Sunday, January 28, 2018

Job Scams: Ugandans keep losing money to scammers

It is very easy to run a scam in Uganda and for Ugandans. Maybe this is a business we should consider.  The rate of 95% unemployment for graduates is a very scary number and if you look at even the people who are employed, they hardly earn enough to live on. This is a very big problem for the country as theft, corruption, graft and bribe taking is now the norm. 

Since President Yoweri Museveni invaded Uganda and forcefully grabbed power in 1986, the rate of job creation has gone down as all infrastructures get destroyed to make way for a new elite made of the chosen ones, refugees, rif raf rejects and so called chapati investors.

Coupled with a horrible education with a mass that can neither read nor write, scams are now the norm.  The country has about 30 million people on the Internet mostly on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter and not too many of these even demonstrate any desire to make use of technology to help themselves.

Let me give you some examples.

I used to be one of the Admins for Uganda Job Seekers on Facebook and had to deal with a lot of scams. One time I wrote something about it to warn people that American Cruise Lines was not recruiting people on Facebook and most especially not Ugandans who could hardly write English.  How do you even fill in an application for a visa if you write like a duck?

Imagine the shock I got when very many people commented with their phone numbers saying to call them or others asking how much it pays.

The title said clearly "THIS JOB POST IS A SCAM.  HOW TO AVOID SCAMS". Given that I write very easy English, I did not understand what they were missing telling me I should call them because they need that job.

Then the better ones.  Marriott corporation is hiring Ugandans. They will provide the visa, airline ticket, food and hotel stay and the pay is $3,500 USD per month.  The jobs are receptionist, cleaners and waiters.

The other one is a company in Dubai is hiring for Canada to work in the Oil patch.  The head office is based in Australia and has won the contract to supply workers so they are looking for Ugandans.

There are agents in Kampala, in fact apparently one is in Mabirizi Plaza which help people to get visas. You go and pay any amount from UGX 3M to UGX 10M.

In all the above, my question then is why do you not learn to use GOOGLE?  American cruise ships are hiring, why do you not go to their website directly?  Marriott is hiring but how come the email they provide is  Does Marriott not have a website?

How can a company in Dubai with an office in Australia be the one hiring for Canada? Since when does a low level job like a reception pay USD $3,500 per month and gives you food and housing?  Do you not think many Canadians would love such a job? And does Canada not have its own currency that they are gonna pay you in US dollars?  Even I work for an American company but I am paid in Canadian dollars.

So ya go to an agency to get you a visa to Canada.  Because you cannot read or write? And since when does a visa to Canada cost UGX 3M?  If I am not mistaken it costs a fraction of that, not even 1M.  And does Canada not have its own website for immigration?

For how long will you let your laziness cost you money?  Even just basic common sense.  You sent $1,500 via Western Union to Cape Verde and your visa is going to be mailed to you.  What trashy thinking is this?  One person told me that he would get the visa in 3 weeks because in fact for Dubai it takes only 3 weeks maximum. be like that since you know everything.

There is a company in Uganda recruiting for Pilot training in Canada.  Maybe you should check with a Canadian before you pay the money.  I happen to know the Pilot Training school where you are going.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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