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UGANDA: Opposition lessons from Hoima and Kaboong - @HeBobiWine @FDCOfficial1 @MugishaMuntu @SejuDav

Hoima voting September 26, 2019
Never mind the NRM people celebrating "Victory".  Those were no elections. People should be ashamed of calling Hoima an election situation.  Even the monkeys in the forests were laughing at us all.  Pass me a banana (ndizi, menvu, kamarofu).  You would be accepting MEDIOCRITY.

However, they served as a wake up call for opposition and our unity.  How is it possible that we did not anticipate the military deployment and mitigate it?

How is it possible that we did not anticipate our people being arrested and beaten up?

How is it possible that we did not anticipate our polling agents being arrested and taken away?

And we did not anticipate the pre-ticked ballot papers!!

There is something fundamentally wrong with Opposition.  These things were done in previous elections.  Certainly, I can assure you that I covered the 2016 electioneering and the same pattern is now showing up.  AND yet you who are opposition heading into the 2023 elections are just going on with blind faith.

In your ignorance.  In your knowledge.  In your refusal to analyse past events, you are endangering your supporters.  Your people are gonna be bought or taken out because your planning skills are ZERO.  Ziltch.  You hate being told raw truth but so far, you are not doing too well by the ones who tell you sweet nothings...kind of like USELESS POLITENESS.

Is it possible for us all to return to the drawing table and analyse everything that happened in Hoima and Kaboong and then come up with mitigation and contingency plans for the next election.  I even have no idea why you keep having elections monthly.  WHEN DO YOU PEOPLE EVER WORK?  Every week is a rally of some sort in some place to elect some illiterate who can barely even write English (I correct some of your future MPs and some are lawyers via Makerere and LDC and write like school drop outs).

You are running this election business with no Business Plan. You are fronting people who are really really illiterate.  Do you want Ugandans to get rid of this thug regime to replace it with people who cannot even construct one FB post in proper English or your Cheerleaders on Twitter who have never even used Google or the ones in WhatsApp groups who say "Leah, that thing on Spoofing was too long to read.  We do not mind, who cares about being traced by the phone.  We got People Power?".

Kale, even me, I am not so stupid as to go and not read about surveillance.  Nor am I dumb enough to show up at some polling station when I know I am gonna get arrested.  This is not a contest of Photo Ops or videos to post on Social Media "Look, I just got arrested in Hoima".  Kwenda wuko.  Being arrested does not mean you are very smart or that you are more dedicated to the cause.  It simply means that you are a STUPID.  OR that you did not do Risk Planning.  OR that you do not know how Museveni works.  OR that you think we will respect you for how many times you have been in jail and safe houses.

Nevertheless, many of you will get arrested despite avoiding the idiocy of landing yourselves in the jaws of the enemy.  This is part of the struggle.  However, to just go out there and get arrested for the photo and video and social media is not how this fight should work out. 

WE NEED TO THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX lest we are stuck with the current regime which plans every move and has billions to dish out.  We have nothing.  No money.  We only have our brains. Why then do we not think before we get into these circumstances where people's kids are being killed daily?  That nonsense of "we are considering court action" how many times have we heard this since 2001. Either sue or shut up and stop giving peasants false hope.

Moncton, Uganda
Bududa, Canada

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