Monday, January 29, 2018

EDUCATION: Makerere University call for graduate school applications

The list of graduate degrees being offered for academic year 2018 / 2019 is contained in here. So are the instructions to apply and the tuition fees for Ugandan and EAC students as well as International students.

Good luck.

I have loaded that on the Internet to make it easier to browse with your kathupuli if you are unable to download it. Although at this point one has to wonder why you would pay up to UGX 5M per year tuition with expenses likely in the neighbourhood of the same.

Meaning you are facing likely UGX 10M. Then when you graduate, you get a job paying you UGX 800K (ask the professors at MUK and medical doctors and even judges). Meaning your ROI is negative. So why not use the initial UGX 5M alone to just launch a business.

The fact is you are going to be unemployed anyway. At least 95% of you. And for a fact, you do not need a graduate degree to go change poop in Arab countries or be a driver or guard. Please think about it.



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