Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#Uganda #Media crucifies their biggest patron @FrankGashumba

You demons of stupidity, I will take you down one by one.

Afterall you all grovel at the table of President Yoweri Museveni to beg for bread crumbs.

Welcome to the 21st century.  Some of us do not depend on a dictatorial fascist regime to feed us.

What I am finding shocking about Gashumba being arrested is that all key media is printing the story with no brains at all.

Earlier this year, Al Jazeera held a journalism ICT summit in Dubai.  It was live streamed.

No media house in Uganda attended it.  The summit was live streamed.  And no journalist in Uganda tuned into the live streaming.

Imagine my shock when some journalists tell me they had no data to stream the summit.

But we depend on you. We rely on you.  We depend on what you say.

So you miss one of the bigfest media tech summits because you have no data?  How is that even legal in this age?  And in media?

This Frank Gashumba all Uganda media is villifying because "everyone is talking about it" should learn from Irving Oil.

Irving Oil got so sick of media houses talking bad about them.  So they just bought the media houses and sacked the editors.

When Gashumba gets released, I suggest that he buys out all the media stories who are vilifying him and sacks all the editors. Gashumba is loaded.  He once used to be their darling when he was awakening Ugandans. Now he is their enemy.

The sad thing is all Ugandans are watching how media is playing this story.  How so gullible can you be?

Your master Muchebeni is self destructing daily and yet you choose to stick with a sinking ship!

I went to a party one time while in University.

The guy who had taken me there told me to get high. I told him just because everyone was smoking weed and shooting heroin, I did not have to do it.

Tim told me "but everyone is doing it. You must fit".

TIM, it is stupid to think that just because everyone is sticking a needle in their arm loaded with heroin does not make me fit out.  It is tupid.

I called a cab and left my friends to get high.

I had a big exam the next day by a teacher who enjoyed watching me fail.

So what? Gashumba story is all over social media!  Do you think I should gone with group think and shot heroin?


Everyone talking about Gashumba does not mean you also should just blindly dispate what we know are lies!

May you live in poverty forever. AMEN

Martha Leah Nangalama
I strongly believe the arrest of Gashumba is a distraction.  He has never been a spy or thug. I bet my life on him.

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