Friday, November 30, 2018

UGANDA: When the elitist "Sheilas" badly need the under privileged "Opios"


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Museveni's 32 years of military dictatorship has so much divided the country that the gap between the haves and have nots is widening day by day. 

The HAVES are mostly  beneficiaries of Museveni's policies of patronage and exclusion disguised as "creation of a middle income society".  They are closely associated with the ELITES who who are a small group of powerful people who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, political power and skill in society.   They have fallen victim of Museveni's propaganda that the HAVE NOTS are hooligans bent on scavenging on their wealth. 

The income inequality is on the rise with the have nots on the other falling victim of Museveni's propaganda machine that associates them with Hooliganism and the political opposition.  They are subjected to constant harassment by security forces.  In some instances, the harassment is instigated by the so called elites like for instance the chasing of vendors off the streets and constant mysterious market fires. 

While the HAVES and ELITES can afford better and expensive private schools and hospitals for themselves and family,  lavish weekend outings at beaches, concert and musical events, the underprivileged sections of society are living on one poor meal a day. During such lavish weekend entertainments, they even have the privilege of hiring beautiful young ladies for company and comfort while some underprivileged young men are taken along as DJs and meat roasters. 

Consequently, the HAVES have developed political and economic apathy towards the plight of the HAVE NOTS. 
The HAVE NOTS have resorted to economic survival in a hard way.  These are the same youths who either after being harassed from the city relocated to or are traditionally engaged in fishing on the islands of Lake Victoria.  Even though, these are the same victims of state inspired brutality on the lake that has been going on without anybody to speak out for them.  

Religious teachings describe all human beings as equal and this was manifested during last weekend's boat catastrophe.  The HAVES and ELITES had taken a boat cruise on L. Victoria when tragedy struck leaving scores confirmed dead while several are not yet accounted for.   

During the tragedy, it was the other HAVE NOT class of fishermen with their small boats who arrived first to save the lives of some drowning HAVES and ELITES.  They did a commendable job and some even lost their lives in the process of trying the save the lives of the ELITES.  

Interestingly, the list of the ELITE victims who perished has among others the following;  SHEILA Bisase, SHEILA Gashishiri, SHEILA Natukunda and SHEILA Mbonimpa. Is the name SHEILA now a trademark in Uganda that is associated with the HAVES?  Thanks to God, SHEILA Gashumba is missing on that list.

The list of the HAVE NOT rescuers has the likes of Opio Olone, Owetcho John, Komaketch and Onyango among others. 

The incident overshadowed the 2nd Anniversary of the infamous Kasese Massacre where Museveni's security forces killed over one hundred locals in cold blood.  It is not a surprise that the elites chose to go partying on the same occasion.  

A day of national mourning has been declared and flags flew at half mask.  The HAVE NOT youths were seen trying to manually pull the wreckage of the boat while the police looked on.  The police has handed over about 29  and is still stuck with another 35 unclaimed powerful cars that had been left ashore by the revellers of the tragic boat cruise.  

The underprivileged HAVE NOTS are crying foul over the survivors failure to return to them with a token of appreciation.

For those who think that by thriving on any form of sectarianism and discrimination you are immune, you should know that all human beings need each other. 


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