Tuesday, May 29, 2018

UGANDA: US govt should be worried that ADF leader now says Museveni funds terrorists


NATHAN SPAN - The government of Uganda has NOT denied Jamil Mukulu’s assertions that the NRM government supplied weapons and money to ADF. By its silence on this critical assertions, there may be validity to Mukulu’s claims.

What is interesting and most people have overlooked, is the fact that the regime in Kampala had lobbied hard to put ADF on the terrorists list and eventually the United States of America recognized ADF as a terrorist group.

NRM should be held responsible for supporting terrorism and the US State Department must put pressure on the Kampala regime to address the allegations made by Jamil Mukulu. These allegations are very serious and many Ugandans have lost their lives and the government of Uganda on so many occasions blamed ADF for killing Muslim religious leaders which means that the government was aware of Muslim religious leaders being killed by its own weapons.

Weapons used by ADF can be traced to their origins and its i easy to identify if those weapons came from the government of Uganda. The police during its investigations of Muslim Leaders, Joan Kagezi’s deaths, and many others alleged to have been murdered by ADF, bullet shells were never recovered and this may have been done deliberately by the regime to prevent traceability of those weapons.

The government is implicated by Jamil Mukulu in murdering its own citizens in cold blood. Nadduli,  a muslim himself must put pressure on his own government to come clean. We all know that Museveni provided weapons to M23, Kony’s LRA, South Sudan, sold American weapons to Alshabab, gave weapons to PRA that ignited the genocide in Rwanda and illegally armed crime preventers. The regime is responsible for supporting a terrorist organization and the United States government should include Uganda on a list of nations that support terrorism.

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