quarantine suspicious files.
Employ strong multi-factor authentication for personal accounts, if available.
Exercise caution when:
Opening email attachments, even if the attachment is expected and the sender appears to be known. See Using Caution with Email Attachments.
Using removable media (e.g., USB thumb drives, external drives, CDs).
IT Staff/Cybersecurity Personnel
Segment and segregate networks and functions.
Change the default username and password of applications and appliances.
Employ strong multi-factor authentication for corporate accounts.
Deploy antivirus software on organizational devices to automatically scan and quarantine suspicious files.
Apply encryption to data at rest and data in transit.
Use email security appliances to scan and remove malicious email attachments or links.
Monitor key internal security tools and identify anomalous behavior. Flag any known indicators of compromise or threat actor behaviors for immediate response.
Organizations can implement mitigations of varying complexity and restrictiveness to reduce the risk posed by threat actors who use Tor (The Onion Router) to carry out malicious activities. See the CISA-FBI Joint Cybersecurity Advisory on Defending Against Malicious Cyber Activity Originating from Tor for mitigation options and additional information.
Prevent exploitation of known software vulnerabilities by routinely applying software patches and upgrades. Foreign cyber threat actors continue to exploit publicly known—and often dated—software vulnerabilities against broad target sets, including public and private sector organizations. If these vulnerabilities are left unpatched, exploitation often requires few resources and provides threat actors with easy access to victim networks. Review CISA and FBI’s Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities and other CISA alerts that identify vulnerabilities exploited by foreign attackers.
Implement an antivirus program and a formalized patch management process.
Block certain websites and email attachments commonly associated with malware (e.g., .scr, .pif, .cpl, .dll, .exe).
Block email attachments that cannot be scanned by antivirus software (e.g., .zip files).
Implement Group Policy Object and firewall rules.
Implement filters at the email gateway and block suspicious IP addresses at the firewall.
Routinely audit domain and local accounts as well as their permission levels to look for situations that could allow an adversary to gain wide access by obtaining credentials of a privileged account.
Follow best practices for design and administration of the network to limit privileged account use across administrative tiers.
Implement a Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) validation system.
Disable or block unnecessary remote services.
Limit access to remote services through centrally managed concentrators.
Deny direct remote access to internal systems or resources by using network proxies, gateways, and firewalls.
Limit unnecessary lateral communications.
Disable file and printer sharing services. If these services are required, use strong passwords or Active Directory authentication.
Ensure applications do not store sensitive data or credentials insecurely.
Enable a firewall on agency workstations, configured to deny unsolicited connection requests.
Disable unnecessary services on agency workstations and servers.
Scan for and remove suspicious email attachments; ensure any scanned attachment is its "true file type" (i.e., the extension matches the file header).
Monitor users' web browsing habits; restrict access to suspicious or risky sites. Contact law enforcement or CISA immediately regarding any unauthorized network access identified.
Visit the MITRE ATT&CK techniques and tactics pages linked in the ATT&CK Profile section above for additional mitigation and detection strategies for this malicious activity targeting think tanks.

Contact Information
Recipients of this report are encouraged to contribute any additional information that they may have related to this threat. To report suspicious or criminal activity related to information found in this Joint Cybersecurity Advisory, contact your local FBI field office at, or the FBI’s 24/7 Cyber Watch (CyWatch) at (855) 292-3937 or by email at When available, please include the following information regarding the incident: date, time, and location of the incident; type of activity; number of people affected; type of equipment used for the activity; the name of the submitting company or organization; and a designated point of contact. To request incident response resources or technical assistance related to these threats, contact CISA at
CISA Alert: Microsoft Office 365 Security Recommendations
CISA Alert: Technical Approaches to Uncovering and Remediating Malicious Activity
CISA Webpage: Telework Guidance
CISA Webpage: VPN-Related Guidance
FBI Private Industry Notification: PIN 20200409-001
[1] CyberScoop: As Europe prepares to vote, Microsoft warns of Fancy Bear attac…
Initial Version: December 1, 2020

AMAZON lost my 2 last orders of HIGHER THAN HOPE - @amazon


This is a true story and you can even contact AMAZON and ask them to tell you that it is a real life from someone on Route 132.

In November 2020, I wanted to send a birthday gift to UofT Junior. Something she would enjoy with Vietnam (son-in-law). Both of them are into History, International Relations, Social Justice and one of them is in McGill Law School. Being that they are sorta Africans, I ordered something they would both like. DELIVER -- Montreal, PQ.

Then, I placed an order of the same book for this friend from an African country which I dare not mention but let us think it could be called LUNGU. This friend's address, TORONTO ... ON, CA. This book was only to tell "friend" stop preaching to me about African things. I have read more about our beloved continent"... something like that anyway.

BACK to Amazon. I get an email that they are refunding money with something like "it looks like our logistics lost your shipment. We have issued a refund on your MasterCard (come on, I am in Canada, therefore, I only use Mastercard).

