Friday, October 27, 2017

#Parenting is easy - #Homework

This Wednesday as with all Wednesdays, Marrianne asked me why I looked frustrated.

We had a cup of tea. Then I proceeded to cry.

"I hate school. I hate homework. I do not wanna return to school".

Martha, what was the homework this time?

"Stupid Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I have been up since 1:00Am preparing for tests".

The woman looks me straight in the eye.

"Martha, my smallest grandson doodles a lot and avoids home work. Last weekend I decided to sit him down to stop him from doodling. When we finished home work, he told his mom, my daughter 'my grandma would make a great teacher for me'".

Then Marrianne asked me why I hate school.

"The teachers give too much homework".

Then she dropped the bombshell!

"Do you know that if you help Natasha with her homework, she will teach you a lot? An apple does not drop far from the tree. Have you ever considered going back to school?"

Then she jumped into her car and drove away.

I was left wondering. Maybe she was right. Maybe school is not torture. Maybe homework is not bad. Perhaps being subjected to homework is part of life. Could it be possible that an apple does not fall far from the tree?

I then looked at my options. Why do I demand that the girls stay in school when I could not wait to drop out?

Parents must not tell their kids to do somethings the parents do not want to do.

I learn daily from the forced homework.

Finally, I am gonna prove to the girls that I am also ready to endure torture in school.

This school drop out is applying to return to school.

I think it will be fun to be in the same courses as my kids.

Marrianne gave me a challenge. I always win all the bets!
For all you Ugandans who follow my tribulations, I got one of the girls to do my LSAT. I think I will get the girls to even do all my assignments. DELEGATION.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: just think of how many kids in the world who have parents who hate homework! Poor teachers.

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