Monday, July 30, 2018

DRCONGO: Katumbi returns to challenge Kabila

Katumbi returning from exile to run against Kabila

After two years of forced exile in Europe, Moïse Katumbi told AFP that he will return this Friday, August 3, 2018 in the DR Congo to file his candidacy in the presidential election before the deadline of August 8.

Everything always ends up happening. That's what Joseph Kabila must have said when he learned of the return to the DRC of what he considers to be his only true rival.

Whoever has the popularity, the networks, the organisation and the means to counter the plans of the current President (out of mandate) from Johannesburg to South Africa where he is with several members of his bodyguards (Salomon Kalonda, Olivier Kamitatu, Joseph Kalombo, etc.).

Moïse Katumbi told AFP on Monday that he "asked the authorisation to land in a private jet on Friday, August 3 at Lubumbashi airport from Johannesburg" enclosing his letter to the direction of the civil aviation authority in which there is a list of seven passengers (Moses Katumbi, the three aforementioned names, plus DonPierrot Sadiki Lukunda, Henri Nkongolo Biata and Claude Alfred Bushiri).

"Nothing prevents, if not the arbitrariness, the return of Moses Katumbi in his country," said Eric Dupont-Moretti, his lawyer, last week at a press conference in Paris.

Case is on appeal - suspensive –

The hearing in the case of mercenaries was postponed in October by the Supreme Court following innumerable irregularities, and the alleged case of its alleged dual nationality, the Italian authorities have made a categorical denial).

There is no doubt that Joseph Kabila will try to use various ploys to hinder the return to the DRC of the very popular former governor of Katanga.

Except that for two years, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges (real or fictitious) of the Congo River.

The unpopularity of Joseph Kabila's regime has grown further inside the country.

As for the outside of this one, it's very simple: the president (out of mandate) RD Congolese was put to the ban of the international community and he lost one by one all his supports in the sub-region.

His room for manoeuvre to try to organise a presidential election in his hand (which includes the fact of removing from the electoral race his most dangerous competitor) has therefore reduced considerably.

Meanwhile, Kabila’s other rival and former warlord also International Criminal Court [ICC] prisoner Pierre Bemba is returning tomorrow, Wednesday to file for his candidacy.

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