Then we wait. At this point, I am wondering if I should request a refund for the TORONTO delivery to my frenemy. How many months has it been AMAZON? Come on, your system failed. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. MLN

Thanks for issuing the second not yet delivered book for how long has it been????

ENERGY: Oil report for Tuesday December 1, 2020

Oil Prices Drop On OPEC+ Uncertainty


- U.S. distillate inventories declined to 143 million barrels in mid-November, dipping back into five-year-average territory for the first time since May.

- Inventories hit a high of 180 million barrels in July, just short of an all-time record high reached in 1982.

- Distillate demand averaged 4.2 mb/d for the week ending on November 20, around the five-year average for this time of year. 

Market Movers

- Repsol (BME: REP) said it would cut upstream CAPEX to 1.6 billion euros per year for 2021-2025, down from 2.4 billion euros in 2019.

- ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) saw its stock rise after it announced an operational update, which included deep spending cuts (more below).

- SandRidge Energy (NYSE: SD) shot up nearly 5% in early trading after closing on a new $30 million credit facility from Icahn Enterprises (NASDAQ: IEP). 

Chart of the Week

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Oil prices dipped on Tuesday as the OPEC+ meeting ran into some unexpected turbulence, with the three most influential members failing to agree on how best to proceed with production in 2021.

OPEC+ delays meeting as talks continue. OPEC+ postponed a decision on its next steps until Thursday after talks proved trickier than expected. Analysts expected the group to extend its current agreement by three months or so, rather than allowing the cuts to taper beginning in January. However, Reuters reports that some members are itching to increase production. Russia has suggested easing by 0.5 mb/d each month beginning in January. At the same time, the UAE is uncomfortable with low compliance levels of other members.

Exxon takes historic $20 billion writedown. ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) said that it would write down as much as $17 to $20 billion in the fourth quarter, the largest writedown in modern history. The impairment was concentrated in natural gas assets across a wide geographic area: Appalachia, Rocky Mountains, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, along with Western Canada and Argentina. The move dates back to a major blunder when Exxon purchased XTO Energy for $35 billion in 2010, an acquisition widely seen as a costly mistake.

Exxon’s new strategy. Exxon is also slashing capex to $20-$25 billion per year, down $10 billion from pre-pandemic guidance. The oil major said it would concentrate its focus on the Permian, Guyana, Brazil and its chemicals portfolio. Exxon is also seeking to protect its dividend, a $15 billion payout that analysts increasingly see as unsustainable.

Invenergy breaks ground on massive Texas solar project. Invenergy LLC broke ground on a $1.6 billion solar project northeast of Dallas, which will be the nation’s largest when it comes online in 2023. The WSJ reports on the solar boom in Texas.

Gazprom to restart Nord Stream 2 after a year-long delay. Gazprom will attempt to restart construction on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which has been held up for a year due to U.S. sanctions. Analysts believe that Russia has the ability to complete the project. Sanctions have targeted pipelaying vessels, which have complicated Russia’s construction effort.

U.S. shale is broken. After many ups and downs, most analysts see U.S. shale production remaining flat for years, handing leverage back to OPEC+. “I see no more growth until 2022, 2023, and it will be very, very light in regard to the U.S. shale industry ever-growing again,” said Pioneer (NYSE: PXD) CEO Scott Sheffield.

Shale drillers shift to gas. Higher natural gas prices and subdued crude prices have drillers shifting towards gas, a turnaround from much of the past decade. EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) and Continental Resources (NYSE: CLR) have both increased their focus on gas, for example.

S&P to buy IHS Markit for $44 billion. S&P Global Inc. agreed to acquire IHS Markit Ltd. for about $44 billion, the companies said Monday. The all-stock deal is the largest of the year and will create a data behemoth.

New Asia trade pact could hurt U.S. LNG. Fifteen countries in the Asia-Pacific region—including China and Australia—recently signed the world’s newest and largest trade pact. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement is set to gradually reduce and, in some cases, eliminate, trade tariffs on goods, including commodities. The pact could further sideline U.S. exporters of energy to the world’s most resource-thirsty region.

Volkswagen plans small EV. Volkswagen is accelerating plans for a mass-market small electric vehicle, with a price of between $24,000 and $30,000.

Venezuela convicts Citgo executives. A judge in Venezuela convicted six oil executives at Citgo, five of which are American citizens. The so-called “Citgo 6” were arrested on corruption charges three years ago, but their lawyers argue that the charges are without evidence.

Oil markets face a 200-million-barrel glut in 2021. Rystad Energy’s balances show that should OPEC+ fail to amend its existing deal and increase its production, the world in January will face its biggest monthly glut since April 2020 with an average daily surplus of 3.1 million barrels for the month.

Bank of America rules out Arctic financing. Bank of America joined other major banks in ruling out funding for new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and Citi have all previously done the same.

Enbridge gets Line 3 greenlight. Enbridge (NYSE: ENB) received final approval from Minnesota regulators to begin construction on its Line 3 replacement, which will roughly double the system’s throughput.

