Sunday, September 29, 2019

UGANDA: NSSF says 90pct of civil servants live in poverty after age 50

MLN - I believe this. Because the salaries are too low. But NSSF is full of complete idiots. If 90% of salary recipients are living in poverty, is that not a systemic problem? Do you expect people to work for a salary then run a business?  This theory is supported by geniuses and stupidos but in reality, it is very hard to do both.

This is why companies have DISCLOSURE requirements. Just raise the salaries to make them living wages.

A salary should pay the cost of living for a typical family then leave 35% of the rest for saving. GOOGLE IT.

DENIS WABUYI - Thank you for holding this view. I think we don't stop to wonder why there is perpetual conflicts of interest when people have to juggle between employment and a side business. Then we have the issue of more than 60% of  start-ups closing shop before their first birthday.

All these are linked.

But because we have text book professionals who never take time to think or even make research, they try to implement whatever looks appealing to them.

So we have civil servants forming companies and awarding contracts to themselves and government shenanigans offering themselves tax holidays and exemptions.

Martha, I recommend that you read about Hawecha, the dreamer (that is if you have not read about her). When the voice told her to pass the knowledge to the next generation, she got a girl and thought she is going to pass it on to this girl.

The girl however died before she could even be enlightened.

Then Hawecha was told that when she was asked to pass on the knowledge, it was supposed to be to the whole tribe so that all can know.

When you from Canada choose to educate the continent, it is better than coming to Bududa and building a hospital or a school. Well it would change lives of thousands but think about the multiplier effect of this knowledge that you disseminate, we pick it up and use then also share.

You're a super woman!

MLN - Thanks Denis. I had to blog it because it is information we really need to put out there. You cannot possibly expect people to retire on such little money and even expect them to save when their salaries are so minute it is becoming harder and harder to survive in Uganda.

yNtelleketchos and elites who are comfortable are not looking at this trend at all.  How can the national savings pension regime scheme say 90% of people over age 50 are living in dire poverty and we do not question NSSF? 

By the way, you know NSSF keeps bleeding money through theft. 

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