Wednesday, January 31, 2018

UGANDA: Entire cabinet of Republic of Kawempe is now in jail

This is very devastating news to some of us who had applied for Ministry positions for UK.

The GODS are not pleased as our very own president and his ministers are in jail except two who are yet to be grabbed.  That is Drake, Minister of Energy and Martha, Minister of ICT.  We are elusive.

Here is the news off the hot press in Uganda. AND those who abducted our president and cabinet need to know that it is against International Laws to jail our people in a foreign country.  So we expect all International Convention Laws to be used for the Prisoners of War.  WAIT, we are not even at war so why did you abduct our people and take them to your country (Uganda is a foreign country) and now hold them to break us.  Tebigyakukola.  Atte temunaba.  #LetMyPeopleGO Or else... Let me work on the ELSE!

Joachim Buwembo
13 hrs · Kampala, Uganda ·

Bambi His Excellency President Hamidu Luutu Walakira (wide eyed in brown t-shirt) of the Kawempe Republic being charged with assault and conducting an unlawful assembly in LDC court on Makerere hill in Uganda.

Also charged with him is Kawempe Republic chief of intelligence (blue shirt). The president's other co-accused is the Inspector General of Police (purple shirt). The top leadership of the neighbouring state have been sent on remand despite the protests of their lawyer Mr Gawaya Tegulle.

It might be because we told the outgoing government that we are going to charge rent for all our properties and take back our land.

We also told them that they cannot fly into our Air Space.  AND we will charge for the airport of Entebbe, Mulago Hospital, Makerere University, both State Houses and even Parliament and all the markets.

Maybe that was not a good plan to tell them that we are gonna make them pay.  But this Uganda.  Who will save us when even our own new president now, self appointed mind you, has been jailed?  

WANO wafila muloge.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Future ICT Minister of a yet to be established Republic of Zamunda Banana.


Kawempe forces threatening attack on Uganda within 72 hours unless their leaders are freed unconditionally. Tensions high on Uganda Kawempe Border. Curfew declared in central Kawempe. Security at Kawempe Embassy in South Africa under has just foiled an attack on Ambassador's Residence by Lingala Speaking armed men. Details coming.

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