Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#Ugandans are #Sex deprived - #Parenting #Education

So I am sitting here minding my own bizwaks as you all should do.

The phone buzes. Quick check.

Some idiot said that Ugandans are getting tickets to fly to Canada.

They are being recruited with big money to be gay.

I quick run out of bed to the computer.

Why is no one recruiting me with big money to be gay?  I am a Canadian for crying out loud! Why is it that Uganda always gets the best deals?

Imagine my shock, Canada does not give money or recruit gays. They only do it for Ugandans.

My spirit was broken by a call at 3am.

I crawled back into my bed and told Prince Peter, "I hate imbecilles. Never contact me again".

As I lay back to sleep, I pondered about Uganda.  They have a very easy life.

They get recruited into gay with big money.

And all this time Canada did not find me worthy of being paid for being gay.

The Great Awakening!

Anyway, my CV nows announces on the first paragraph "I am gay".

The second paragraph says "I have Critical Thinking Skills".

You can bet that the second paragraph is excluding me from jobs.  The world hates thinkers. But I ain't deleting it.

If you love me being gay, then love me for having common sense.

Uganda is on a collision course.  My sexual orientation has never put medicine in your hospitals, paid your army or police nor funded your schools.

Yet you are the country with 85% unemployment because Leah chose to be gay!

You are your own enemy. For you accept MEDIOCRITY and attack anyone who tells you that the status quo is the reason your millions go hungry daily.

Your acceptance of mediocrity is why the GMO bill was passed while you were obsessing over #Togyikwatako.

Were I in opposition, I would allow Museveni to rule for life on condition that the Land bill is thrown out. For a fact, GMO is shaping up the land bill.

So much easier to fight over #AgeLimit and yet the biggest issue is your land.

Martha Leah Nangalama
My mom is 81yrs old. My inlaw mom in France is also 81yrs old. Reason I answer calls while minding my business in my bed.

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