Friday, October 27, 2017

Where is my God father @AmamaMbabazi to talk against #Uganda's #Dictator @KagutaMuseveni?

The beauty of Uganda is you can be called anything and suffer the consequences if you are a true Mugisu.

Latetly, private messages "why is your daddy silent?".

I buried Daniel Nangalama in October 2000. It is soon gonna be 17yrs since I left his grave to never look back. But he lives in me.

FDC makes a grave mistake to call me JPAM's daughter.

JPAM camp makes a mistake to call me Besigye's supporter.

Museveni camp has been tripping for years labeling me JPAM or KB.

Ultimatetly, it is only Museveni who knows me as a Ugandan.

Before all the brats got data, Museveni, Mbabazi, Besigye, Sejusa and Mugisha Muntu were bossom buddies.

Most of us were not in their friendships. So how dare we determine how their friendship fell apart?

For a fact, we make a grave mistake to pitch us against them without knowing their decades of friendship.

Those generals will sort out their disagreements.  I assure you that if you were not with them in the bush and now act as if you know them, you will pay a price.

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