Wednesday, May 30, 2018

UGANDA: Regime is burning down schools - Makerere University main hall

URN - Panic as Fire Erupts In Makerere Main Building: Abeine says the fire would have caused extensive damage if they hadnt responded on time.
Martha Leah Nangalama - MAKERERE University is likely to be shut down fully this year. You cannot have 4 fires in the same university and expect it to continue operating. Makerere students should have seen this coming 5yrs ago.

There will be no one charged for those fires. The fires will be ruled as electrical.

Parliament is totally silent on this and so are the Administrators, lecturers and Civil Society. In fact even media.

This is very scary and comes from apathy. No one cares anymore about the things we should care for.

Most of you in this group are young parents or will soon have kids. Which schools will be left for your kids if one with $2000 per term is now acceptable to you?

Thank you sister for the critical analysis,its very true that all signals that are alarming shows how Muk's status will be within the next months.

Fellow countrymen and women let us think about the future of our kids,education should not be based on individuals like museveni and his wife but entirely to all concerned ugandans,don't even  think that museven's daughter/son and his lineage will even attend their education at makerere.

It's really apity that no one is comming out publicly to talk about this move by the junter to destroy our education including most of us except afew key concerned  induviduals.

Many things are probably going to happen at makerere  in the next academic year including frequent strikes by both lecturers and students......

Thank you martha for the insight,never shoot the messenger


JUST IN ;Makerere university council has ordered the university to  repair the damages  and rehabilitate  Mary-Stuart hall .it's approximate that over 300m ug is needed according to the vice chancellor -prof.Barnabas Nawangwe.@Ntv News

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