Wednesday, January 31, 2018

RWANDA: Another Rwandese businessman arrested, detained, deported from Uganda

NEW TIMES - Ugandan authorities have deported another Rwandan businessman who was picked from his place of work in western Uganda by operatives attached to Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

He was dumped at Gatuna border post Monday night before he was picked up by Rwandan authorities.

Speaking from Kigali, Emmanuel Cyemayire said he was arrested on January 4 from his workplace in Mbarara town in western Uganda.

In Mbarara town, he said he operated an electronics shop with stock worth over UGX 20 million (approximately Rwf5m).

Rwandan Emmanuel Cyemayire speaks to the media in Kigali (Sam Ngendahimana)

He said he was first detained at Makenke Barracks in Mbarara where he spent a night before being transferred to Kampala where he was tortured.

“While in Makenke Barracks, a soldier who was interrogating me presented to me two documents, one of them a statement by Deo Nyirigira, who happens to be my local pastor, accusing me of being a “a Kagame agent”,” he said.

Nyirigira is the lead pastor of Agape, a pentacostal church located in Mbarara town which has been linked to the terrorist network by Rwandan dissidents, that calls itself Rwanda National Congress.

He identified the officer who interrogated him in Mbarara as Major Fred Mushambo, who heads the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence in Mbarara.

Looking frail, 40-year old Cyemayire narrated that from the time of his arrest, he was kept blindfolded, saying that in Mbarara, he was kept tied up in a room whose floor was littered with stagnant water.

From Mbarara, he driven, again blindfolded, to another destination, which he later discovered to be Mbuya Military Barracks in Kampala.

“I spent about eight days being tortured, spent much of that time with hands and legs tied on the stairway and several officers were asking me why I frequently travelled to Rwanda,” he narrated.

“I was at first told that I was illegally staying in Uganda but when I told them to check my passport and presented my trading license, I was told that my release was at the discretion of their boss one Abel Kandiho.”

Brigadier General Kandiho is the Director of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence in the Uganda People’s Defence Force.

Following his ordeal, Cyemayire said that after getting medical attention, he would approach Rwandan authorities to help him secure his property back in Uganda.


According to Cyemayire, he has been peacefully operating his business in Mbarara until after the Presidential Elections held in Rwanda last year.

He said that some individuals, including his pastor, Deo Nyirigira, were opposed his drive to encourage members of the Rwandan community in western Uganda to participate in the presidential elections that were held last year in August.

“Nyirigira openly preached to the congregation – mainly composed of Rwandans – not to participate in the elections. Actually I am certain it is him who masterminded my arrest,” he said.

Cyemayire is not the first Rwandan to suffer at the hands of Ugandan security operatives.

Late last year, five Rwandan business operators were dumped at the border after enduring torture for several days.

They all left their businesses when they were eventually deported.

Before them, another Rwandan, Fidele Gatsinzi, who lives in Rwanda but was in Uganda to visit his son studying university there, said he was picked up in broad day light by Rwandan dissidents before he was handed over to CMI.


COMMENT ON POSTMwene Kalinda • a day ago

I never thought I would see the day when security in Museveni’s Uganda would be so infiltrated by Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terrorist thugs that the country’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and his RNC would virtually merge. It is obvious the dogs have now been set loose against innocent Rwandans within that country.

Any Rwandan in Uganda should start seriously considering whether they are safe from arrest, harassment or worse, and draw the appropriate conclusions. Those Rwandans who were contemplating any new investments in that country should ask themselves whether it is really prudent to risk their hard-earned resources to invest in an environment that has been made so toxic and hostile to them, and where the ability to operate their business will be seriously constrained by fear of their personal security and possible illegal expropriation of assets. This is not as far-fetched as one might think; Uganda already has a history of expropriating entire communities, e.g. the Ugandan Asians in August 1972. Those who already have investments in the country should explore ways of reducing their exposure to the minimum possible and seek more favourable alternative climes.

It is better to be safe than end up like all these other compatriots being disappeared, illegally detained in torture dumps by RNC thugs and their CMI associates that have been loosed by their masters on innocent Rwandans. No matter the potential profits, these are all negated by the officially instigated anti-Rwanda and anti-Banyarwanda atmosphere.

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