Monday, September 30, 2019

“Who Am I?” New Mystery Photo Contest! -- Library of Congress

“Who Am I?” New Mystery Photo Contest!
By Neely Tucker
Published September 30, 2019 at 10:00AM

Cary O’Dell at the Library’s National Recording Registry is the maestro of our ever-popular Mystery Photo Contest. He’s back with another round, featuring some of Hollywood’s not-so-famous faces. 

Hello fellow photo sleuths!

For your frustration, we submit to you nine more super-hard, super-obscure publicity stills that the Library is trying to identify.

This new batch, like others in the previous MPC series, came to the Library’s Moving Image section as part of a much larger collection of film, TV and music stills. Most were properly identified, but these are among those that stumped us.

So we need your help. Do any of the people, places or things below look familiar?

A few words of caution:

  • We’ve tried web-based reverse-image searches; they don’t work.
  • We have no information beyond what is listed below. There are no dates, locations or titles. They may not be from the United States.
  • Standards of proof: We’d most like to see the same photo, with the person’s name, in a newspaper, magazine or somesuch. Failing that, another image from the same photo shoot, but with the person named

Good luck to one and all!

#1 This might be vaudeville star Stella Mayhew but we haven’t been able to confirm.

#2 Another of our distinguished mystery gents.

#3 This lady reminds many of an opera star…but who knows?


#4 No, this is not your high school history teacher, at least so far as we know.  We assume he’s an actor but don’t know his name.

#5 This photo has been severely cropped as the rest of it is NSFW (!).  Hopefully someone can identify her by her face.

#6 Though, in the face, she looks a bit like Louise Fletcher, it’s not. So who is the lady in the wild hat?

#7 We have several stills, in different “looks,” for this young lady. Perhaps she was a budding actress? #8 Another cropped photo of another fetching lass whose name eludes us.

#9 This is not Ben Maddow (though that’s a good guess).  We are still attempting to identify this mystery many with camera.


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