Friday, January 26, 2018

SPAN: How world reacted to Museveni's happiness as SHITHOLE president



The great....I love Africa but I despise with intense hatred leaders that play tribal war games on their own people so that they can stay fat a wealthy

Pansygirl...So you are saying you’re a president of a shithole and you’re ok with that?

Ndur5...The President of Uganda Yuseveni has been in power for 32 years, doesn’t allow political opposition, just changed the constitution to become a life president. If this is the only African leader that Trump can get to praise him that alone tells why some African countries are in the trouble they are in

Estella... Maybe Trump should have called certain rulers like Uganda’s Shitheads

Terer... And I would hope that Trump would prefer to make Uganda great again ( I thought it was great under NRM) and leave us alone

Toasters.... Museveni is totally corrupt and wants to keep absolute power in his family. Have to see what he and Trump have in common

Amoxon... Trump tells UK prime minister we love UK.... Museveni should know Trump ignored his love for him

Nix... Didn’t Museveni jail one Doctor for calling him a pair of BUTTS? What’s the difference between shithole and a pair of BUTTS ( one was spoken by an African and the one Museveni loved was spoken by a yankee)


Halid...General Museveni like any dictator and any aspiring to be life president its not a duty but certainly an obligation to like, praise and accept not only Trump says but also loved other American presidents. When Museveni met Trump, Trump told African leaders that “I don’t know anything about your countries but my friends just come there to make money and get rich”.

Compiled by SPAN

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