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Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid - Eastside (Lyrics)

Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid - Eastside (Lyrics)

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Today in History - October 18 -- Library of Congress

Today in History - October 18

On October 18, 1898, American troops fighting in the Spanish-American War raised the United States flag in Puerto Rico formalizing U.S. control of the former Spanish colony.  Continue reading.

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NTVUganda has added Lawyer Mabirizi wants regional court to block 2021 elections video

Lawyer Mabirizi wants regional court to block 2021 elections

Controversial Kampala lawyer, Male Mabirizi has told journalists in Jinja that he is determined to reverse the constitutional provision withdrawing an age limit on a presidential candidate at the East African court in Arusha. His statement came during a stopover in Jinja, where he explained that he is on a mission to sensitize the public on their rights. He wants to see that the East African court halt the 2021 election roadmap until the case is decided. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added Residents reject UGX 100 million Valley Dam project video

Residents reject UGX 100 million Valley Dam project

Residents of Kapokin Village in Atutur sub county have a rejected a 100 million shillings valley dam, project claiming the money should be invested in social services. The project was expected to be a reservoir for over 10 million liters of water, but according to our reporter in Teso-sub-region Simon Peter Emwamu, residents told Ministry of Water officials they have no animals to water. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added NSSF pays out savings to saver who became blind video

NSSF pays out savings to saver who became blind

After becoming blind at the age of 34 years due to glaucoma and losing his job, Patrick Opwonya received his NSSF savings which were in the excess of two million shillings. In his state of joblessness, his savings amount to a lifeline that is helping shore up his household income. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added Minister Nantaba barred from talking about Moses Karangwa video

Minister Nantaba barred from talking about Moses Karangwa

The High court in Kampala on Wednesday night issued a temporary injunction against junior ICT Minister Idah Nantaba, ordering her to stop media utterances against her rival, Moses Karangwa. Nantaba and Karangwa have clashed from her days as Junior land minister, and this gag order is just another act in their on going drama. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added ON THE SPOT: Is Mulago Hospital still serving the public good? video

ON THE SPOT: Is Mulago Hospital still serving the public good?

#NTVNews #NTVOnTheSpot Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

Thursday, October 17, 2019

NTVUganda has added TAKE NOTE: Poetry as Therapy video

TAKE NOTE: Poetry as Therapy

Writing poetry allows you to safely express your emotions, both good and bad, to prevent emotional buildup and relieve overwhelming stress. ... older people can benefit from writing poetry because it is a way to express their feelings about loneliness, aging, and past events. We had Ms Phiona Bahungirehe, Author of a Poetry Anthology titled MY VILLAGE; The Heart of a Village girl to talk to us about Poetry as Therapy #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added KICK STARTER: Golola Moses' story in Cinema video

KICK STARTER: Golola Moses' story in Cinema

On 1st November, Life of a Champion' a starring kick boxing phenomenon Golola Moses will premiere at Century cinemax, the movie, based on a true story, will take Golola to a faraway retreat in Kabale, around Lake Bunyonyi where he prepares himself for the fight of his life against four challengers; a gang of merciless fighters. This cinematically beautifully crafted film bears all the trademarks of one of Uganda’s most amazing and world renowned film companies, Ramon Film Productions, Wakaliwood #NTVNews #MorningAtNTV Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

@TumusiimeUG has added a new video on YouTube

Simple Experiment to find out your true friends
Tumu Siime is a Ugandan comedian. Subscribe to this channel for more videos. #AfricanComedy #ComedySkits #TumuSiime

View on YouTube

Wikipedia's Article of the Day October 18, 2019: Coterel gang

Coterel gang

The Coterel gang was an armed group in the English North Midlands that roamed across the countryside in the late 1320s and early 1330s, a period of political upheaval and lawlessness.

Despite repeated attempts by the crown to suppress James Coterel and his band, they committed murder, extortion and kidnapping across the Peak District.

Basing themselves in Sherwood Forest (pictured), other wooded areas of north Nottinghamshire and the peaks of Derbyshire, the Coterels frequently cooperated with other groups, including the Folville gang.

As members of the gentry, Coterel and his immediate supporters were expected to assist the crown in the maintenance of law and order, rather than encourage its collapse, but most of the band received royal pardons following service abroad or in Scotland.

Groups such as the Coterels may have inspired many of the stories woven around Robin Hood in the 15th century.

White House acknowledges strings attached in Trump withholding Ukraine aid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s withholding of $391 million in military aid to Ukraine was linked to his request that the Ukrainians look into a claim - debunked as a conspiracy theory - about the 2016 U.S. election, a senior presidential aide said on Thursday, the first time the White House acknowledged such a connection.

Trump and administration officials had denied for weeks that they had demanded a “quid pro quo” - a Latin phrase meaning a favor for a favor - for delivering the U.S. aid, a key part of a controversy that has triggered an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives against the Republican president.

But Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff, acknowledged in a briefing with reporters that the U.S. aid - already approved by Congress - was held up partly over Trump’s concerns about a Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer server alleged to be in Ukraine.

“I have news for everybody: Get over it. There is going to be political influence in foreign policy,” Mulvaney said.

He later contradicted himself, ruling out a quid pro quo in a statement from the White House.

In a July 25 call, Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for “a favor” to look into the server as well as the California-based cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which was hired by the DNC in 2016 to investigate hacking of Democratic emails that it later determined was done by Russia.

Trump also asked Zelenskiy to investigate a domestic political opponent, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who had served as a director for a Ukrainian energy company. Zelenskiy agreed during the call to carry out the investigation that Trump sought. The U.S. aid was later provided to Ukraine.

The DNC server issue is a discredited claim that Ukraine and not Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election and that a Democratic Party computer server was being held somewhere in Ukraine. U.S. intelligence agencies and a special counsel investigation concluded that Russia used a campaign of hacking and propaganda to boost Trump’s 2016 candidacy.

Biden is a leading contender for the Democratic nomination to face Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Mulvaney said Trump did not like foreign aid, thought Ukraine was corrupt and was annoyed at how little “lethal aid” European nations provided to Ukraine as it combated Russia-backed separatists in the eastern part of the country.

“Did he also mention to me in the past, the corruption related to the DNC server? Absolutely. No question,” Mulvaney said, referring to Trump. “But that’s it. That’s why we held up the money.”

“The look-back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the things that he was worried about in corruption in that nation,” Mulvaney said, referring to Trump.

A reporter told Mulvaney that what he just described was a quid pro quo. “We do that all the time with foreign policy,” Mulvaney responded.

In his later statement, Mulvaney offered a different account, saying: “There was absolutely no quid pro quo.”

“There never was any condition on the flow of the aid related to the matter of the DNC server,” Mulvaney said.

Trump said he had a lot of confidence in Mulvaney.

Democratic members of the three House committees leading the impeachment inquiry pounced on Mulvaney’s earlier remarks.

