Wednesday, May 30, 2018

UGANDA: Rukungiri elections latest

[12:03 PM, 5/30/2018] +256 785 xxxxx: News coming from there is that they recovered 2 boxes of ballots in favour of Winnie masko

[12:06 PM, 5/30/2018] Martin: I know NRM people are only waiting for the cover of darkness. They might even impose a curfew on Rukungiri.

This information is coming in via #UgandaNewsBriefing group on WhatsApp.  Looks like something is going down over there.
Money Bonanza in Rukungiri villages. Army men and Generals in charge of distribution. Village to village distribution happening now.

Meanwhile, gunshots have have been heard in Jim Muhwezi home. Something sinister might be happening.
Ingrid Turinawe and Henry Chiyemba 👆🏿

Police has tightened security in Rukungiri district ahead of tomorrow’s polls.

Police says they will not allow any person at the polling station after he/she has finished casting a vote. Police has also earmarked different places where they suspect might be chaotic s and these include Buyanja sub county, Rwerere and Kebisoni among others.

Police, UPDF, Military police and prisons have so far taken over these places. Opposition leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye says the deployment is uncalled for and it is intended to intimidate and threaten the people of Rukungiri.

The battle for Rukungiri district woman seat is between Betty Muzanira of FDC and NRM’s Winnie Matsiko.

Deputy Police spokesperson Onyango Patrick says security has been intensified to ensure elections are conducted peacefully.

Addressing journalists, Dr. Kiiza Besigye said it is within the constitution of Uganda that the electoral commission shall take care of the polling stations but not police adding that whoever does it is a law breaker and a criminal.

The seemingly furious Dr. Kiiza Besigye also told journalists that they have got information that there are some pre-ticked ballot boxes and declaration forms hidden somewhere which the electoral commission is not aware of.

He asked both the people of Rukungiri and the electoral commission to be extra vigilant to ensure smooth and peaceful elections.

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