Friday, August 31, 2018

UGANDA: Dictator Museveni Now World Number One Human Rights Violator - #FreeBobiWine #PeoplePower

Ageing Ugandan Dictator, Yoweri Museveni, is sinking more and more into myopic illogicality, as he displays totally abhorrent and irrational ruthlessness.

How on earth do you arrest grievously tortured and brutalised Members of Parliament on their way to receive life-saving medical attention?

[By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU - 31 August 2018]

The Ugandan Dictator, Yoweri Museveni, has gone bonkers!

And the whole world is watching in shock and bewilderment as he sinks deeper and deeper into a state of myopic illogicality, unable to realise or understand that his extreme terroristic and detestable behaviour has reached the highest level of irrationality and acceptability.

Museveni has now completely turned Uganda from a place which was once known as the Heart Beat of Africa into one of the most nightmarish places to live on earth – a Death-Bed of sorts!

In his crazy state of being, Museveni seems not to understand that Ugandans, Africans and indeed increasingly the whole world have reached the very last peak of distaste and even hatred for his totally abhorrent and irrational ruthlessness.

When the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights declares that the UN may be about to start investigating Museveni and his top military and police commanders to discover the extent of human rights violations in Uganda, Museveni is oblivious to the flashing warning lights.
He is unbothered by the fact that, not just Ugandans, but, increasingly, the entire world are viewing him as Africa’s Number One Human Rights Violator.

In response, Museveni and his murder and torture squads have continued to go on an even greater rampage, chasing ambulances that were carrying the gravely ill Members of Uganda parliament, i.e Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Hon Fancis Zaake, to Uganda’s Entebbe airport, with the intention of abducting them and denying the opportunity to fly abroad for essential treatments for the life-threatening torture and injuries which Museveni’s own terror gangs meted on the law-makers.

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The United Nations Commission for Human Rights has asked the government of Uganda to urgently investigate allegations of human rights violations following the recent murder of singer and politician Bobi Wine’s driver, and the detention and brutal torture of Bobi and 32 other people including large number of fellow legislators.

Museveni, like the former Liberian war-lord president, Charles Taylor, does not seem to realise that he is solidly marching towards the prison cells of the international Criminal Court (ICC), where he will be tried for crimes against humanity and left to rot in solitude in the faraway lands.

As he savagely produces the starkest of evidences that will render him simply and unquestionably guilty as accused, at the ICC or any other court in Uganda or elsewhere, Museveni seems not bothered at all that his deranged actions and Nazi-style escapades are putting him and some of his own family members, for example his own son Major General Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, who are equally and enthusiastically partaking in the widely condemned killings, torture and brutalisation of innocent Ugandan citizens, in serious jeopardy.

It is impossible to tell how and when Museveni and his terror machine will be stopped in their tracks and made to face justice for the grievous human rights violations they are committing in Uganda.  But, looking at how Ugandans and, increasingly, the whole world out there are becoming fed up of his murderous and barbaric exploits, it does not require rocket science to see that Museveni’s over 30-year iron-handed rule in Uganda is coming to an end, and that once that is done, Museveni will have nowhere to hide from the justice for all the crimes he is so frenetically committing against innocent Ugandan citizens.

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