Representative Gerald Connolly said: “I guess having failed at discrediting the facts of this case, they’ve decided on a new tactic, which is to admit them and basically say: ‘So what’?

“The answer to that is, well the ‘so what’ is you’re going to be impeached because that’s abuse of office. And extortion, the last time I checked, is still a crime,” he said.

Mulvaney’s comments came after the U.S. ambassador to the European Union said in written testimony in the impeachment inquiry that Trump told senior U.S. officials to talk directly to his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, about U.S. policy in Ukraine, raising concern that the president was outsourcing American foreign policy to a private citizen.

The envoy, Gordon Sondland, told lawmakers in the Democratic-led inquiry that he did not understand “until much later” that Giuliani’s agenda included a push for Ukraine to investigate Biden.

His testimony was the clearest sign yet that Trump’s efforts to erect a firewall around the White House and frustrate the Democratic-led inquiry’s efforts to interview administration officials are proving unsuccessful.

More testimony is expected next week, including from a top Pentagon official who oversees policy on Ukraine, two sources told Reuters on Thursday.

In prepared testimony, Sondland said he and two other officials - Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Ukraine Special Envoy Kurt Volker - were disappointed in Trump’s May order, but they followed it anyway. Sondland said he felt foreign policy should be the work of the State Department, not the president’s personal lawyer.

Trump said on Thursday that Perry would step down as energy secretary by the end of the year, adding he had known for months that Perry would resign. The former Texas governor said previously he had no plans to resign. He faces a Friday deadline to turn over documents in the impeachment probe.

Sondland, a Republican Trump political donor and a wealthy Oregon hotelier before being named by the president to his EU post last year, also said that “inviting a foreign government to undertake investigations for the purpose of influencing an upcoming U.S. election would be wrong.”

His testimony underscored the pivotal role of Giuliani in the Ukraine scandal. Before the president’s July call with Ukraine’s president, Giuliani had been working to persuade Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

The impeachment inquiry could lead to the House passing formal charges - known as articles of impeachment - which would prompt a trial in the Senate on whether to remove Trump from office. The Senate is controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans, who have shown little inclination toward removing him.


Sondland said that on May 23, three days after Zelenskiy’s inauguration, U.S. officials who had attended debriefed Trump and key aides at the White House.

The ambassador said the officials taking part in the meeting emphasized the strategic importance of Ukraine and the importance of the relationship with Zelenskiy, whom he called a reformer planning to fight corruption.

“We asked the White House to arrange a working phone call from President Trump and a working Oval Office visit. However, President Trump was skeptical that Ukraine was serious about reforms and anti-corruption, and he directed those of us present at the meeting to talk to Mr. Giuliani, his personal attorney, about his concerns,” he added.

“It was apparent to all of us that the key to changing the president’s mind on Ukraine was Mr. Giuliani,” he said.

During his White House briefing, Mulvaney acknowledged that Trump had directed officials to work with Giuliani on Ukraine, and defended the move as proper. Mulvaney denied that there was a “shadow foreign policy” on Ukraine led by Giuliani.

Giuliani did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sondland’s testimony.

Sondland is the latest witness to speak to lawmakers in the impeachment inquiry about his knowledge of efforts by the president to urge Ukraine to investigate Biden as lawmakers investigate whether Trump committed any “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Trump withheld the military aid to Ukraine before making the request.

“Please know that I would not have recommended that Mr. Giuliani or any private citizen be involved in these foreign policy matters,” Sondland said.

While he expressed misgivings in his testimony about Giuliani’s role, other witnesses have described Sondland as being among a trio of senior U.S. officials who were considered more reliable than career diplomats in pressing Ukraine to launch investigations that might help Trump’s re-election bid.

Trump has accused the Bidens of corruption related to Ukraine, without offering evidence. The Bidens have denied any wrongdoing.

Sondland said he did not fully appreciate in late May what Giuliani’s intentions were regarding Ukraine.

“I did not understand, until much later, that Mr. Giuliani’s agenda might have also included an effort to prompt the Ukrainians to investigate Vice President Biden or his son or to involve Ukrainians, directly or indirectly, in the president’s 2020 re-election campaign,” Sondland said.

US picks Trump resort for G-7; critics call choice ‘brazen’ (VIDEO)

FILE - This June 2, 2017 file frame from video shows the Trump National Doral in Doral, Fla. The White House says it has chosen President Donald Trump's golf resort in Miami as the site for next year's Group of Seven summit. (AP Photo/Alex Sanz, File)
WASHINGTON (Associated Press) — President Donald Trump’s suggestion that his Miami golf resort host next year’s Group of Seven summit became a reality Thursday, sparking an outcry from critics who called it the most blatant example yet of him using the power of his office to boost his business empire.

“There are folks who will never get over the fact that it’s a Trump property, but we’re still going to go there,” acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said in announcing Trump National Doral as host. “It’s not the only place. It’s the best place.”

Mulvaney said the Doral was picked for its location and amenities, and the president will not profit because the resort will be booked “at cost.” But the decision takes Trump’s apparent conflicts of interest to a new level because, unlike foreign dignitaries who can choose to stay at his Washington hotel, they will have no choice but to spend money at his resort during the June 10-12 summit.

“He is doubling down on his corruption,” said ethics lawyer Kathleen Clark of Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. “He’s daring anyone to prevent him from further enriching himself from the presidency.”

The decision comes as several lawsuits accuse Trump of violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause, which bans the president from receiving gifts or payments from foreign governments. It also comes as Trump has repeatedly accused Joe Biden’s family of profiting from public office because of Hunter Biden’s business activities in Ukraine when his father was vice president.

Mulvaney brushed off such concerns, as well as the idea that the summit at Trump’s Doral course would be nothing more than a massive promotion for his brand.

“Donald Trump’s brand is strong as it is,” Mulvaney said. “It’s the most recognized name in the English language.”

The chief of staff recounted that Trump himself raised the idea during a brainstorming session on possible sites, saying, “What about Doral?” Said Mulvaney, “That’s not the craziest idea I’ve ever heard.

Trump boasted at this year’s G-7 summit in France that Doral would be a “natural” choice, touting its sprawling acreage, proximity to the airport, three golf courses, “incredible” restaurants and separate buildings for every delegation.

Mulvaney said about a dozen potential sites were narrowed to a list of four finalists before Doral was selected as “far and away the best physical facility.” He added that holding the event at Doral would be dramatically cheaper — saving “millions” — and he promised to provide financial figures after the event to back that up.

Critics noted that the Doral resort, the biggest source of revenue among Trump’s 17 golf properties, appears to have been struggling since even before he became president.

Financial disclosure reports filed by the president show revenue is barely growing, up just $1 million last year, to $76 million. And the Trump Organization itself has admitted it was struggling, arguing in a tax appeal to local authorities last year that it is “seriously underperforming,” according to a Washington Post review of tax appeal documents.

