Wednesday, January 30, 2019

CANADA: Most in-demand jobs for 2019

MLN - Uganda students heading to university and college need to pay attention to the information I share about education and jobs.

For example you are unsure of what you wanna take at campus. Most of us were not even sure for our entire 4yr bachelors degree. We took the subjects we seemed to enjoy. Enjoyment is key since most of us pass every subject.

But let us say you really need to choose a career since in 3yrs from now you hit the work force.

Uganda has unemployment of 85% (some of you say that UBOS told you that it is only 4.6% unemployment). For the sake of argument, let us go with the higher number.

Why are you taking Human Resource Management? You are going to manage the 85% unemployed? Emitwe egyo.

Now, notice below. Jobs which require SERVICE in like dealing with humans are here to stay. Then engineering and tech of course.

Back to service jobs. They require reading, writing, articulation, communication, attention to detail, eloquent speaking, presentation, nebilala nebilala.

Martha, hw z u?

Tsup swiri?

May thunder strike you. Amen. AND LEARN TO SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Official Canada Immigration site is READ ON A COMPUTER. 

Canada's Most In-Demand Jobs In 2019, According To Randstad Canada

Retail isn't dead after all.



It's a great time to be looking for a new job.
Human resources firm Randstad Canada has released its list of the most in-demand jobs for 2019, which include positions at different levels across a variety of sectors.
Despite doom and gloom about the death of retail, positions like sales associates and merchandisers still made the list.
Watch: Small businesses in Canada have the hardest time filling these jobs. Story continues below.

Carolyn Levy, Randstad Canada's president of technology, told HuffPost Canada it's important to note these positions centre around the customer experience.
"So really what that's telling us is that Canadians still want that brick-and-mortar retail experience, which really is good news for the sector in itself," Levy said.

Levy said there's a lot of diversification happening on the list, which speaks "very strongly to the economy."
Unemployment levels are at record lows, which some groups have said will limit their businesses investments and actually hurt the economy. Still, it hasn't seem to hurt job-seekers, who only stand to gain from employers' war for talent.

Canada's Labour Shortage Is Actually Harming The Economy At This Point

"If we think of the recruitment market in itself, it's very highly competitive," Levy said.
"If we go back to an employer and its brand, they really need to be refining what the organization represents, what their values are, what their promises are, in order to attract and retain any of the top-performing talent in the market."
In no particular order, here are Randstad Canada's most in-demand jobs for 2019 in Canada.

Sales associate
Administrative assistant
General Labourer
Project manager
Account manager
Registered nurse
Electrical engineer
HR manager

The firm also released a list of top emerging jobs in Canada. In keeping with jobs trends over the past few years, many of them are in the tech sector.
Here are Randstad Canada's top emerging jobs in Canada, in no particular order:

Blockchain developer
Automation engineer
AI researcher
Chief experience officer
Live chat agent
Dev/ops engineer
Environmental engineer
Cyber security specialist
Data scientist
3D architect

To come up with the lists, Randstad Canada's business analysts reviewed data from clients and analyzed the roles posted in the previous 12 months.

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