Friday, August 31, 2018

UGANDA: Ofwono Opondo being face of country shows how ugly Uganda is

Hon Nambooze
Yesterday I was in a lot of pain...I didn't watch TV or listen to radio...however many people have been  calling and others coming over to ask me whether I had heard Ofwono Opondo 's allegation that I and my colleagues Zaake and Kyagulanyi are  not sick but just feigning sickness to attract public sympathy!

O.O is my constituent having taken over his dead brother's house at Nasuuti zone,Ntawo Ward,Central division in Mukono Municipality. OO's brother the late George Opondo was survived by a widow and Children but OO chased them out of the home and Maama Stella the widow, died painfully at her parents home in Bukerere.

My constituent OO suffers from Kleptomania or klopemania and has  a evil spirit that makes him unable to refrain from stealing items that is why he his famous for stealing the under garment from Uchumi supermarket. Despite this disorder Ofwono cannot spare his fellow patients (thieves) as he once murdered a youngman in cold blood at Buganda road when he shot him allegedly for attempting to steal a side mirror,so Ofwono is also a murderer.

Still in Mukono OO pulled a gun on teachers of one school some time back for issues to do with handling his child. In other words OO is trigger happy and I suspect he maybe a sadist. For how else can you explain a man who says that Zaake is not sick when pictures of the same person show him on life support machines. A full Deputy Speaker went to see Zaake and Kyagulanyi and regretted the incidence but our OO is saying that this is feigning sickness!

Early this year we were in trouble here in Mukono when OO stole a cow from the Operation wealth creation...anyway be abuse for us in Mukono we know his problem we only told him to surrender back the cow which he embarrassingly did while grumbling in a small voice that it is his wife who had applied for it.

Many people don't know why I Championed the alcohol bill but in mind I had my constituent Ofwono Opondo who drinks himself silly everyday to the extent that on some days bar attendants have to lock him up inside the bar as they retire so that he drinks throughout the night. For us who care for Ofwono we know that he shouldn't be at the media centre...he should be in a rehabilitation centre to get him off alcohol.

As a Uganda government spokesperson, OO would be speaking for us all but his mind is so bent in praising the regime which he so much criticized and fought around the 1990s when he was a journalist and UPC youth.  If OO was doing his work as a civil servant he would even check on us,especially me who is his MP before making such demeaning allegations against us. Imagine this OO of mine of all people is the face of sad for if OO is the face of Uganda,then Uganda is a very ugly country.

So if it's this Ofwono Opondo who said that I and colleagues are just feigning illness to get sympathy and also damage the image of Government, kindly forgive him baambi.

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