The Doral, which Trump purchased out of bankruptcy in 2012 for a reported $150 million, also faces a heavy debt load. At the end of last year, Trump had two mortgages on the resort, one for more than $50 million and another for as much as $25 million.

“The president is now officially using the power of his office to help prop up his struggling golf business,” said Noah Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Trump “no longer sees fit even to pretend that he is constrained by the law or the Constitution,” said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, a liberal-leaning consumer advocacy group.

The Trump Organization did not respond to questions about Doral’s finances. Instead, it issued a statement saying that it is “excited to have been asked to host” the summit and “honored by this recognition.”

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, among the Democrats in Congress who have sued the president over the emoluments issue, saw it as far more troubling.

“It’s so brazen and craven,” he said. “It’s virtually saying, ‘To heck with the rule of law.’”

Added U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York: “The emolument clauses of the Constitution exist to prevent exactly this kind of corruption.”

Tanzania's anti-graft body arrests 50 cooperative unions officials over suspected fraud

DAR ES SALAAM, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- Tanzania's anti-corruption watchdog said on Thursday it was holding 50 cooperative unions officials in connection with misappropriation of some 212,000 U.S. dollars earmarked to pay sunflower farmers in Lindi region.

The arrest followed a directive made by President John Magufuli on Tuesday to the Acting Director General of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), John Mbungo, to hunt down officials who have misappropriated the money.

During his working visit to Lindi region, President Magufuli was told by farmers of sunflower that they were yet to be paid after they had sold the cash crop to cooperative unions despite the fact that the government had released money for buying the crop.

Mbungo said some of the arrested officials have offered to refund to the government 20,175 U.S. dollars out of the 212,000 U.S. dollars that have been reported missing.

On Wednesday, Magufuli, on a four-day working tour of the east African nation's southern regions of Lindi and Mtwara, sacked the commander of PCCB for Mtwara region after he had failed to show up at the meeting in Chigugu village in Masasi district.

The villagers had complained to the president that some officials with the cooperative unions in Mtwara region had misappropriated funds earmarked to pay cashew nuts farmers for the 2018-2019 farming season. Enditem

Gov't to raid Petroleum Fund for Shs 450bn

Oil activities in Buliisa

Uganda government will once again withdraw money from the Petroleum Fund and use it to fund the 2019/20 financial year budget.

According to Bank of Uganda, government will withdraw Shs 445 billion which will be transferred from the Fund to the Consolidated Fund for government to pay for the 2019/20 financial year budget activities.

There is no money that has been put in the Petroleum Revenue Investment Reserve for investment, BoU notes in the 2018/19 report. This is not the first time government is drawing money from the Petroleum Fund to fund the budget. Last financial year, government withdrew Shs 200bn to fund the FY 2018/19 budget.

This puts into question government’s constant claim that it would save money from oil activities for the future. Paul Lakuma, a research fellow at the Makerere University-based Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) said in the ideal situation, Uganda should be keeping that money. However, he said, the country has many funding gaps, including infrastructure, health, education, and housing.

It cannot, he said, afford to keep money somewhere when it has all these unfunded needs. He said the question should be whether we are using the money to fund the right development needs.

"We’re a poor country, we cannot afford to put money abroad or in the bank. It is just politically unattainable. It is like President Museveni going around the country saying there is no money yet there’s money in an account. What is that money for? What is that money for that you keep saying we’re saving it for the future? Which future when you’re borrowing? My question would be, are they using the money correctly." said Lakuma.

Officials from ministry of Finance told reporters that government can’t keep money lying idle yet it has unfunded priorities. BoU says for this lot, it has not received annual cash flow plan of government in line with section 59(2) of the Public Finance Management Act 2015, where money appropriated to the Consolidated Fund from the Petroleum Fund shall be withdrawn quarterly.

BoU said they had anticipated capital gains tax of about $167 million from Tullow Oil (U) Ltd on the sale of part of its stake to Total E&P and CNOOC (U) Ltd but the deal collapsed last month after the oil companies and the government failed to agree on tax relief and recoverable costs issue.

As of July 1, 2018, the opening balance on the Petroleum Fund was $87.3 million and Shs 121.8 billion. During the year, the inflows were of $1.4 million and Shs 54.7 billion while the outflows of Shs 200 billion was transferred to the Consolidated Fund to finance the 2018/19 budget.

Consequently, as of June 30, 2019, the Fund balance stood at $74.8 million and Shs 28.2 billion. The Fund’s money is kept in both dollars and Uganda shillings denominations.

Full text of Turkey, US statement on northeast Syria

The agreement comes after talks between Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US's Mike Pence [Anadolu]
Turkey agrees to halt its offensive in northeast Syria to allow Kurdish forces to withdraw - here's the full statement


Turkey and the United States have agreed to a five-day ceasefire in Ankara's offensive against Kurdish-led forces in northeast Syria.

The agreement between the two NATO allies on Thursday came after talks between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US Vice President Mike Pence in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The move to suspend hostilities come amid growing global concern over Turkey's cross-border operation, dubbed Operation Peace Spring, which Ankara said was aimed at creating a "safe-zone" cleared of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

Ankara considers the fighters "terrorists" linked to the banned Kurdistan People's Party (PKK) inside its borders, but the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces was Washington's main ally in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, or ISIS).

Turkey also says the "safe-zone" is aimed at resettling some of the 3.6million Syrian refugees it hosts on its soil.

Here's the full text of the joint US-Turkey statement: 

The US and Turkey reaffirm their relationship as fellow members of NATO. The US understands Turkey's legitimate security concerns on Turkey's southern border.
Turkey and the US agree that the conditions on the ground, northeast Syria in particular, necessitate closer coordination on the basis of common interests.
Turkey and the US remain committed to protecting NATO territories and NATO populations against all threats with the solid understanding of "one for all and all for one".
The two countries reiterate their pledge to uphold human life, human rights, and the protection of religious and ethnic communities.
Turkey and the US are committed to D-ISIS/DAESH activities in northeast Syria. This will include coordination on detention facilities and internally displaced persons from formerly ISIS/DAESH-controlled areas, as appropriate.
Turkey and the US agree that counter-terrorism operations must target only terrorists and their hideouts, shelters, emplacements, weapons, vehicles and equipment.
The Turkish side expressed its commitment to ensure safety and well-being of residents of all population centers in the safe zone controlled by the Turkish Forces (safe zone) and reiterated that maximum care will be exercised in order not to cause harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure.
Both countries reiterate their commitment to the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria and UN-led political process, which aims at ending the Syrian conflict in accordance with UNSCR 2254.
The two sides agreed on the continued importance and functionality of a safe zone in order to address the national security concerns of Turkey, to include the re-collection of YPG heavy weapons and the disablement of their fortifications and all other fighting positions.
The safe zone will be primarily enforced by the Turkish Armed Forces and the two sides will increase their cooperation in all dimensions of its implementation.
The Turkish side will pause Operation Peace Spring in order to allow the withdrawal of YPG from the safe zone within 120 hours. Operation Peace Spring will be halted upon completion of this withdrawal.
Once Operation Peace Spring is paused, the US agrees not to pursue further imposition of sanctions under the Executive Order of October 14, 2019, Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Syria, and will work and consult with Congress, as appropriate, to underline the progress being undertaken to achieve peace and security in Syria, in accordance with UNSCR 2254. Once Operation Peace Spring is halted as per paragraph 11 the current sanctions under the aforementioned Executive Order shall be lifted.
Both parties are committed to work together to implement all the goals outlined in this Statement.

