Monday, December 31, 2018

UGANDA: Regime @ PoliceUG arrests my friend Dem Opondo - @ OfwonoOpondo ordered it

The military dictatorship of Brutal Yoweri Museveni will hold nothing back.

Dem Gaster Opondo is a younger brother to Uganda Media Centre govt mouth piece Ofwono Opondo.

Both Opondos were in the village for Xmas in Tororo. DEM is kind of a wild spirit spitting #PeoplePower on every breath.

Ofwono Opondo is Museveni's mouth piece and condom.

Ofwono Opondo had his baby brother DEM arrested in Tororo and taken to Kampala.

What I know so far is Dem had been beaten, tortured and is being held incommunicado. Thanks to his older brother regime sycophant who has threatened police to not allow family or friends to see Dem. AND Dem has not been allowed to see a lawyer.

Apparently, DEM had posted some things on Facebook attacking the regime. Like why not? This is a despotic regime and many of us complain daily.

It used to be that blood is thicker than water. Not in this case. Ofwono Opondo sold out his own baby brother.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada / Bududa Uganda

The vehicle is Ofwono Opondo's car.

DEM threw his phone out of the car in Tororo. One person got his phone and I am chatting with him.


[12-31, 15:40] DemAgain: DEM is now detained at kabalagala police station [12-

31, 15:41] DemAgain: If you want to see him they tell you to go to kibuli CID head quarters

[12-31, 15:48] Martha Leah Nangalama: That nonsense will not work for me. Iam not gonna fly from Canada to Kibuli. They will release him. They will also allow him a lawyer. I have lawyer friends. This regime must stop taking us for stupid. Rubbish.

[12-31, 15:48] Martha Leah Nangalama: And tell them that I wanna see the charge sheet.

[12-31, 15:49] DemAgain: NBS TV ran a story of his arrest on Saturday live at9 news however the reporter who worked on the story just called me and told me that OO called the ceo of NBS complaining why he allowed his reporter to broadcast that news

[12-31, 15:57] Martha Leah Nangalama: Rubbish again. I will deal with Ofwono Opondo. I am gonna show the world how the regime works. I will meet Ofwono Opondo at his watering hole and ask him face to face why he got his baby brother arrested. I am waiting for my passport with visa from the Uganda embassy in Ottawa. I only travel on my Canadian passport and so I need a visa to fly home.


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