Sunday, October 13, 2019

UGANDA: Child pregnancies hit alarming rate


There is a report which listed Busiu to be the community with highest number of child pregnancies, as in having girls conceiving before 18 let alone finishing Olevel. I know that save for a few, most people read and put this aside.

But the bitter truth is that this report was for our consumption and action. The sons and daughters  of these children are going to be the age mates and fellow citizens in 15 years from now.

Unless we do something about it, 15 years from now we shall have a problem to deal with.

I don't want to be rich and progressive when all people around me are poor and desperate.

They will be the ones who will be stealing your chicken, matooke and maybe the ones who will make living difficult however successful you may personally become.

Therefore as a people we need to do something in its smallness. Some of these children are pushed to early marriages due to the obvious reasons. Don't sit in your offices or your rental in Kampala and think that education is free and children should be in UPE and USE schools. A child in primary needs not less than 50,000 to survive in a public school while those in secondary need not less than 100,000 a year.

Sometimes this money which they lack is not that much when compared to our "petty" expenditures that we can do without.

Will it hurt so much if you did not contribute to Denis' wedding but instead helped a neighbor's kid in Bumasikye push through a year at Namawanga Secondary school?

Think about the difference it would make if everyone helped some kid.

You need not to be a millionaire to help a kid from Busiu, you need not a charity to do charity.

Let me copy this from my sister Martha Leah Nangalama.

"Where do you see yourself in 5yrs? This is a calamity. That the lot of you would think this normal. PARENTS with well fed kids and youth who are doing well. Remember if you build a mansion among shacks, the shack dwellers will get you."

"The daily kidnappings and murders now mostly target the rich. The haves. SO YOU BETTER worry about the other kids too."

We must act or else the next kidnapper, thug, prostitute, rapist is your next door poor boy who can't afford a meal and the victim is you, name it!

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