Wednesday, October 25, 2017

#Brazil's president #MichelTemer hospitalised

Brazil's 77-year-old president is reportedly feeling unwell.
Brazil's President Michel Temer has been hospitalized, according to officials cited by Globo News TV.
He has reportedly been diagnosed with a partial coronary artery blockage. According to media speculations, Temer has been suffering from urological issues.
Sputnik spoke with Temer's press secretary shortly after the news of the president's hospitalization appeared, with the spokesperson saying that he could neither confirm nor deny the reports. However, Reuters cited Brazil's presidential spokesman as saying that Temer is being examined at the hospital as he has been "experiencing discomfort."
Temer's hospitalization came as the lower house of the country's parliament was scheduled to vote on Wednesday concerning the second corruption case filed against the president.
According to media reports, lawmakers were informed about Temer's examination in the hospital.
"I was told the president was undergoing a routine examination in the hospital. He will soon be back in the presidential palace," member of parliament Aguinaldo Ribeiro told reporters.


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