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry Reportedly Notifies Trump of Intent to Resign

© Sputnik / Евгений Биятов
US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has notified US President Donald Trump that he intends to depart from his post, it was revealed on Thursday.


Citing two sources, Bloomberg's senior White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs revealed on Twitter that Perry informed Trump of his decision in writing as POTUS was wheels up to Texas, where the president is expected to hold a rally in Dallas' American Airlines Center.

Although it's presently unclear exactly when Perry's resignation is due to go in effect, some reports have suggested Perry may officially split from his role by the end of October.​

As of late, Perry has been making headline news after it surfaced that he was the official who urged Trump to speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the now infamous July 25 call, which is at the center of the US House's ongoing impeachment inquiry. Earlier reports from Politico regarding Perry's looming resignation previously indicated that his position as secretary would be temporarily held by Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette.

However, it should be noted that Perry has previously rejected claims of his resignation made in the Politico piece. Most recently, Perry told eventgoers at a news conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, that he had no intention to depart from the Trump administration.
“No. I’m here, I’m serving," Perry said at the event. "They've been writing the story for at least nine months now. One of these days they will probably get it right, but it’s not today, it’s not tomorrow, it’s not next month."

Just one week ago, Perry one of the latest Trump administration officials to be hit with a subpoena by House Democrats. He has since noted that he will "follow the lead of my counsel" in regards to the subpoena.

Perry was nominated for the US Energy Department's secretary position in December 2016, and was later confirmed by the US Senate in March 2017. The former Texas governor previously threw his name as a presidential contender in both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.

Cummings, powerful congressman leading Trump probe, has died (VIDEO)

FILE - In this April 2, 2109 file photo, House Oversight and Reform Committee Chair Elijah Cummings, D-Md., leads a meeting to call for subpoenas after a career official in the White House security office says dozens of people in President Donald Trump's administration were granted security clearances despite "disqualifying issues" in their backgrounds, on Capitol Hill in Washington. U.S. Rep. Cummings has died from complications of longtime health challenges, his office said in a statement on Oct. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)
BALTIMORE (Associated Press) — Maryland Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a sharecropper’s son who rose to become a civil rights champion and the chairman of one of the U.S. House committees leading an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, died Thursday of complications from longstanding health problems. He was 68.

Cummings was a formidable orator who advocated for the poor in his black-majority district , which encompasses a large portion of Baltimore and more well-to-do suburbs.

As chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Cummings led investigations of the president’s government dealings, including probes in 2019 relating to Trump’s family members serving in the White House.

Trump criticized the Democrat’s district as a “rodent-infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.” The comments came weeks after Trump drew bipartisan condemnation following his calls for Democratic congresswomen of color to go back to their “broken and crime-infested countries.”

Cummings replied that government officials must stop making “hateful, incendiary comments” that distract the nation from its real problems, including mass shootings and white supremacy.

“Those in the highest levels of the government must stop invoking fear, using racist language and encouraging reprehensible behavior,” Cummings said.

On Thursday, Trump ordered flags at the White House, military bases and other federal buildings to be flown at half-staff through Friday to honor Cummings. He also tweeted his “condolences to the family and many friends of Congressman Elijah Cummings. I got to see firsthand the strength, passion and wisdom of this highly respected political leader.” The tweet made no reference to past feuds.

Former President Barack Obama, whose 2008 presidential bid counted Cummings as an early supporter, said he and his wife, Michelle, were “heartbroken” by the loss of their friend.

“As Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he showed us all not only the importance of checks and balances within our democracy, but also the necessity of good people stewarding it,” Obama said in a statement, describing Cummings as “steely yet compassionate, principled yet open to new perspectives.”

In a joint statement, former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also praised Cummings’ leadership of the committee “in finding facts, exposing fictions, and demanding that our government be accountable.”

Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis said that with Cummings’ death, Americans “have lost a great leader at a time of crisis in our democracy.”

“When this nation needed him most, he became a moral voice ‘crying in the wilderness,’ and his words and actions called a reluctant nation to conscience,” the Georgia Democrat said in a statement.

Cummings’ career spanned decades in Maryland politics. He rose through the ranks of the Maryland House of Delegates before winning his congressional seat in a 1996 special election to replace Kweisi Mfume, who left to lead the NAACP.

By 2016, Cummings was the senior Democrat on the House Benghazi Committee, which he said was “nothing more than a taxpayer-funded effort to bring harm to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

Throughout his career, Cummings used his fiery voice to highlight the struggles and needs of inner-city residents. He believed in much-debated approaches to help the poor and addicted, such as needle exchange programs to reduce the spread of AIDS.

A key figure in the Trump impeachment inquiry , Cummings had hoped to return to Congress within about a week after a medical procedure for which he didn’t offer details. He’d previously been treated for heart and knee issues.

Cummings’ committee, authorized to investigate virtually any part of the federal government, is one of three conducting the House impeachment probe of Trump. Cummings was among the three chairmen to sign a letter seeking documents into whether Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the family of Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden, the former vice president. The committees have issued subpoenas of witnesses after the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate with the impeachment probe and have jointly been meeting behind closed doors to hear testimony.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a veteran Democrat from New York, will for now take over leadership of the House oversight committee, according to a senior Democratic leadership aide who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the decision publicly.

Separately, Cummings led an effort to gain access to Trump’s financial records. His committee subpoenaed records from Mazars USA, an accounting firm that provided services to Trump. The panel demanded documents from 2011 to 2018 as it probed Trump’s reporting of his finances and potential conflicts of interest. Last week, a federal appeals court ruled the records must be turned over.

Cummings’ office said he died early Thursday at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and constituents began mourning soon after.

His widow, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, chairwoman of Maryland’s Democratic Party, said in a statement: “He worked until his last breath because he believed our democracy was the highest and best expression of our collective humanity and that our nation’s diversity was our promise, not our problem.”

Cummings was born Jan. 18, 1951. In grade school, a counselor told Cummings he was too slow to learn and spoke poorly, and would never fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer.

“I was devastated,” Cummings told The Associated Press in 1996, shortly before winning his seat in Congress. “My whole life changed. I became very determined.”

