Thursday, August 29, 2019

UGANDA: Simeo Nsubuga plots to reap what he didn't sow


"The person who has managed to build all these institutions is Museveni. If he has built the institutions, which have ensured that the country is stable, why should he be denied a chance to continue leading the country?.......Where I come from, people are satisfied with President Museveni’s leadership and they want him to continue. People in rural areas look at what we have achieved."

Hon. Simeo Nsubuga interview with The Observer - July 10, 2017.

“I have stood with NRM at a time when no one wanted to be associated with NRM, I have sacrificed so much for the sake of NRM, I defended the party when no one could, but is this what they are paying me? .......All these MPs except Zaake were NRM at the time we joined parliament [2016] but they have since denounced NRM and joined People Power, I remain the lone loyal NRM MP from this area but see what NRM is doing to me.......I remain the lone loyal NRM MP from this area but see what NRM is doing to me.....If NRM is to have any chance of winning in the coming elections, Kiconco must be removed from that office."

Hon. Simeo Nsubuga publicly lamenting in Kasanda - Late August 2019.

The retired senior police officer and M.P for Kasanda South Constituency, Hon. Semeo Nsubuga was at the forefront of the 2017 Constitutional Amendment Bill that scraped the presidential age limit to allow Museveni to qualify for contesting in the 2021 general elections. Owing to the unpopularity of the said bill, Hon. Simeo Nsubuga was physically attacked during the Kabaka's 24th Coronation Anniversary in Mubende. However, the unpopular bill was passed amidst violence when the army invaded Parliament, beat up and arrested some legislators who were opposed to the amendment.

Consequently, the M.Ps who supported the amendment subjected to ridicule by Ugandans. They alleged that their personal security was being threatened and Museveni provided them with military bodyguards. Since then, their popularity rating in their respective constituencies has dwindled. Many fear that their constituents may not return them to Parliament at the next polls. In his region, all the M.Ps are opposition leaning and Hon. Simeo Nsubuga stands as an odd man out. The situation was worsened by Museveni's recent hypocritical proclamation where he described the M.Ps who supported the amendment as selfish.

Hon. Simeo Nsubuga has now realized that his continued identification with the Museveni regime will cost him his Kasanda South constituency in 2021. At the same time, he is not only afraid but ashamed to identify with the opposition and, the People Power platform. That is how he jumped into the issue of land grabbing as a defender of the rights of the victims in his constituency. When the opportunity presented itself, he utilized it to launch his self cleansing thus the above grave criticism. He used his unsuspecting constituents to argument his scheme to regain their confidence thus;

"It is high time we changed our allegiance from NRM to People Power, we can no longer claim that we can sleep, or we are at peace; we are wholly behind you and ready to follow you to People Power,”

Residents of Kasanda South backing Hon. Simeo Nsubuga in protesting the land grabbing.

Land grabbing in the greater Mubende and Kasanda District has been going on for quite sometime. Like has been the case in all land grabbing prone areas, the usual highly placed strong Mafias have been active in Mubende. The said Florence Kiconco is Museveni's aide on Legal Affairs who has over the years has distinguished herself as a strong provider of backing to land grabbing. Last week's eviction of over 200 homes by a State House backed 'foreign investor' despite an injunction by the sham Land Probe Committee is not new. Four months ago, the same committee had issued similar order over the same matter but was simply ignored by the same investor. Moreover, the earliest order in respect of the same subject matter was issued last year but was ignored and Hon. Simeo Nsubuga did not threaten to leave NRM.

Therefore, as the 'harvest time' is getting closer, the above lamentation by Hon. Nsubuga is designed to help him escape from reaping what he sowed in 2017.

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