Japan and Kuwait strike major oil storage deal. Japan and Kuwait have struck a deal to store crude oil for Southeast Asia in Japan in a bid to boost the region’s oil supply network, which is currently rather weak and vulnerable to supply outages.

Ford urges fuel economy deal with California. Ford (NYSE: F) is urging other major automakers to back a deal with California over fuel economy standards, as a way of aligning regulations with the incoming Biden administration. A week ago, GM (NYSE: GM) also abandoned the Trump administration’s effort in favor of California’s stricter standards.

Photos: Puerto Rico’s Iconic Arecibo Telescope Collapses After Suffering Major Damages

via @PerilofAfrica The US National Science Foundation (NSF) announced in mid-November that the scientific body would begin to decommission the radio telescope at Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory over fears that recent damages would bring about the structure’s collapse.

OP-ED: Coligny ‘sunflower’ case tells us white lives matter more than black lives in small-town South Africa

via @PerilOfAfrica Last week the Supreme Court of Appeal reversed a decision of the High Court and acquitted Pieter Doorewaard and Philip Schutte of the murder of 15-year-old Mathlomola Jonas Mosweu near the town of Coligny. The judges (in three separate judgments) all agreed that the police botched the investigation. But the judgment remained silent on the impact that racial attitudes in the town (including attitudes of white superiority) may have had on the way the matter played out.

MAVERICK CITIZEN: Health Justice Initiative wants details of state’s plan to get Covid-19 vaccine to SA

via @PerilOfAfrica The Health Justice Initiative is awaiting a response from the government to a letter that requests details of the state’s plan to make sure all people who need the Covid-19 vaccine will have access to it.

BUSINESS MAVERICK 168: Price Preference System: Only scraps are left for the metal recyclers

via @PerilOfAfrica There are conflicting views on what the enforced price discount on scrap metal has had on the industries in the metals value chain, though it is clear that more support is needed for the scrap metal processing industry.

Newsdeck: Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears appeal of Bill Cosby’s 2018 sexual assault conviction

via @PerilOfAfrica HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec 1 (Reuters) - A lawyer for Bill Cosby on Tuesday told the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that the judge at the entertainer's 2018 sexual assault trial should have barred five prosecution witnesses who testified that Cosby had also drugged and raped them.

NTVUganda has added ANT presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu campaigns in greater Luweero video

ANT presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu campaigns in greater Luweero

Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) presidential candidate Gregory Mugisha Muntu spent the day traversing the districts of Nakaseke and Luwero. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS: Museveni addresses rally, emphasises COVID-19 prevention video

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS: Museveni addresses rally, emphasises COVID-19 prevention

Despite issuing warnings to politicians on addressing crowds on Sunday, the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Tuesday addressed his first mass rally in Busia. Museveni was in Busia to launch a market and also campaign. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Police officer leading Bobi Wine’s security injured in chaos video

Police officer leading Bobi Wine’s security injured in chaos

National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi has suspended his campaign after his car was shot at in Jinja district. Kyagulanyi says he fears for his life and wants the Electoral Commission Chairperson to address his concerns before he can return to the campaign trail. Meanwhile, the head of Kyagulanyi’s security team Wilfred Kato was shot by a rubber bullet while a member of his mobilisation team was hit in the face. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added New digital platform to help women access finance video

New digital platform to help women access finance

Women entrepreneurs and those in business will transform their livelihoods through a digital platform that will help them access financial services, markets, and create networks among peers. Government has launched a digital platform where women can access financial services, information and create networks #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added UPDF to probe officers over violence in recent campaign protests video

UPDF to probe officers over violence in recent campaign protests

The Uganda People's Defense Forces says it is working with the public and other agencies to investigate if some of its officers overstepped during Pro-Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine protests in which fifty-four people died two weeks a go. This was revealed by Brigadier General Godard Busingye, the Chief of Legal Services in the UPDF at the launch of the report by Uganda Law Society in Kampala on the state of the rule of law looking at periods between July and September this year. The law society wants the president to expedite the appointment of the Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission to enable it deal with rising cases of Human Rights abuses. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added 79TH UGANDA OPEN: Kasozi plays course level to open up a one-shot lead video

79TH UGANDA OPEN: Kasozi plays course level to open up a one-shot lead

Joseph Kasozi has played the par 72 Kitante course at Uganda Golf Club level to open up a one-shot lead in round of the Uganda Open Golf Championship. Pre-tournament favourite Joseph Cwinya-ai and Rodel Gaita are hot on the heels of Kasozi after firing one over 73 apiece. The amateur golf event runs its course on Friday. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added KARUMA POWER PROJECT: No time frame for completion of the dam video

