Thursday, May 31, 2018

UGANDA: Rukungiri bi-election update at 1:26AM Uganda time

1:52AM Uganda time

#RukungiriByElection interesting scenes as result tallying turns rowdy. FDC rejects results from Burora Parish Headquarters P/S (Nyarushanje s/c). FDC claims the results rear by EC are different from what was posted originally at the polling station.
Meanwhile, the long awaited boxes from Nyakishenyi finally arrived a few minutes ago
Nyakishenyi subcounty has 26 polling stations and FDC confirms wining in 10 polling stations out of 26. With no scaring range on the stations it has lost.

The Nyakishenyi ballots finally arrive after Hon. Mwijukye Francis, Ingrid Turinawe and Gen Mugisha Muntu decide to go to meet and be part of the security witnesses to make sure these ballot results reach. However, its ironic that they were found in company of Hon. Winnie Mastiko as she came to join her tram at the tally center.

However,amidst hustles, the results are at the tally center now.
Tallying and Computing of polling stations continues and is estimated to be done by two hours from now.

We are awake,these thugs want to grab the victory😳😳2hrs?

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