Monday, December 31, 2018

UGANDA: Poor reading culture is our enemy

Last night, I shared a post of "All I need to know, I learned in kindergarten".

Promptly, a Makerere University graduate said "thanks but it is too long to read".

In 2016, a friend of mine in Bagdad (Ugandan) texted me saying SARACEN was not paying him the money he had been promised. I told him to send me a copy of his contract.

Imagine my shock when dude tells me he never read it and just signed and has no copy. Now, how do you help such a person?

In my last year of school, I accepted a job paying me $37,620 per year. Over 2 other offers paying $45,000 per year. That is a stunning difference.

Why did I accept the lowest offer? I had researched the 3 companies well and knew their salary increases and demands. All 3 are big global companies. The lowest paying had tough performance reviews and if you did well, you could double your salary in a year or two.

But now look at Uganda graduates. The country is pumping out 700,000 degree /diploma graduates per year. Only 90,000 get jobs. The rest are on social media making noise or abusing people. The remnants are sold into slavery.

How is it possible for Ugandans to want change from Bosco Katala when they cannot read? And if you cannot read, you cannot write. And if you cannot write, you cannot articulate. And if you cannot articulate, you cannot make a presentation. And if you cannot make a presentation, you cannot get a job or investor.

You are on social media, Internet with world knowledge in your hands. How much do you earn from gossiping, sports betting, sharing people's nudes?

I also used to be a bad reader and writer till one manager told me to document the computer programs I write. Went further to tell me to read and present to audiences my ideas in order to get management to fund projects we were working on.

Good. Till it came to writing weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. Hard things. But there is no well paying job that does not demand reading and writing. Except mafia.


Martha Leah Nangalama
ICT, Blogger, Writer, Editor, Educator


[12-31, 07:44] Martha Leah Nangalama: Robert, the graduates are Functioning illiterates. I have seen this over and over. 👇👇

OUR COMPANY is hiring 50 people. Send your CV to the provided email.
Facebook post.

1. I rilly nid a job, inbox mi

2. How much do u pei?

3. Let mi inbox u ma CV

At first, I thought they were joking.


We are taking applications now for our new project. Please email your cv to...

Can't I just drop it off?

I have no email but got a degree and need a job

I do not hv a computer

Send me details on this my email.

☝☝You think it is a joke? Non it is real. Go on FB and search for UGANDA JOB SEEKERS. I used to be one of the Admins for that page till I quit.

Ugandan graduates cannot read or write or follow basic instructions.  We need to set up a labour export company and sell them into slavery. It is the freaking 21st Century people! Think. And if you have problems with English, how will that mandatory Chinese work out for you? Nihao

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