Sunday, December 30, 2018

Good bye 2018, Hello 2019. Happy New Year World!

In 2018, we grew up more.

We fought for justice.

We became more assertive for rights.

We challenged dictators and some of them fell.

We got more ruthless with dictators and remained true to humanity.

We lost loved ones. Our kids grew and got driving licenses. Some are heading to University.

Many of us lost jobs. Many of us are closing 2018 with no pay cheque. How shall we pay our bills and feed our families?

Many of us are sick with no medical insurance.

Then finally the culture. What is wrong with humans? Surely, my opinions are diferent from yours.

How is it possible for you to say that your opinions are different than mine?

And that is how the family dinner fight dissipated. Different from. Different than.

It is a tie. We all headed to our rooms to read about our DIFFERENCES.

Perhaps in 2019, we will know better.

In the meantime, may our differences teach us that we are one, fighiting together and none of us is DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER.



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