KARUMA POWER PROJECT: No time frame for completion of the dam

The deadline for the extended completion of the non-conformities associated with $ 2.2 Billion dollar Karuma Hydro Power Plant elapsed on Monday, with engineering experts insisting further extension to the contractor must be time-specific. Dr Isaac Mutenyo, the President of the Engineers Registration Board, who was leading a team of engineers in the further inspection of the completion of the non-conformities, that have for months delayed the earlier set timelines for completion said. Among other issues associated with the delay is the compensation along the planned transmission corridor.   The Contractor Sinohydro Corporation, applied for an extension of time with about 38 claims. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added WASTE TO ENERGY: Four cities to participate in pilot project video

WASTE TO ENERGY: Four cities to participate in pilot project

Four cities including Kampala, Masaka and Jinja will take in a waste to energy project partly implemented by government through the ministry of health to turns of organic waste into biogas and finally into energy. The pilot project will cost 3 million dollars and is funded by the United Nations Development Programme and partners. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added We shall hold violators individually liable - Ssenyonyi video

We shall hold violators individually liable - Ssenyonyi

The spokesperson and the Secretary-General of National Platform Unity have vowed to take several Resident District Commissioners together with several police officers in courts of law for halting campaigns of the NUP presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi. These have further condemned the rampant arrest of NUP members countrywide without trial which they term as violating rights of Ugandans. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added FDC presidential candidate condemns unfair evictions video

FDC presidential candidate condemns unfair evictions

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat has said it is wrong to evict people farming in valleys without providing them alternative land. Amuriat spent the day campaigning in Rukiga, Ntungamo and Rwampara districts making stopovers in the major towns. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Independent presidential candidate Willy Mayambala to secure Masindi land video

Independent presidential candidate Willy Mayambala to secure Masindi land

In the Bunyoro sub-region, Presidential candidate Willy Mayambala has pledged to stop the rampant theft of land by public officials. Given the happenings in the recent past. Mayambala is the first presidential candidate to be allowed to freely address his supporters in Masindi district. Joseph Kabuleta, Patrick Oboi Amuriat and Henry Tumukunde were barred by security officials from campaigning here. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added John Katumba to skill the youth, clashes with police video

John Katumba to skill the youth, clashes with police

Presidential Candidate John Katumba has promised to provide jobs for the youth in Bunyoro sub-region, especially in the oil and gas industry when he is elected President. He met with officials of the Bunyoro- Kitara kingdom and campaigned in Hoima city. He was later barred from carrying out his campaign in Kyenjojo district. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple Reportedly Using Uighur Forced Labor

Hong Kong protesters rally in support of Xinjiang Uighurs' human rights in Hong Kong, China, December 22, 2019. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple reportedly lobbied to weaken a bill aimed at preventing them from manufacturing products in China using forced Uighur labor


Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple were among the companies that lobbied to weaken a bill aimed at banning US firms from relying on Chinese forced labor, The New York Times reported Sunday.
HSBC, American Apparel, and several industry groups also lobbied on the bill, which would ban many goods imported from Xinjiang unless companies prove they weren't made with forced labor.
The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, as it's called, passed the House in September by a 406-3 margin, and according to The New York Times, has the support needed to pass the Senate.
Various reports have linked Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple, and other major US companies to suppliers in the region, where China has been accused of detaining and violating the rights of as many as one million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities.

Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple all sought to weaken proposed legislation aimed at barring US companies from relying on the forced labor of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in China's Xinjiang region, The New York Times reported Sunday.

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act would ban US companies from importing a wide range of goods made in Xinjiang, where China has been accused of mass human rights violations unless companies can prove that the goods weren't made using forced labor.

The bill passed the House in September by a margin of 406 to 3, and aides told The Times that it has enough support to pass the Senate.

Other companies and trade groups, including HSBC, American Apparel, the National Retail Federation, and the US Chamber of Commerce also lobbied on the bill, according to lobbying disclosure forms.

None of the above organizations responded to a request for comment on this story.

Apple took issue with the claim that it tried to water down the bill in a statement to The Times.

Nike's global communications director, Greg Rossiter, told The Times that the company "did not lobby against" the bill but rather had "constructive discussions" with congressional staffers.

Coca-Cola told The Times in a statement that it "strictly prohibits any type of forced labor in our supply chain."

The US Chamber of Commerce declined to comment to The Times. It instead referred it to a letter it and other groups wrote in November, saying they supported addressing forced labor.

Human rights groups, media reports, and other independent researchers have extensively documented China's mass surveillance and detainment of as many as one million Uighurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and other Muslim minority groups in internment camps, where reports allege they are subjected to torture, sexual abuse, and forced labor for little or no pay.

In March, a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), which estimated that 80,000 Uighurs have been forcibly relocated to factories across China, found evidence of forced Uighur labor at four separate factories in Apple's supply chain as well as the supply chains of Nike, BMW, and Amazon.

Also in March, the Congressional-Executive Commission said in a report that Nike and Coca-Cola, as well as major brands such as Adidas, Campbell Soup, Costco, H&M, Kraft Heinz, Patagonia, and Tommy Hilfiger, were suspected of relying on forced Chinese labor.

