Tuesday, April 23, 2019

UGANDA: Another young woman vanishes @PoliceUG @KizzaBesigye1 @MugishaMuntu

The details are sketchy and we will update as information comes in. 

After Dr. Catherine Agaba of IHK vanishing and her body found in a septic tank, another medical professional from Gulu Hospital (RECORDS manager) vanished.  No update on her.

Today, we receive another Medic who has vanished with no trace.


Ugandans need to understand that this fascist military regime is dead set on inflicting perpetual fear on the masses so that we can beg for more military deployment to "protect" us.

What Ugandans forget is the Fanon factor.  Your tormentor will torture you so much and strip you of all your dignity so that you beg your tormentor to help you.  Certainly, the killing spree has taken a different turn.  Where the regime killed mostly young men and we did not act, they are now killing our daughters, mothers and children to incite us into a rebellion.

Be very careful and watch to what extent the regime will go to, to incite our much long unventend anger.  It will then give the regime a reason to slaughter mercilessness and be sure that the international community will not do a damn thing.  How many times does international media and all those funders see the atrocities being committed on live camera and they do nothing?

The brutality is meant for Ugandans to rise up but be very very careful to go out into the streets.  You are dealing with a blood thirsty regime that is just itching to commit a genocide.  Do not give them a reason.  Restrain yourself. COWARDS LIVE LONGER but mostly because we are so not organised it would make no sense to have protests now.

In the meantime, yes, they will kill our children, sons, daughters, mothers, friends, colleagues, etc..  We just have not prepared enough to stand up and fight for our rights.  We might wanna review the lessons we have learned so far from since 2001 when Dr. Kizza Besigye started the opposition movement.


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  1. Until we, Ugandans understand that the ordinary way of fighting this killer regime can't put it down then alot is still coming our way.