It steeled Cummings to prove that counselor wrong. He became not only a lawyer, but one of the most powerful orators in the statehouse, where he entered office in 1983. He rose to become the first black House speaker pro tem. He would begin his comments slowly, developing his theme and raising the emotional heat until it became like a sermon from the pulpit.

Cummings was quick to note the differences between Congress and the Maryland General Assembly, which has long been controlled by Democrats.

“After coming from the state where, basically, you had a lot of people working together, it’s clear that the lines are drawn here,” Cummings said shortly after entering Congress in 1996.

Cummings began his long push for civil rights at age 11, when he helped integrate a swimming pool in Baltimore. This year, during a speech to the American Bar Association in April, Cummings recalled how he and other black children organized protests with help from their recreation leader and the NAACP.

Every day for a week, when the children tried to get into the pool, they were spit upon, threatened and called names, Cummings said; he said he was cut by a bottle thrown from an angry crowd.

“The experience transformed my entire life,” he said.

While serving in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1983 to 1996, Cummings pushed for a ban on alcohol and tobacco ads on inner-city billboards in Baltimore, leading to the first such prohibition in a large U.S. city.

Cummings then chaired the Congressional Black Caucus from 2003 to 2004, employing a hard-charging, explore-every-option style to put the group in the national spotlight.

He cruised to big victories in the overwhelmingly Democratic district, which had elected Maryland’s first black congressman, Parren Mitchell, in 1970.

In 2015, when the death of black Baltimore resident Freddie Gray sparked the city’s worst riots in decades, Cummings carried a bullhorn in the streets and urged crowds to go home and respect a curfew. He spoke at Gray’s funeral, asking lawmakers in the church to stand up to show Gray’s mother they would seek justice.

“I want justice, oceans of it. I want fairness, rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want,” Cummings said, quoting from the Bible.

UGANDA: Kabaka's bodyguards or potential hostage takers?


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Heavily armed soldiers around the Kabaka of Buganda are a common sight during his public appearances.  In fact, his security detail is far tighter than that of Museveni's Vice President.  By comparison, the proximity of the heavily armed soldiers to the Kabaka far exceeds that of Museveni.  The over dominance by armed soldiers at Kabaka's public functions is detrimental to the cultural institution. To better understand the idea behind these ugly scenes, here below is an analysis:

Four years after Uganda's independence, in 1966 the power struggle between the central government and Buganda Kingdom culminated into a bloody armed clash.  The central government sent its troops who clashed with the Kabaka's loyalists at the palace.  Buganda Kingdom has been allowed the leverage of retaining its traditional army and police on top of having its own guns.  After some bloody clash, the central government army overran the palace leaving the Kabaka to escape into exile.  The then Prime Minister, Dr. Milton Obote told Parliament on May 24, 1966:
     “It is my duty to inform the House that there has been an open declaration of rebellion by Buganda Lukiiko and by Sir Edward Mutesa.
The government is in possession of documentary evidence that Sir Edward Mutesa had already decided by April 12, 1966 to mount a full-scale rebellion against the authority of the Government of Uganda….”

In 1968, kingdoms were abolished and a few years later the Kabaka died in exile.  These developments culminated into the deep-seated hatred by a big section of the Baganda against Milton Obote.  It is this hatred that Museveni exploited when he embarked on his sectarian Bush War on Buganda soil in 1981.  In return for support,  he promised the restoration of the kingdom once he would get into power.  Over two decades later, Museveni pleaded with the Kabaka:
          "Your Highness, you may remember that when I met you in London in 1981, at the late Prof (Yusuf) Lule’s house, I told you that the traditional institutions in Uganda could be restored if the people concerned so wished....."

When then Prince Ronald Mutebi returned to Uganda, Museveni deployed his North Korea trained spies from DMI to handle the Prince's security detail.  For the next 8 years as Museveni was still dillydallying over restoration of Buganda Kingdom, these spies kept Museveni informed about the Prince's movements mm and engagements.  In the meantime, Museveni was maneuvering with curbing the influence of the Buganda in the army.  In 1993, Museveni used the  Army Council to restore the Buganda Kingdom and Prince Mutebi ascended to the throne as the Kabaka.  Immediately after, Buganda Kingdom embarked on the demand for a federal status.

The initial visible signs of a Museveni - Buganda fallout was during the Constituent Assembly when Buganda's demand for federalism was treacherously plucked out of the 1995 Constitution.  Three years later Museveni enacted the Land Act that was seen by the Buganda Kingdom as targeting its land. The simmering relations continued and Museveni's spies in the form of bodyguards kept the government informed.  In April 2002 the Kabaka expressed discomfort with the military guards assigned to him.  At a meeting with Museveni, the Kingdom was allowed to recruit Baganda youth for the Kabaka Protection Unit (KPU); who were vetted by elders, trained by the army and its supervision placed under the police.

After duping the Kabaka, supervision of KPU reverted back to the army.  The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs wrote to  Buganda Kingdom:
    "Having been trained by the army, those providing protection for [the Kabaka] will be supervised under the [UPDF] Act..... At a later date, the protection personnel will be transferred to the Uganda Police Force when [it] will be ready to receive them."

In 2007 Museveni initiated an amendment of the Land Act and Buganda countered it by sanctioning a sensitization campaign for its citizens.  In July 2008 three Buganda Kingdom Ministers (Mayiga, Ssegona and Namboze) who had been spearheading the campaign were violently kidnapped by the army, flown in a helicopter and detained in different places in the country.  Tension between Museveni and Buganda Kingdom reached its boiling point in September 2009.  For flimsy reasons, Museveni decreed that the Kabaka could not visit his county of Bugerere.  Buganda Kingdom defiantly went ahead with the plans for the visit.

Without prior notice and explanation, Museveni simply withdrew the Kabaka's guards and replaced them with Military Police personnel.  Buganda Kingdom made a public announcement rejecting the replacement of his guards.  It went ahead to declare its intention to creating a security unit armed with spears and bows for the Kabaka.  Three days later, on September 10th the Katikiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda was blocked in Kayunga as he attempted to enter Bugerere ahead of the Kabaka's scheduled visit.  Upon hearing the news, Buganda Kingdom subjects reacted violently.  They clashed with Museveni's security forces for three days leaving 27 people dead.
Amidst the crisis, Museveni accused Buganda Kingdom of treason:
       "I also got information that Mengo elements got foreign funds to further their aims of fighting the NRM and undermining the Constitution... I encourage my friend, His Highness Kabaka Mutebi, to distance himself from the Judases,” said Mr. Museveni in his address to the nation on September 10, 2009.
The Kingdom radio station (CBS FM) was forcefully closed by the central government for the next one year.  Buganda Kingdom banned all central government officials from its public functions.

