Thursday, January 31, 2019

UGANDA: How are those scholarship applications going?

There are 3 key things in this business.

1. Deadlines

2. Deadlines

3. Deadlines

The rest are just minor details. Bachelors, Masters or PhD. The difference is in the similarity.

Ugandans who have been following me on Social Media since 2013 now know that Natasha is 17yrs old and heads to university this September 2019.

Let me tell you what she has been doing.

That kid has a big head and an attitude problem.

She announced last year that she was gonna apply to only one university. Ryerson University in Toronto for Bsc in Nutrition.


In Canada, we apply to 3 to 5 universities. We do not have the luxury of getting top marks and Makerere shithole school sends you admission. You must apply to the school.

So why Ryerson and not University of Toronto?

Rebecca had tried this shit too. Only applied to Dalhousie University, got accepted and refused to apply elsewhere. She is in her 4th year at UofT. Do not ask how we got there.

So this one application had to be challenged. Family meeting. SKYPE.

Annet and David are Mt. Allison graduates.

Dora is University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI, EMBA) plus Kyambogo Civil Engineering.

Their dad is French Cooking school.

I am UofT and Trent University.

But this kid is insisting and telling all of us how she will only apply to one school so screw it.

DIPLOMACY comes in handy when you are dealing with a person of big attitude.

Finally, we have applied to both schools.  UofT is Bsc in Kinesiology.


Natasha has had to write PERSONAL STATEMENTS, besides submitting her transcripts (done and in progress) and references (not referees).

Her first try, she wrote: 250 words why you want to join this school, 250 words why you think this is the right program, 250 words of how you have prepared for this program, 250 words of what else we should know.

This is serious work for a kid and it is her future.  She did not take anything for granted at all.

She wrote.  Read to me everything.  Read to her father. Emailed to Rebecca.  Waited for Rebecca to help her edit.

Finally yesterdady, 2.5hrs on phone, both girls edited and revamped everything I had thought was very good but apparently, it was not good enough.  Finally she submitted to both universities and today we can breath.


Ugandan kids applying for scholarships for Masters and PhD are waiting till last minute to ask for help and I am not understanding this at all. Because so far, the last minute "help me review my personal statement" are written in terrible English with no coordination at all so why do you wait till the last minute? The other day, a kid called me at 3am my time telling me he had to meet a deadline that same day please super quick go check your email and help me edit my personal statement.  I crawl out of bed, go to the computer, open the document to edit and WTF?

I sent him an SMS - you are a total asshole.  Go to hell!

NON, it is not rude.  You need help, why wait till the last minute and en plus call me and wake me up at 3am and then when I go to read and your darn thing is due that same day, you have written like a duck????

Emitwe egyo.



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