Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Difference between Kenya, Uganda is not only GITHERI, OMENA


NATHAN SPAN - What we witnessed in Kenya, the swearing in of the people’s president as it was put by the man himself Odinga, explains very well the difference between civilian rule and a military government. Civilian governance is what it is, civilians that govern themselves and have respect for human lives.

Kenya is ruled by Kenyatta a civilian and therefore his police is headed by a civilian trained police man whereas in Uganda it is the opposite where a military general is the head of the police. Kenya police has a clear uniform that separates them clearly from the military while in Uganda, the police uniform is no different from the military or no uniform at all, and those wearing different types of uniforms are left to dance as if their pants are on fire and you have seen them making fools of themselves on social media. The government of Kenya does not create illegal groups such as Crime Preventer (11 million of them), BodaBoda 2010 (confessed killers and robbers), Kifesi (confessed killers and robbers whose leader has been set free) to do police work and this is considered to be the norm in Uganda.

If a government is led by crooks especially former bank robbers, all the institutions would be crooked as we see in Uganda. Some people wonder how did Odinga pull that off without chaos, in Nairobi, it is that the government of Kenya respects the people to assemble as enthroned in their constitution. Odinga did not commit any treasonable offense by swearing in as the people’s president and not as the President of Kenya.

Kenya will only descend to the chaotic levels of Uganda if, it has a former crook and a bank robber grabbing power. In Uganda, Museveni has the power to close a company without considering the impact of those employed by that company and he has no shame in crowning himself a freedom fighter. In his narrow mind, he is punishing the editors and it does not appear to him that those employed by that company would become jobless.

Until we realize that Uganda is under a military dictatorship, we cannot compare our situation to that of our East African neighbor.

If it walks like a duck chances are pretty good it is a duck. If one rules like a crook, chances are pretty good he is a crook.

How about Uganda which has the following presidents

1986 Museveni at 43

1990 Museveni at 47

1994 Museveni at 51

1998 Museveni at 55

2002 Museveni at 59

2006 Museveni at 63

2010 Museveni at 67

2014 Museveni at 71

2021 Museveni beyond 75


Police have taken a decision to give protection to the leaders of National Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) following threats on their lives.

Unknown persons pinned posters on the homes and offices of NCPF leaders demanding them to denounce their support to the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura in 14 days or be attacked.

Brian Mauso, the NCPF deputy coordinator, confirmed the threats and said they have reported the cases to police.

"Police have strengthened our security after we reported the case to them," Mauso told Daily Monitor on Monday.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police commander, Mr Frank Mwesigwa yesterday met the crime preventers’ leaders to assess the threats.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigire confirmed the news.

"They recorded statements and we have provided them security. We are also investigating the people behind the threats," he said.

Our source who attended the meeting said, seven leaders for crime preventers have been accorded two police guards each to cater for their security.

National Crime Preventers Forum led by Mr Blaise Kamugisha was established by the Police chief, Kayihura and they were instrumental in the security of the 2016 general elections.

Police say they have more than 11 million crime preventers in the country.

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