Friday, August 31, 2018

UGANDA is a dead pet - POEM


I am in tears with the weight of a dead nation
on my shoulders.
I was born here during the era of the apes
from the luwero bushes,
The era of terror and heartbreaks.
You see here people are not humans
And humans are not alive.
But they walk shouting aloud in whispers
songs of dissatisfaction.

I live in a dead pet that now rests on my shoulders.
You see this piece of land on which we were born
has remained alien to us that have known it
from birth.
There are humans that lie in broad day light
and share the dangerous truth at night.

This country is a dead bitch fucked up
by the bald headed apes of the bushes.
they smile like living things
but act so dead to the world.
I am in this country where men ran away
from those that ought to protect them.
I live in this copse of a bitch.
Where the police keeps flaws and disorder
the justices promote injustice,
preachers advocate for the devil
And men and women live dead in their
righteous strange motherland.

In this country the bible fears the devil,
The ballot fears the bullet.
I live here to hear more mourns and mourns.
It is a land of those that bleed tears externally but
can not say a word.
Uganda is a dead pet resting on my shoulders,
It died with the truth and gave birth to the crude
the apes rule men and men please the apes.
This country is a dead dog.
We shall cry on until its weight kills us.

Kennedy Bwambale.