Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The top ten must-reads - April 30, 2019


1 The US says it will rethink cooperation with allies who use Huawei
*Cough* the UK *cough* (Reuters)
  + Vodafone has said it found backdoors in Huawei equipment back in 2012. (Bloomberg)

2 AI researchers want to study AI the same way social scientists study humans
Rather than peeking inside the “black box,” they’ll be looking at how machines behave. (TR)

3 Sri Lanka’s president has called for the country’s ban on social media to be lifted
It was implemented after the Easter Sunday suicide bombings. (NYT)
  + Blocks on social media can actually worsen misinformation and fear after attacks. (TR)

4 Norwegian fishermen seem to have discovered a Russian spy whale 🐋
Marine mammals have trained by the military in Russia and the US for decades. (Ars Technica)

5 Manspreading on Beijing’s subway could push down your social credit score
It’s a step beyond eye-rolling or tutting. 🙄 (South China Morning Post)

6 The measles outbreak in the US has hit a 25-year high
There are now over 700 cases in 22 states, a situation fuelled by misinformation online. (WSJ)

7 A new algorithm wipes clean thousands of people’s criminal pasts in minutes
It’s sped up the process of expunging people’s cannabis-related convictions in California. (BBC)
  + An early warning system predicts the risk of students dropping out. (IEEE Spectrum)

8 Samsung reckons there’s a market for vertical TVs
We’ll find out soon enough when the “Sero” goes on the market next month. (The Verge)
  + Was the last episode of Game of Thrones too dark, or does your screen suck?(Motherboard)

9 Uber and Lyft have stopped hiring new drivers in New York City
Could ride-hailing firms’ seemingly unstoppable growth be starting to come to an end? (Politico)
  + Uber has added public transport info in London into its app. (Engadget)

10 Turns out that a lot of “biodegradable” bags really aren’t
A study found that most of them stayed fully intact after three years of exposure to nature. (Earther)
  + The London Marathon swapped plastic bottles for edible seaweed pouches. 🏃(WP)

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