The souring relationship negatively affected the Kabaka's security detail.  Buganda Kingdom and the Kabaka viewed the security guards as Museveni's spies.  On his part, Museveni could not miss an opportunity of keeping track of the Kabaka's engagements and movements.  With the appointment of Peter Mayiga as the Katikiro of Buganda in May 2013, relations took a new twist.  In June 2013 Museveni deployed a fresh batch of 17 soldiers to Kabaka's security detail after sacking a corresponding number of the original KPU youth.  The Kabaka protested and six of them were reinstated. Meanwhile, the Kabaka asked Maj Ssenkoma, a retired army officer, to secretly investigate the 17 new UPDF additions to KPU.  Ssenkoma informed the Kabaka that 15 of the 17 had Kiganda names, but their lineage could not be traced to any of the Buganda clans. The Ethiopian trained, Maj. Ssenkoma had been Kabaka Muteesa's bodyguard during the 1966 crisis.

The Kabaka led a delegation to State House where they signed an agreement for the return of Buganda's property held by the central government.  In January 2014, Museveni deployed another batch of 21 soldiers to KPU bringing the total of soldiers deployed directly from the UPDF to 29.  With the original KPU figure standing at 28, the UPDF took full control of the Kabaka's security detail.  Very soon the army's JAAT took control of security during the Kabaka's public functions. The then Director of I operations, Grace Turyagumanawe justified the deployment of JATT personnel:
    "If we go to these smaller places, how do you expect us to ignore a big function attended by the Kabaka? He is a VIP; it is a priority to have his functions covered like any other VIP function."

Armed men in black suits became a visible scene around the Kabaka during public functions.  The Kabaka's lost the privilege of assigning these guards.  His movements to and from the palace had to be approved by the overall Commander of the guards.  The restrictions extended all those who sought access to the Kabaka.  All guards were banned from any private interaction with the Kabaka.  The cultural guards (Abambowa) were banned from getting closer to the Kabaka and assigned at the main gate.  Around January 2014, a source confided to The Observer:
        "The commanding officer [Musaazi] has issued five orders to soldiers that they have to strictly adhere to. For example, they can’t speak to the Kabaka in confidence anymore, because Musaazi has told them that whoever the Kabaka speaks to in confidence, must reveal to him [Musaazi] details of their discussions."

Since the ugly events of 2009, Museveni has consistently deployed army officers to take command of the Kabaka's security detail.  He first deployed Capt. Isaac Ssebunya but when the Kabaka protested he was recalled.  Instead the army sent Capt. Steven Kisitu Mivule who was somehow tolerated by Buganda before he died in a fire outbreak in October 2012.  The fire outbreak gutted the Bulange Quarter Guard and is said to have been sparked off by petrol that had been stored together with guns.  They the army sent then Lt. Lutwama Musaazi who has helped consolidate the army's control of the Kabaka's so-called security detail.  The Katikiro warned the traditional civilian volunteer security force, the BANGAWA) culturally known as Kyayera Mbuga to keep off the Kabaka.  Consequently, it is very common to see these personnel beating up and manhandling the Kabaka's subjects during public functions.

From the a foregoing and coupled by what happened to the Rwenzururu Kingdom in November 2016, it is very clear that Museveni has succeeded in trimming the Kabaka's wings.  Unlike his father who put up a stiff resistance against the attack from the government forces before he managed to flee in 1966, Kabaka Mutebi has been placed inside a 24/7 'cobweb'.  Should the need arise, God forbid, these so-called bodyguard will simply deliver the Kabaka to Museveni.


White House admits Ukraine aid held up in part over election probe

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney announces that the G7 will be held at Trump National Doral, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
WASHINGTON (Associated Press) — The White House acknowledged Thursday that it held up military aid to Ukraine as President Donald Trump pushed the country’s new leader to investigate the Democratic National Committee in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, a central question in the House impeachment inquiry .

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said that Trump did nothing wrong in linking the aid to Ukraine’s investigation. He said the probe would simply be part of the Justice Department’s ongoing review of the 2016 election.

House Democrats, who are investigating whether the president engaged in a political quid pro quo when he asked the new Ukraine president to do a “favor,” immediately called it an admission of guilt.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee leading the impeachment probe told reporters: “I think Mr. Mulvaney’s acknowledgment means that things have gone from very, very bad to much, much worse.”

It is illegal to solicit or receive anything of value from a foreign entity in U.S. elections.

The administration insists it held up military assistance to Ukraine in part because they wanted Ukraine’s cooperation in investigating whether Democratic National Committee’s email servers were in Ukraine.

They also were looking at levels of assistance European nations were providing to Ukraine, he said.

Mulvaney denies there was a quid pro quo and says “we do that all the time with foreign policy.”

He pointed to the example of the administration holding up aid to Central American countries to force them to change their policies on immigration.

Trump ultimately released nearly $400 million in military and other aid to Ukraine.

NTVUganda has added Activists call for more support to ensure safe childbirth video

Activists call for more support to ensure safe childbirth

While Uganda has made great strides in the reproductive and maternal health care for women, we still have 336 deaths out of every 1,000 live births. As the world commemorates Safe Motherhood Day, a global advocacy campaign on What Women Want has released its report to highlight the need to advance policies that would lead to safe childbirth. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added Education ministry says more learners can read and write video

Education ministry says more learners can read and write

The education ministry reports there has been a remarkable improvment in the reading ability of learners in several previously poorly performing schools since the start of a schools improvement project, six years ago. This is according to a report by the State Minister for Higher Education Dr John Muyingo, released today. The report shows that the early grading methodology introduced in these poorly performing schools had caused substantial improvements in learners' output. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added Civil society group tries to fight stigma attached to infertility in women video

Civil society group tries to fight stigma attached to infertility in women

In traditional societies, as a girl grows into womanhood, her roles become clear-cut. She must get married and have children. Social norms are now much more relaxed. Society will not frown on an unmarried woman, but it will definitely question the worth of a woman who cannot bear children. And, it is no different in Tororo district where infertile women are a forgotten, marginalised group #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added REGIONAL GOLF CHALLENGE: Nakalembe, Babirye, Kabasweka headline Uganda’s team video

REGIONAL GOLF CHALLENGE: Nakalembe, Babirye, Kabasweka headline Uganda’s team

Uganda’s preparations for the East and Central Africa Regional Golf Challenge Trophy are starting to take shape. Now the tournament will be staged at Uganda Golf Club’s par 72 Kitante course with ladies’ national golf teams from across the region squaring off. Uganda’s team has hit the ground running, entering camp ahead of the 22nd October tee off. The team comprises Irene Nakalembe, Peace Kabasweka, Martha Babirye and Gloria Mbaguta. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added KABALEGA HOIMA RALLY: Scrutineering of cars set to take place on Friday video

KABALEGA HOIMA RALLY: Scrutineering of cars set to take place on Friday

Not long is left before the Total Kabalega Hoima Rally takes centre stage. The rally, which is expected to span a competitive distance of just under 174 kilometres, gets underway this weekend. A number of crews, including that of surprise championship leader Yasin Nasser, are expected to feature in the penultimate event on the national rally calendar. Daily Monitor sports editor, Frederick Musisi Kiyingi says there will be a number of interesting subplots to the rally. This as event sponsors Total give Rauf Adam a shot in the arm. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added 2020 CHAN QUALIFIER: Burundi swallows expected in the country on Friday video

