Thursday, November 29, 2018

UGANDA: What was late Kaweesi's stand on alleged Rwandese dissidents saga?


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Around late August 2018, Museveni's top confidant, Gen. Kalekyezi was charged in the military court with among other charges, aiding and abetting of his subordinate officers to kidnap and illegally return Rwandese exiles to Rwanda.

This followed a series of unsubstantiated accusations that he was being propelled by Rwanda to overthrow Museveni.  Consequently, he was sacked around March 2018, arrested and detained around June 2018.  A number of his top lieutenants in the police were also arrested in the same connection and are under incarceration.

Around March 2017, his defacto No. 2, AIGP Felix Kaweesi was mysteriously shot dead as he left his home in one of the suburbs of Kampala.  Despite the numerous uncoordinated arrests of different suspects; most of them Muslims, no viable breakthrough has been made in resolving that high profile murder.  There has been unsubstantiated pointing of fingers at Gen. Kalekyezi citing power struggle allegedly on grounds that Kaweesi was scheduled to be his replacement.  Museveni's intelligence outfits have reportedly made desperate attempts to link Gen. Kalekyezi to the murder of Kaweesi.

Kagame and Museveni have been bickering over the latter's alleged backing of dissident RNC militants.  Uganda has routinely arrested and harrassed Rwandese nationals in Uganda on allegations of espionage.  Rwanda in return alleges that its dissident RNC is facilitated to recruit from Rwandese refugees in Uganda.  It is against this background that Rwanda allegedly enlisted the help of Gen. Kalekyezi and his top police lieutenants to help monitor and disrupt the activities of RNC.    

While Gen. Kalekyezi is well known to have direct blood relationship with the Kigali establishment, it was only until his death that Kaweesi's Rwandese blood became public.  While Gen. Kalekyezi is an ethnic Tutsi of Uganda's Bafumbira tribe, for Kaweesi it is not clear whether he was a Tutsi or Hutu.  Whatever the case, given his seniority, influence and personal closeness to Gen. Kalekyezi, if the links with Kigali are true then there is no way Kaweesi's input wouldn't have been sought.   

The big question is in the event he had been contacted, would he have accepted to render a helping hand or he simply snubbed the idea!!  In the event of the latter scenario, it would obviously fatally endanger his life.  The speculation that by the time he was killed, Kaweesi had been desperately trying to meet Museveni;  if true, did he intend to disclose the sensitive Gen. Kalekyezi Rwanda connection!!

Even if he would not have been directly contacted by either side, given his senior position and ethnic background, Kaweesi ought to have known. 


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