Nike claimed in a March statement that it "does not source products" from Xinjiang and that it "confirmed with our contract suppliers that they are not using textiles or spun yarn from the region." Nike also told The Times that a factory in Qingdao that makes its shoes stopped using Uighur labor in 2019, though the ASPI report, citing Chinese state media, found that 800 Uighurs were still forced to work there as of November 2019.

Coca-Cola told The Times that a COFCO Tunhe plant in Xinjiang — that The Wall Street Journal reported last year was using forced labor — passed an independent audit in 2019 as well.

Amid growing bipartisan support for punishing China over the alleged human rights abuses, as well as holding companies accountable for exploiting it, US lawmakers introduced the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act earlier this year. The bill could force companies — especially those with substantial supply chains in China, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple — to make major changes to how and where they manufacture their products, and is viewed as having more teeth than current laws.

In response, many companies have sought to weaken the disclosure and compliance requirements proposed in the bill.

The Washington Post reported earlier this month that Apple had lobbied against the bill, and according to The Times, the tech giant pushed for longer deadlines to reach compliance, less disclosure to the general public, and putting more onus on the US government to assess whether Chinese entities are complicit in the oppression of Muslims.

Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola have over the years been accused by human rights groups of a variety of labor abuses and worker exploitation, particularly in China. They have also made various pledges and taken some steps to address that criticism.

Monitoring that, however, has become difficult. Five major auditing groups hired by Western firms told The Wall Street Journal in September that they are no longer carrying out supply chain inspections in China because restrictions imposed by government officials have made it too difficult to effectively and independently evaluate working conditions in the country.

UGANDA: Why Museveni Could Have Kyagulanyi Assassinated Before 2021



National Unity platform leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu survived death by the hair's width in what seemed like a direct target on his life in Kayunga district on Tuesday morning.

Kyagulanyi, who had started his day's trail in Kayunga before he would continue to Jinja and Kamuli respectively before wrapping up the tour of Busoga which was cut short by his violent arrest in Luuka district  over a fortnight ago.

The heavy tear gas smoke and the raining bullets that rocked the town however made it impossible for the presidential hopeful to address his eagerly waiting supporters as gun rule once again reigned supreme.

In frustration, Mr Wine directed his verbal furry towards the men and women in uniform who had gone on rampage shooting and flogging civilians without any show of mercy.

" Why are you behaving like criminals, why are you oppressing Ugandans like this?" Kyagulanyi could be seen lamenting in a video that's since been widely shared on social media.

Amid the fracas, a bullet which seemed to have been intended for the singer - cum politician flew just centimeters away from his head as he raced onto the ground in horror.

Yet to be substantiated reports have claimed that the opposition leader was gravely hurt in the process but efforts to get a comment from the party leadership were still fruitless by the time of filing this story. 


The highly regrettable attempt on Kyagulanyi's life in Kayunga is surprisingly not he first of it's kind.

In August 2018, then one year after becoming the Kyadondo East MP narrowly survived a bullet from a police shooter who seemed to have been working on orders from his seniors.

The attempt which happened at Musongola village in Bugiri district at the peak high of the bi election that brought Lawyer Basalirwa to parliament subsequently claimed the life of Basalirwa's only identified as Walyendo.

Partly as a result of the grizzly incident, residents flocked polling stations in solidarity with their fallen resident and massively voted against the regime candidate John Francis Oketcho

Shortly after Bugiri, Bobi Wine and his allies would head to Arua where the assassination of then Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga had rendered the seat vacant, calling for a by election.

At the August 2018 parliamentary by election in Arua Municipality, elderly independent candidate Kasiano Ezati Wadri was Bobi Wines preferred candidate. The busy schedule in Bugiri had however delayed his [Kyagulanyi] arrival in Arua only to go on the last day of the campaigns.

Arriving on the same day the President was in the town to canvass support for his party candidate Nusura Tiperu, there was naturally going to be some kind of clashes.

In the commotion that followed,. Yassin Kawuma, the driver of the Reggae star's Tundra vehicle was shot and died on the spot. The fact that Kawuma's bullet met him seated in the passenger seat of the car, which had been occupied by the current NUP leader all day, has widely made many people to conclude that it was a murder of mistaken identity with Kyagulanyi being the target missed.

With the pressure mounting unnaturally heading towards the elections of January 14 next year, it is appearing exceedingly likely that Bobi Wine is heading into the most difficult period of his life so far.

Speaking days after the massacre of the over 50 free Bobi Wine protesters, president Museveni vowed to exert more pressure on dissenting voices as a way of protecting his own supporters. He equally chest thumped on how his group were the masters of violence and that who other would dare them would be stepping in fire.

 Hours later, his blue eyed security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine applauded the security forces over the job well done in quelling the demonstrations. As if to encourage them further, Tumwine argued it was a right for the men and women to shoot and kill protesters who posed danger to their lives.

