Tuesday, May 29, 2018

UGANDA: On life presidency of Museveni, interesting news (scoop)

Our group #UgandaNewsBriefing is hearing.  Well. we kinda just got a scoop from Mbale.

Apparently, the High Court in Mbale has ruled that the MPigs will not get their 7yr term in the defunct August House.  These illiterates who do do not read the constitution had taken it upon their selfies to demand that we cancel the elections of 2021.  Extending their greedy eating for 7 years. 

These thugs wanted to remain in office such that our next elections would be held in 2023 instead of 2021.  But if you come to think about the way their brains work, oil ain't gonna flow till 2023.  You can check Bloomberg on this fact from CNOOC.

What is even more interesting is that they blackmailed Museveni after he had paid them a cool UGX 29 to 40mln. The figure varies depending on which forest you find your monkey in.  Anyway, just this past week, we had one tell us on live camera "if Ugandans do not allow us MPs to have a 7yr term, we will go for 10yrs".

I was like "wait a minute.  Is this not the guy that was fined for pissing on a wall?"  Cannot be.  Is he the same person whose yellow beetle is always breaking down that opposition have to help him to push it to safety and even give him a ride?

Ladies under gentlemen (to please these aspirant women running for office, just please them down there wali wali down).... and this is how our Great great president, Honourable General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni remains the uncontested president of WAKANDA shithole.  If fact, he even has no competion.

Congratulations dearest Papa.  Nice play.  Now call off the dogs so that all the kidnappings and killings can stop.

Martha Leah Nangalama
ps: THE READER MIGHT WANT TO KNOW that this is satire.  There has been no such thing and this was written in anticipation of what might happen, could happen but likely will never happen.

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