2020 CHAN QUALIFIER: Burundi swallows expected in the country on Friday

The Uganda Cranes have entered residential camp with just a couple of days left to the return leg of their 2020 Africa Nations Championship qualifier against Burundi. The match will take place at the Philip Omondi Stadium in Lugogo on Saturday. Uganda will carry a three-nil first leg advantage into the match after goals from Viane Sekajugo, Muzamir Mutyaba and Mustafa Kizza put them in the box position with a comfortable win in Bujumbura last month. Burundi’s Swallows are expected in the country tomorrow morning ahead of what many people have called a mission impossible. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added AFRICA NETBALL TOURNEY: She Cranes to face Zimbabwe in opening match video

AFRICA NETBALL TOURNEY: She Cranes to face Zimbabwe in opening match

The She Cranes will start their Africa Netball Championship title defence on Friday. Eight countries, including holders Uganda, are set to participate in the tournament with matches being staged at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town, South Africa across five days #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added Mubende gold mines evictees want UGX186bn in compensation video

Mubende gold mines evictees want UGX186bn in compensation

Artisan miners who were evicted from Mubende gold mines are demanding 186 billion shillings in compensation for their land and properties, lost during the exercise. While appearing before the Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee, the Miners also want to reoccupy one sq mile out of the 144, from which they were evicted. These miners were evicted on the directive of president Museveni in October 2017. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

MrMatador has added Cristiano Ronaldo Talks about Mcdonald's employees who helped him with free burgers | MrMatador video

Cristiano Ronaldo Talks about Mcdonald's employees who helped him with free burgers | MrMatador
A MARRIED mum-of-two has come forward as one of the McDonald’s workers who gave Cristiano Ronaldo free burgers when he used to beg for food as a child. HIT LIKE & SUBSCRIBE |  🔔Turn on post notifications to never miss a video! ___ Follow us: Facebook: Instagram : ___ © MrMatador

Today in History - October 17 -- Library of Congress

Today in History - October 17

On October 17, 1823, President James Monroe wrote a letter to his friend and Virginia neighbor Thomas Jefferson seeking advice on foreign policy. Continue reading.

Click here to search Today in History for other historic moments.

Read more on Today in History - October 17

NTVUganda has added LDU SHOT IN KASESE video


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NTVUganda has added 2019 10 17 EC ON VOTER REGISTER video


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NTVUganda has added 2019 10 17 UTSEP PERFORMANCE UPDATE AT ONE EM video


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NTVUganda has added 2019 10 17 KOLOLO SOLAR PROJECT AT ONE video


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NTVUganda has added 2019 10 17 MONITOR THOUGHT LEADERS FORUM AT ONE video


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NTVUganda has added ARUA MOYO ROAD GRIDLOCK video


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NTVUganda has added 2019 10 17TH KLM INCREASES FLIGHT FREQUENCY video


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Ex-Mozambique finance minister fights extradition to US

FILE -- In this Tuesday Jan. 8, 2019 file photo former Mozambican finance minister, Manuel Chang, appears in court in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa. Chang is challenging attempts to extradite him to the United States, as the extradition hearing got underway Wednesday Oct. 16, 2019, for an alleged corruption trial. (AP Photo/Phill Magakoe, File)
JOHANNESBURG (Associated Press) — Former Mozambican finance minister Manuel Chang is challenging attempts to extradite him to the United States for a corruption trial related to a $2 billion debt scandal that rocked his country’s economy.

At his extradition hearing Wednesday in neighboring South Africa, Mozambique’s government argued that he should be returned home instead.

Chang was arrested in South Africa last year on the request of the U.S. government, as the scandal affected some U.S. investors. Chang was finance minister from 2005 to 2015.

South Africa’s justice minister decided to review his predecessor’s decision to have Chang extradited to Mozambique instead. Justice Minister Ronald Lamola has asserted that Mozambique has not shown seriousness in prosecuting him.

Mozambique’s government wants the court in Johannesburg, not the justice minister, to decide where Chang should go. It has argued that Lamola is biased in favor of the U.S. government.

The hearing continues Thursday.

In the scandal, companies set up by Mozambique’s secret services and the defense ministry borrowed $2 billion in secret, with Chang’s help, to set up maritime projects that never materialized but allegedly enriched a range of local and foreign players.

Mozambique is now trying to legally disavow part of the debt and restructure another part, which the southern African nation will be repaying for years to come.

The deals were cooked up before President Filipe Nyusi took office but occurred while he was defense minister, and questions about his involvement have never gone away.

Mozambique is currently counting votes in Tuesday’s election in which Nyusi is expected to win a second five-year term.

No Oil Output? No Problem: Uganda Taps Crude Fund for Third Time


Uganda plans to withdraw more financing from its Petroleum Fund than it did in the past two fiscal years combined, central bank data show, even as the East African country is yet to pump a drop of oil.

The Finance Ministry is expected to draw down 445 billion shillings ($120.6 million) in the fiscal year to end-June, according to the Bank of Uganda’s annual report. While it is yet to begin commercial oil production, Uganda has already taken out 325.3 billion shillings from the fund.

Uganda Makes Second Withdrawal From Oil Fund Before Output

Uganda has 6 billion barrels of oil resource and plans to start production in 2022. It created the fund in 2015 to receive revenue-deposits from oil-related activities including output, as well as pre-production transactions.

The central bank will transfer the money from the Petroleum Fund to the Consolidated Fund quarterly for investment, according to the report.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

NTVUganda has added TAKE NOTE: Understanding the Kabale district Guild sports Gala video

TAKE NOTE: Understanding the Kabale district Guild sports Gala

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NTVUganda has added BUSINESS UPDATE: Reviewing the '21st century wisdom' book video

BUSINESS UPDATE: Reviewing the '21st century wisdom' book

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NTVUganda has added KICK STARTER: Who is responsible for Kampala's collapsing buildings? video

KICK STARTER: Who is responsible for Kampala's collapsing buildings?

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Prince of Egypt - Deliver us (lulleby)

Prince of Egypt - Deliver us (lulleby)

Another part from the movie "The Prince of Egypt"

A Timely Video for Remembrance Day in Canada

A Timely Video for Remembrance Day in Canada

On November 11, 1999 Terry Kelly was in a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the store's PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us. This is the link to the official version of it.

ROBOTS & AI: What a great time to live in this new "revolution"

There is the argument that robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Automation will get rid of millions of jobs.  This happens to be a fact.

However, technology now allows us to do so much more than when we are slaving in front of computers, running to libraries, printing and faxing documents.

What is superb is the ease with which we can make use of technology with hardly paying anything.