With the mammoth crowds the singer's campaigns have attracted wherever he has been, and the threat posed by majority of the youthful voters to his incumbency, Museveni would certainly wish to finish off Bobi Wine than taking chances in an elections could lose. 

French parliament drops controversial draft law curtailing right to film police

The President of the LREM Parliamentary Group, Christophe Castaner, on November 30, 2020 in Paris, France. © Anne-Christine Poujoulat, AFP

By FRANCE 24 with AP and REUTERS
Issued on: 30/11/2020

The French parliament has dropped a controversial bill that would have curbed the right to film police officers in action, the speaker of parliament and leader of President Emmanuel Macron's ruling party announced on Monday.

In an apparent effort to quell criticism, Christophe Castaner, head of Macron's LREM (La République en marche) party, said Monday that “there is a need to clarify the measure”.

"The bill will be completely rewritten and a new version will be submitted," he told a news conference.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had refused to simply withdraw the controversial article, saying before a parliamentary commission on Monday that police “are not protected enough".

The draft bill had prompted protests across the country called by press freedom advocates and civil rights campaigners. Tens of thousands of people marched Saturday in Paris calling for the government to drop the measure, including families and friends of people killed by police.

Critics feared that the proposed law would have deprived journalists and others of a potent weapon against police misconduct – including videos of police actions – and threaten efforts to document cases of police brutality, particularly in immigrant neighbourhoods.

A provision in the draft law known as Article 24, which factored into Macron’s plans to court right-wing voters with a law-and-order message ahead of his 2022 re-election bid, had sparked outrage in the media and on the left flank of his own party.

Article 24 did not completely ban sharing images of the police, but made it a crime to share them with an “obvious intention to harm” – such as inciting violence against officers – punishable by a year in prison and a €45,000 ($54,000).

The bill aimed to prevent recognisable images of police officers from appearing on social media for fear they would face retribution for doing their jobs. The proposed "global security" law, as it was called, was partly a response to demands from police unions, who said it would provide greater protection for officers.

But the importance of documenting police activity was underscored again last week by the brutal beating of a Black man in Paris.

“I was lucky enough to have videos, which protected me,” said Michel Zecler, a Black music producer who was beaten by at least four police officers. Videos first published Thursday by French website Loopsider have been seen by more than 14 million viewers, resulting in widespread outrage.

Two officers remain in custody but two others have been released on bail as the investigation continues.
Controversial security bill: 'Macron and the French government blinked'

Hardening of police tactics in France

Abdoulaye Kanté, a Black police officer with 20 years of experience in Paris and its suburbs, is a supporter of the proposed law who also strongly condemns police brutality.

“What people don’t understand is that some individuals are using videos to put the faces of our colleagues on social media so that they are identified, so that they are threatened or to incite hatred,” he said.

“The law doesn’t ban journalists or citizens from filming police in action ... It bans these images from being used to do harm, physically or psychologically,” he argued, adding: “The lives of officers are important.”

A “tiny fraction of the population feeds rage and hatred” against police, said Jean-Michel Fauvergue, a former head of elite police forces and an LREM lawmaker who co-authored the bill, in comments at the National Assembly (lower house).

“We need to find a solution."

Critics noted a hardening of police tactics during protests or while arresting individuals. Hundreds of complaints have been filed against officers during the Yellow Vest movement for economic justice that erupted in 2018 and saw weekends of violent clashes.

Interior Minister Darmanin has countered that, out of 3 million police operations per year in France, some 9,500 end up on a government website that denounces abuses – a mere 0.3 percent.

"Protecting police and preserving freedom of the press are not in competition," he told deputies in his remarks to parliament on Monday.

NTVUganda has added A peak into Museveni’s campaign in Bukedi video

A peak into Museveni’s campaign in Bukedi

Processions are being mounted in Busia ahead of the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni's visit . He is expected to commission Busia main market this afternoon and later meet elders in Busia district.#NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Museveni to open Uganda’s largest market in Busia video

Museveni to open Uganda’s largest market in Busia

The NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni today embarks on his campaign trail in Busia where he is expected to commission the newly constructed Busia main market.#NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Why ANT candidate was blocked in Entebbe video

Why ANT candidate was blocked in Entebbe

Presidential aspirant Mugisha Muntu was thrown out of Entebbe by security officials for reasons that still remain unknown. ANT supporters who were waiting to listen to him were disappointed. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added DP president promises to revive cooperatives video

DP president promises to revive cooperatives

The Democratic Party presidential candidate Norbert Mao who is in Iganga soliciting for votes says one of his areas of focus when he wins the election is on the revival of cooperatives.#NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Uganda hands back body of shot Rwandan video

Uganda hands back body of shot Rwandan

The government of Uganda handed over the body of Rwandan National who was shot while sneaking back into Rwanda. The deceased, identified as Chabobuzi was with six others when they were shot by Rwandan officials who intercepted them a few meters away from the border. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Uganda improves in HIVmanagement ranking video

