Wednesday, August 21, 2019

UGANDA: Corruption in UNAA


UNAA Vice President apologized to members and the diaspora in a letter below.

FROM: John Julius Muwulya | UNAA Vice-President – 8/20/19.
Gallant UNAA Leaders & members,

Last week a lady from Boston called me crying on the phone and told me that a UNAA Executive member had asked her to pay $794 dollars for a son’s Convention registration from Uganda. That is thrice the cost of a standard UNAA Convention. After an hour with her on the phone, she eventually opened up and shared that, Mr. Monday Atigo had asked for that money. When the son went to the embassy his name was not even on the UNAA official list but the money was gone. I was furious at first and then lost for words as I listened to her. Just last night as well, I received two Post Bank receipts from people in Uganda who had gone through a similar event. Both had paid close to $1,500 for their invitations and with Visa’s denied they wanted to know if part of their money can be refunded. Members, how many other events like those simply un-noticed?

I have been asked a couple times on the campaign trail why Mr.Monday Atigo and I don’t see eye to eye and my simple answer has been, our morals are different but we are cordial with one another for the sake of sanity in the association. Here is a man I stood behind in 2017 but came to realise that his goal was enriching himself and never serving our community.
The signs started on; August 29, 2017: After great efforts by many mobilizers and numerous donations, I came to find out that Mr.Monday Atigo and then Director of Finance, Mr. Michael Kimbugwe had manually entered several names into quickbooks system as having made payments for membership without proof of monies being deposited into the accounts. This was a total blow to me following efforts by several members who had donated time, and money to the Atigo campaign. Being a man of optimism, I thought this was simply a mis-judgement on the side of Mr. Monday Atigo and the then Director of Finance Michael Kimbugwe. They had all the access to do the right thing but they made a grevious mistake. This embezzlement of donated funds led to the Miami fiasco.
Post Miami Election: A lot happened that I will get into next week. A few months before Miami, Mr. Monday Atigo opened up a bank account in Post Bank and when the Treasurer asked for access to UNAA accounts there he was straight away denied without any type of explanation. Since that decision, I have patiently waited and found out a few things about this special account in the last few months. Right in Post Bank, Mr. Monday Atigo also opened up his personal bank account. It is in this account that lots of money supposed to come to UNAA coffers is deposited. All information relating to this is on hand, and we shall follow-up accordingly to retrive this money soon.
Registrations in Uganda: Approximately 600+ brothers and sisters apply to come to the UNAA Convention every year. Of all those less than 200 show-up on the official list from Post Bank coordinated by Mr. Monday Atigo. The other registration monies are explit between Mr. Monday Atigo’s accounts in Uganda. Per my team’s finding’s this right here makes UNAA loose approximately $150,000 dollars per year in un-accounted for money. Receipts and all other type of documents is on hand as well to recoup this money once elected President. The full extent of the law will be followed.

Funds donated by the Uganda Government: I have highlighted a couple times that UNAA does not need this money. One reason I will start with is because this money has been mis-appropriated by Mr. Atigo over the years he has been in office. He and his beneficiaries have chosen to award lots of money to chapters that are non-existent and also those with close associates where they have recouped some of it on the other end. Documents to support this are ready as well to support recouping of this money. Two when the current financial loop holes especially in Uganda are closed, UNAA has enough money to run her operations year-round.

Also my team has findings, that Mr. Atigo and his beneficiaries embezzled money from the electoral commission during the process of buying computers from Dell in 2017 to collecting lots of money from sponsors that never gets close to the UNAA accounts. Per my research, since 2013, the association has lost close to $525,000 dollars collected from Convention registrations and sponsorships that go to a personal account. Mr. Monday Atigo has used his position in UNAA since 2013 to enrich himself and not serve the membership of our community here in North America. This is a culture that will need to change under my watch.

In all this, Mr. Atigo tries not to have executive meetings in fear that others will find out about these scandalous ways of running UNAA like a personal business.

As President, I will work with my team towards the urgently needed policies, procedures, and controls that will streamline our operations and make UNAA fiscally conservative and financially transparent. I will also assemble a legal team that will go after Mr. Monday Atigo and any of his beneficiaries for every single penny they have taken from UNAA coffers.

Embezzlement in UNAA will be dealt with to the full extent of the law. When we close these loop holes, UNAA has enough money to run her operations. The choice in Chicago for our membership is clear, a UNAA that will be accountable or one that will not. A UNAA that will provide a better service or not. A UNAA controlled by Mr. Atigo and his scandalous ways through his puppets or not. It is that clear.

Eng. John Julius Muwulya

Dr. Daniel Kawuma who was taken off the ballot without any explanation reached out to the diaspora with the message below.


After 3 years of wasted time and organization resources through endless court battles, this confession from UNAA VP Mr. John Julius Muwulya is a slap in the face of UNAA members. Leaders cannot be spectators when faced with corruption. In the end we always remember and pay the price for the silence of our friends.
Corruption is a cancer that eats away at the faith people have in our community organizations, it diminishes innovation, creativity, discourages talented leaders from serving and has greatly damaged our potential to invest and prosper as a Diaspora.

Mr. Monday Atigo is pictured shaking hands with Museveni.

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