Saturday, August 24, 2019

Uganda NRM Students Association - NOTis @UgNrmstudent

I imagine that all of you were born after Military Dictator Yoweri Museveni invaded / colonised Uganda.  Consequently, we forgive you for the idiocy you try to tell us that he has done for Uganda.

Being that most of you are in the age groups of my children and you are future slaves, shamba boys and security guards, I am forced to treat you as a parent.

Before I tell you about your history prior to your beloved Tata Waife Museveni, what are your goals?

One year from now
Three years from now.
Five years from now.

When I was asked the question of goals as stated above, while in university, I replied to my professor as below:

One year from now - I will be doing a Masters Degree on a full scholarship.
Three years from now - I will have a well paying job, house and car.
Five years from now - I will have a family and enough work experience such that I do not fear to ever lose a job for I will easily get another one or set up a consulting company of my own.

You who keep tagging me on your silly posts and tweets.  What are your goals?  Because I did achieve my goals you know.  So, you are destined for MEDIOCRITY and you feel that you should be tagging someone like me on praising Museveni?  I think something is wrong with your head.  GET A LIFE!

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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