Uganda improves in HIVmanagement ranking

Uganda's ranking in the management of HIV and Aids has improved, this is as the country commemorates the gains made since Uganda started battling the HIV scourge.#NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added Army to investigate errant officers video

Army to investigate errant officers

The Uganda People's Defense Forces says it is working with the public, police and other sources of information to identify its men who acted beyond the red line during Pro-Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine protests two weeks ago.This was revealed by Brigadier General Godard Busingye, the Chief of Legal services in the UPDF at the launch of the third Quarterly Rule of Law report by Uganda Law Society in Kampala.#NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

NTVUganda has added The fight against HIV/AIDS video

The fight against HIV/AIDS

On 1st December WHO is calling on global leaders and citizens to rally for “global solidarity” to maintain essential HIV services during COVID-19 and beyond. Additionally, they should ensure continued provision of HIV services for children, adolescents and populations most at risk for the disease.#NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on Messenger via

UGANDA: Is EC's Byabakama Under Museveni's Military Siege Ahead Of Next Year's Genetral Elections?



The shameless violence muted against two of the main opposition candidates - Patrick Amuriat and of the Forum For Democratic Change [FDC] and National Unity Platform's Robert Kyagulanyi on the November 3 President nomination's day should have sent a reliable signal to the opposition that 2021 will be an election like no other in the country's recent past.

At Najjanankumbi, the seat of Amuriat's FDC, the scene was practically one to forget. Clad in a blue suit - probably representative of the party colors, POA set out for his offices to put together his paper work before he could head for Kyambogo where Byabakama had set the stage for the historic event a head of the villager from Teso as he is commonly known at Najjanankumbi.

Unknown to him, the heavily armed security swarming in the vicinity of the party Headquoters was not gonna let him be. A long altercation ensued between the well equipped Ochola's men and some arrests made before the villager himself arrived for arguably the most dramatic political show of a life time.

Like the assertive leader he has always proved to be, Amuriat naturally sought to intervene in belief that his status as the main man of the day would be enough to tickle humility from the gloom faced Museveni's men.

No sooner had he started exchanging furnace hot words with the security than he was wrapped round like a rice ball and forcefully dragged onto a waiting military van akin to the dreaded Besigye locomotive of the years leading to 2016.

Before he even knew it, Amuriat - the man that had made Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu's life in FDC crumble just three years ago was before a well guarded Byabakama to be nominated for the presidency   albeit without any certifying papers nor seconers!

With his nice blue suit tattered, and shoes taken by no one knows who in the fracas only he and the security inside the dreaded locomotive can precisely explain, POA - the villager's journey in Besigye's shoes kicked off.

He would later adopt the " barefoot" symbol for his campaigns ideally to represent the repression from the regime and attract sympathy from the voters.

For Kyagulanyi, another in the presidential challenge and arguably the most threatening among all the ten seeking to end Museveni's rule, the drama ensued immediately he got nominated.

Escorted to the nomination table right from his home in Magere by the military, Kyagulanyi would swiftly get bundled onto the "Besigye van" and whisked away to the same destination - his home, defeating arrangement for the planned manifesto launch at his Kamwokya party Headquarters.

What was noteworthy in all this however is the fact that a day earlier, the security agents deployed on the roads to control traffic had peacefully secured the swarms of jubilant yellow dressed youths who had come forward to witness their candidate - Museveni Tibuhaburwa nominated. And as expected, he would go on with a successful manifesto launch in Kololo.

Bobi Wine was forced to reschedule his to 6th,three days later and in Mbarara - hundreds of Kilometers away from the capital where he had earlier planned to hold the event.

What was shocking even the more is that amid all the unusual happenings, the Electoral Commission, meant to be the custodians of order during the electoral process remained annoyingly tight lipped!

It was not until the heat seemed too hot to bear following the cruel arrest of both Bobi Wine and POA on the same day that the commission Chief Byabakama wrote to police chief Ochora over the police brutality that had claimed over 50 lives.

But even then, a very defiant Ochola responded by suggestively insulting the poor Justice by lecturing him on the basics of official letter writing. By so doing, Ochola seemed to punch holes in poor Byabakama's attempt to challenge the actions of the force he superintends over.

While appearing on a local TV morning show today[Tuesday 1],   an unusually stammering EC chief unconvincingly labored to cast culpability off his commission which is already labeled incompetent by a section of observant Ugandans by alleging ignorance about the Kyagulanyi's arrest that happen right before him shortly after he received the nomination certificate at Kyambogo.

" it's the way it has been widely reported. The arrest did not take place before our eyes since we were already busy on another candidate immediate he[Kyagulanyi] left the table. Once i was done with him,he proceeded to address the media in the tent  away from ours," Byabakama laboriously explained.

"The last i saw him after that was the tail end of his convey as he was getting out of the nomination venue," he added.

It was the host Simon Kaggwa Njala who provocked the seemingly clueless EC boss into submission when he asked if even the bullets and tear gas fired by the security were not heard by him and his other too busy deputies at Kyambogo on the day.

