Tuesday, April 30, 2019

UGANDA: How I became the only editor and publisher on CHANGE OF GUARDS BLOG

I was sitting here in Canada minding my own business as you all should do.

My phone rings from an anonymous number... we are ready to have you take over the blog.


The gentleman then said.. we have been watching everything you do on social media. We are in exile. We would like you to take over the blog.

My first reaction was.... but surely you should all be paid. How much for each of you monthly.  I half died when he told me what their monthly basic needs are.  I was like ... are you people in freaking Mars or something... no one can pay you that much.

HE REPLIES... we are not asking to be paid.

I was still unsure.  You want me to take over the most bombastic blog in EAC... what do you even know about me and how are you sure that I can do the job.

The great gentleman then proceeds to tell me ... we even know your fav music. And sends me the link.  Then sends me some encryption key to take over the blog.

Yet to this day, I do not know who the writers are.  These people are in hiding and yet need their messages to get out.  Very appropriate to contact a Canadian Ugandan knowing in Canada, we have freedom of expression.

Did you know that people can get you to send money to an agent and they collect it with no trace... In my case because I use only agencies, how would you know who I sent the money to.

I do pay the writers out of my own money.  How else would you get such exposition of Uganda if I were not paying. WHY... because everyone has a family to feed. OR my competitors might get in touch with my writers and pay them better. NEDDA, I hate competition.

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