Have you ever even thought of your friend on your smart phone "What is the weather for today Alexa"?  OR "Siri, please show me the route from my address now to the meeting at place X".

AI / Robots / Automation frees us from menial tasks. Just let the machines take care of those things so that we can do real work that requires human interactions.

What I love about IT so far (apart from a job) is that day or night, I post breaking news on 8 social media platforms and Ugandans get the breaking news non stop without my involvement.  Would you not love IT for such things because even Uganda media cannot keep up with the rate at which my team posts news.  NITTO!! LIT LIKE NIKITO!


TuGambiRe ku Jennifer _ H.E BOBI WINE - HD (Official Video) (*sWALz*)

TuGambiRe ku Jennifer _ H.E BOBI WINE - HD (Official Video) (*sWALz*)

TuGambiRe ku Jennifer _ H.E BOBI WINE - HD (Official Video) (*sWALz*)

UGANDA: #MuhooziBlockedMe - First Son blocks @Mlnangalama

I think when Mabirizi is done losing at the EALA, he should sue Gen. David Kainerugaba Muhoozi for blocking me on Twitter.

That block was not even called for.  He is the one who even started it saying things like "My family will rule our Uganda Kingdom".

I was annoyed and replied very politely "You are too DAFT and Ugandans deserve better".

Then this kid blocks me just when I was about to add "Uganda's constitution is clear. Show me the graves of your grand parents and great grand parents".

Mbu attack Uganda and see fire. Where are your ancestors burried? In Luweero, Bundibugyo, Kasese or the Acholi IDP camps in which our people died?

Not smart to self incriminate for ICC

NTVUganda has added MPs hear that contracted companies did shoddy work video

MPs hear that contracted companies did shoddy work

Energy Minister Simon Dujang and officials from the Rural Electrification have admitted that the 32 companies that they procured as sub-contractors in the implementation an electricity connection project in all sub-counties across the country were not suitable for the task. Uganda secured a loan worth 881 billion from the Chinese Exim Bank, but the project has failed to take off due to procurement queries and internal disagreements among senior officials with in the ministry and the Rural electrification agency. MPs of the parliament’s Natural Resources Committee claim these companies are own by ministry officials. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added MP Niwagaba upset about delays in electoral amendments approval video

MP Niwagaba upset about delays in electoral amendments approval

Shadow Attorney General Wilfred Niwagaba has accused Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija of attempting to deny him a certificate of Financial Implication, a requirement for his Private Member's Bill, seeking to amend the constitution, to be allowed for first reading in parliament. This follows a letter by Kasaija to the Attorney General William Byaruhanga seeking legal advice on the bill before he could issue the certificate. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

NTVUganda has added Experts call for support to the agricultural sector video

Experts call for support to the agricultural sector

On Thursday, Uganda joins the rest of the globe to mark world food day, under the theme “Our Actions Are Our Future Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHungerWord” a report by Sauti za Wananchi shows a notable reduction in food stress at the household level in 2018. The report shows citizens are less likely to report not eating for a whole day, or running out of food due to lack of money. However, more rural and poor Ugandans suffer from food stress than their wealthier and urban compatriots. Even so, one out of four wealthier Ugandans went without eating for a day in the past three months. #NTVNews Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our Facebook page

KYARENGA BY H.E BOBI WINE 2018 *official hd video*

KYARENGA BY H.E BOBI WINE 2018 *official hd video*


Latest News: "Flannery" Documentary Wins New Film Prize -- Library of Congress

Latest News: "Flannery" Documentary Wins New Film Prize

Image of author Flannery O'Connor from the documentary

The Better Angels Society, the Library of Congress and the Crimson Lion/Lavine Family Foundation today announced that the first Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film has been awarded to “Flannery,” a new film directed by Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco that documents the life of Georgia writer Flannery O’Connor.

“Flannery” is a feature-length documentary that explores the life and writings of O’Connor, whose provocative, award-winning fiction about Southern prophets, girls with wooden legs and an assemblage of unique and often fantastic characters has inspired artists, musicians and writers around the world.

Click here for more information.

Published October 16, 2019 at 11:15AM

NTVUganda has added STYLE PROJECT: Top fashion trends to look out for video

STYLE PROJECT: Top fashion trends to look out for

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“Ad Astra” and Former Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith -- Library of Congress

“Ad Astra” and Former Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith
By Neely Tucker
Published October 16, 2019 at 11:00AM

This guest post, explaining the connnection between former U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith and the latest Brad Pitt film, “Ad Astra,” is by Guy Lamolinara, communications officer for the Center for the Book. 

If you have seen the space film “Ad Astra” — Latin for “to the stars” — you likely marveled at its extraordinary special effects. As any fan of effects-laden films knows, these feats of grand spectacle require hundreds, if not thousands, of technical wizards to pull them off. You almost forget that what you are seeing could not happen in reality but only in a film studio.

Thus, if you are one of those people like me who stays to watch all a film’s credits, you know that Ad Astra’s credit stream seems to go on almost endlessly. My wife and I were sitting there in the IMAX theater, eyes nearly glazed over by the monotony of seeing so many unfamiliar names. Until one near the very end somehow jarred us into taking notice: Tracy K. Smith.

The director, James Gray, had thanked the former U.S. poet laureate. Smith served in the position for two years, from 2017 to 2019. I asked my wife, “Is it really that Tracy K. Smith?” Then she reminded me that Smith’s father had worked on the Hubble Space Telescope. And then I remembered that Smith had written the Pulitzer-winning poetry collection “Life on Mars.”

I was fortunate to travel with Smith during her “American Conversations“ tour of rural America. We were driving in the car and started talking about musical artists we like. Smith mentioned that she loves David Bowie (as do I). Knowing that “Life on Mars” shares a title with one of Bowie’s early songs, I asked her what the song meant to her. She said she thought he was writing about a “girl with the mousy hair” who is so turned off by the craziness of life on Earth that she is asking, “Is there life on Mars?” She is looking for a place where she can escape.

Alissa Williamson, writing for “Vox” about “My God, It’s Full of Stars,” one of the poems in the “Life on Mars,” suggests what may have inspired Gray:

“Smith invokes a variety of myths and stories, from the legend of the lost city of Atlantis to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’ It concludes with the perfect description of how history, humanity and space interact in an ultimate search for meaning.”

Here’s an excerpt, reprinted with Smith’s permission:

My father spent whole seasons
Bowing before the oracle-eye, hungry for what it would find.
His face lit-up whenever anyone asked, and his arms would rise

As if he were weightless, perfectly at ease in the never-ending
Night of space. On the ground, we tied postcards to balloons
For peace. Prince Charles married Lady Di. Rock Hudson died.

We learned new words for things. The decade changed.

The first few pictures came back blurred, and I felt ashamed
For all the cheerful engineers, my father and his tribe. The second time,
The optics jibed. We saw to the edge of all there is—

So brutal and alive it seemed to comprehend us back.

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