Suggesting he was this time patially ready to surrender on the arguement, Byabakama grudgingly reasoned that "Even if we had seen what was happening at the time, there is no way we would have been expected to intervene since were were  already tied up with the day's events,"

Even if he had been able to convince some min brained viewers, there is absolutely no believable explanation Byabakama can convince people with on a barefooted POA whom he nominated withpout papers, no seconders and his cardigan partially tattered.

This glaring incompetency has thus generated an exciting debate on whether the seemingly helpless Byabakama is really the one in charge at the Elections body or he is under a siege from the military.

NTVUganda has added ON THE GROUND: Many skeptical about Government's compensation plan video

ON THE GROUND: Many skeptical about Government's compensation plan

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NTVUganda has added TAKE NOTE: Breaking down the process of examining midwives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic video

TAKE NOTE: Breaking down the process of examining midwives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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NTVUganda has added TAKE NOTE: Dr Musenero speaks out ahead of the kicking off of COVID-19 drug trials video

TAKE NOTE: Dr Musenero speaks out ahead of the kicking off of COVID-19 drug trials

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Monday, November 30, 2020

UGANDA: Why Museveni's riot victims appeasement plot could backfire



Following over a week of waiting by the public for the president's anticipated address on the recent clashes between the security and angry protesters, Museveni appeared on the various national televisions with millions of Ugandans anxious to hear what was expected from him.

Sundays address had been scheduled for over a week ago only to be rescheduled under unclear circumstances.

High on yesterday's munch anticipated address by the Head of State was the security situation in the country, with the recent riots taking center stage.

Right from the Eastern City of Mbaale where he was on his nationwide campaign trail, Gen. Museveni began by extending his sympathies to those families that lost their loved ones in what he referred to as useless protests.

The 76 year old Head Of State would further note that 20 out of the total5 4 victims that perished at the hands of the ruthless trigger happy security would receive compensation for the loss of their loved ones.

Museveni would go on to maintain that those who met their end while in the actual protests would not get considered under this arrangement.

He went on to categorically quantify the number of the beneficiary families at 20, explaining that the investigation report he had received revealed that 32 of the deceased were shot while demonstrating.

"We shall compensate all the victims of the protests and their properties if they can be verified that. But the blame should be put on leaders who don't follow the set COVID19 guidelines - a threat to lives of innocent Ugandans," Museveni noted authoritatively.

Going by the gravity of the matter, the timing [heading towards an election] the obvious gilt worn on his face, it's evident that the president could have intent to escape culpability, appease those aggrieved and isolate Kyagulanyi - his main challenger at next year's polls.

By trying to demonise Kyagulanyi who like many others was a victim of the ruthless armed gangs that roughed him up like a chicken thief in Luuka, most seems to intend to pose as the solution giver for the people who lost their children,parents, family and friends.

By suggesting a selective monetary compensation for part of the bereaved families, it could have been intended to serve two purposes; One, to show that he is the fountain of power and decision making while also demonstrating that whoever would oppose him would meet a rough ending with no where to run for redress.


Following the president's stunning announcements on Sunday however, the choice of words has drawn a wide range of discussions over the implication it could have especially with regard to casting judgement over who should finally be held responsible for the grizzly events of September 18/19.

Veteran Lawyer and UPC stalwart Peter Walubiri argues that the President's announcement is a direct admission of his government's role in the murder of the all 54 reported lives.

He even wonders how the Museveni could have allowed his handlers to mislead him into taking such a self incriminating stance on the deaths!  

 By pledging to compensate the victims according to Walubiri, Museveni has indirected confessed to be the chief architect of the murders and he should thus get prepared to answer at a later stage.

Just like Walubiri, Dr Livingston Ssewanyana of The Initiative for Human Rights Network Ugada argues that all the Head Of State should do now is to come out boldly and apologize to the nation over the loss. 

To him, " you cannot compensate for what you have not destroyed" and thus, all what is going on is a waste of time.


In an interview with NTV on Monday, Bobi Wine - who was  the center of the violent protests faulted his rival - President Museveni for orchestrating the murder of innocent lives and provocatively coming out to promise monetary compensation for the lost lives.

"All Museveni should know is that Ugandans do not want him to kill their sons and daughters in exchange for money. All we are demanding is democracy and a peaceful political anmd democratic change in our country," he roared.

On the claims by Museveni that it was leaders like him who feel untouchable by flouting the set rules against the spread of COVID19 that caused the death of those innocent Ugandans, Kyagulanyi said Museveni was a shameless liar who always tries to find someone else to blame for his shortcomings.

Whether or not the families of the fallen Ugandans will live to get justice for their loved ones in the long run will for the time being remain debatable. What is certain however is that those who lost their relatives might not be able to swallow Museveni's dry bite into holding Kyagulanya liable for the deaths and vote the ruling regime come January 14.

But whether or not Museveni will be bothered about what these people think of him or even about they chose to do in response is also debatable.