Monday, May 28, 2018

UGANDA: Museveni sponsors the terrorists he claims to fight - ADF

Museveni’s government gave us logistics, says ADF leader Jamil Mukulu

Museveni’s government gave us logistics, says ADF leader Jamil Mukulu

By Kenneth Kazibwe, NILE POST, May 28, 2018

Indicted Allied Democratic Forces leader Jamil Mukulu has accused government of being the brain behind the rebel group currently operating in DRC forests.

Mukulu, who was arrested in 2015 in Tanzania was indicted together with 38 others of offences related to terrorism, murder, attempted murder, aggravated robbery, aiding and abetting terrorism, crimes against humanity and belonging to a terrorist organization stemming from his alleged involvement in rebel activities as the leader of ADF.

On Monday the suspects were returned to court but as he disembarked from the prisons bus, Mukulu shouted loudly accusing government of double standards.

“This government of Uganda sponsors ADF but if it is a terror organization, why do they support them with military logistics and finance,”Mukulu shouted in English.

“They(government) sponsor them every month and it is a fact.”

Mukulu is accused of launching a rebellion when he formed ADF out of remnants of the National Army for the Liberation of Uganda(NALU), terrorising people in Western Uganda areas of Rwenzori leading to death of many.

The group is accused of masterminding the attack, burning and the resultant death of over 80 students at Kichwamba Technical Institute in 1998.

They are also accused of masterminding a number of brutal killings including that of Maj.Muhammad Kiggundu, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and Joan Kagezi.

On Monday, the accused’s lawyers led by Caleb Alaka told the pre-trial judge, Eva Luswata that they were not comfortable with the proceedings because their clients had been committed to High Court from the Jinja Magistrates court in their absence.

They also argued that the charges ought to be read to their clients before any proceedings continue but in response, the defence lawyers led by John Baptist Asiimwe said the due process had been done before the suspects were committed.

Justice Eva Luswata adjourned the matter to June 14.

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