Tuesday, July 31, 2018

UGANDA: Kisoro fatal victims in scientific accident rise to 33-police

KAMPALA (@UG_EDGE) - Police has clarified that eleven people [not 1 or 17 as earlier reported] died on spot and 22 were injured Monday when a Isuzu truck lost control and over turned several times along Kisoro - Kabale highway.

The injured were rushed to Kisoro hospital.

The truck registration number UAW 739M carrying local business people from Rubanda, Kabale going to a weekly market in Kisoro lost control at a corner near Kigowa village.

According to eye witnesses the driver was driving reckless.

The victims say the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Driver is on the run.

The deceased have been identified as;

1.Kemigisha Samatina female adult 54 years, a resident of Rwabulindi village Muko sub county,

2:Poku Apurunari female adult 52years a resident of Rugarama village Kajerere parish Rubanda district.

3: Kasande Festino female adult resident of Rwabulindi village.

4: Arinaitwe Moses 27 years.

5: Imanishimwe Rogers 19 years a resident of Rwabulindi village.

6: Oriahaba Scovia 30years a resident of Kyogo village Kagumba parish Bugingiro sub county.

7 : Iramashirwe Adrine 28years from Kyogo village Bugingiro sub county.

8: Tindimwebwa Berra 37 years of Butebona village.

9: Akanyijuka Peace juvenile of 2years daughter of Tindimureba who also died.

10: Nyiramenyize Mary 55 years from Sozi village Nakibande Kisoro district.

11: Maxensia Mike 30 years of Bulabonene village in Kisoro.

Names of the injured in the Kisoro Accident

1:Hamulungi Charity 29 years of Kabuye village Kera parish Muko sub county.

2: Tumushabe Leticia 35 years from Kabuye village Kera parish Muko sub county.

3: Twiine Gard 45 year male adult from Rwabulindi village Muko sub county.

4:Nyirabusungu Jesca 50 years from Rwabulindi village Muko sub county.

5:Tindimulegula Vania 32 years old.

6:Mucunguzi Arrestus 33 years old from Butabanana.

7: Katushabe Silvia 30 year's old Kibungo village resident of Kalengele Parish Muko sub county Kisoro district.

8:Owembabazi Frank 27 years old resident of Rwabulindi village.

9: Butusenga Deo a juvenile of 2years.

10: Namara Enock male adult of 23 years resident of Kabaya village.

11: Bikwaso 40years old Kabanana village the owner of the vehicle UAW 739M ISUZU forward.

12: Atanyanimana Nalicitu 40years old Kageno village.

13:Safari Christopher 19years old resident of Kabanana village.

14:Kemigisha Brenda 20years old from Buhera village Bulumba parish Kabale district.

15:Tumwegwasiza Allen 30 year old Bamuba village Bukindila Sub county in kisoro district.

16 :Christopher Banada 30years old resident of Butabonana village.

17:Byamukama Ivan 22 years old Buhinga village.

18: Mugisha Rogers 18years old from Kale village.

19:Ndongyerere Warren 37years from Tabonana village.

20: Irangunda Joan 20 years old from Rwabulindi village Muko sub county in Kisoro district.

21: Akabwere Timothy 14 year old .

22: Aine Norman a resident of Batabonana village.

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