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War drums keeping me awake, they are coming for me #Uganda #Agelimit

The sound of war drums is defeaning

They do not listen

Impoverishedi hungry angry millions

I know that sound well for my people know the war drums well

They are running bare foot to my home

They play soccer shoeless

They make a thunderous sound as they run with no Nikes or Adidas and cause the ground to shake

I have the army and they have nothing on me

The army must be deployed to protect all my family members for these 20 million angry hungry youth are serious

They attacked a full General.  But I am more important as I am Minister of Investment. The other guy only used to command the strong Uganda army which has won many battles!

Here they come. I cannot sleep. My family is not safe.

Let me call Gen. Katumba Wamala to send more majje. Why did he even not have UPDF deployed to his farm which got raided?

Here I am, a minister just like you but I knelt down for life presidency and I mean the best for my people for I even flew to China once.

Tic tic toc!

I am surrounded dear General.

They have finally come for me.

No one is safe for even South Africa Airways just pulled out of Uganda! Send the army to arrest them and return them to continue business in Uganda!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton Canada

Friday, September 29, 2017

#Museveni's #Uganda - RUN UP TO AND POST 2016 ELECTION

First published by Change of Guards Blog on August 3, 2015

Last week Uganda's military dictator Museveni picked nomination forms for renewing his 30 years hold on power. He has used all dictatorial means to block whoever intended to contest against him in the party's primaries. He launched the sole candidature scheme in February 2014 and has been promoting it through intimidation, harassment, bribery and blackmail. This followed public outcry over wrongly perceived intention to be succeeded by his son in the so called Muhoozi Project - which actually did not exist but the rumor was generated for diversionary purposes.

Fresh on the long list of victims of his political greed is his long-time comrade Amama Mbabazi. Until recently, Mbabazi had stood as the only historical member whose association with Museveni was still intact after many others were knocked off at different stages of Museveni's life Presidency. When it was suspected that Mbabazi had intended to seek the highest office in the country, Museveni dropped him from the positions of Prime Minister and party Secretary Generalship.

Mbabazi’s efforts to consult with the electorate were frustrated by the regime security machinery who arrested him and continue to harass and arrest his supporters. He has now withdrawn from contesting on the party ticket but insists that he will remain a party member and will contest as an independent candidate.

Unfortunately, Mbabazi who is yet to come to the reality of Museveni's dictatorial tendencies is preoccupied with legalities. By the time, he realises that dictators follow no law, he will be politically '6 feet deep'. He knows more than anybody else how dangerous and ruthless Museveni can be when it comes to retaining his hold on power. Unless Mbabazi stops being shy from the reality of Museveni's dictatorship and resolve to destroy Uganda thus adjust his approach to the ugly situation, he is in for a big surprise of his life.

He will be framed on criminal charges and sent to jail the same way Dr. Besigye was treated. The current regime false pretense to tackle corruption is a smoke screen to frame Mbabazi while at the same time hoodwinking Ugandans that Museveni is serious with fighting corruption. With both the regime cadre law enforcement agencies and Judicial officers, Museveni has all that it takes to finish off his political opponents.

The regime is very mindful of the fact that the masses are craving for change for which Dr. Besigye is riding on his popular nationwide mobilization tour and call for change through civil disobedience. Parallel to neutralising Mbabazi, the regime has the uphill task of ensuring that Dr. Besigye does not come up as the main opposition party flag bearer. Once Dr. Besigye is rigged out, he and many of those towing his line of civil disobedience will be arrested and charged with inciting violence/terrorism. Gen Ssejusa who is currently towing the Dr. Besigye school of thought will also be dealt with in the same way.

The regime will undermine the cohesion and strength of the much-cherished opposition alliance (TDA) through fomenting of further division in the traditional political parties (DP and UPC). Museveni has of recent been courting the northern region and it is not by coincidence that the architects of the split in DP and UPC are Norbert Mao and Jimmy Akena respectively who hail from northern region. Norbert Mao has in the past been a stumbling block in opposition alliance to Museveni's advantage and is set to do it again. His being very crafty and ambitious coupled by his closeness to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya makes him well placed to be used by Museveni.

Between now and end of November 2015 the regime will focus on the above mentioned behind the curtains of political schemes while at the same time building capacity for the security forces and the power of cash as that is the main weapon for the final March 2016 showdown. The timing is dictated by the impending Papal visit at the end of November 2016 which Museveni intends to exploit to boost his international image. The same period will also witness improved cosmetic security, political freedom and tolerance by the regime. The ongoing security swoops under cover of the Papal visit targeting unemployed urban youth will be intensified in order to deplete urban centers with the youth who may take part in civil disobedience.

Those youths will be subdued through arrests and detentions while others will either flee to rural areas or forced to become less active through bribery. The current acts of unexplained killings especially in and around Kampala are designed to provide a justification for a security crack down - the Operation Wembly way. The military training and arming of millions of a ruling party youth under cover of Crime Preventers is also in this regard. There is going to be no more killing of Muslim clerics because the objective of getting Jamil Mukulu extradited has been achieved but more so because the Muslims came out strongly and threatened to take on the regime for its systematic persecution of Muslims.

There is a high possibility that after the Pope's visit a stage-managed terror attack will take place in order to win back the attention of the West and more especially President Obama and the USA. It happened in 2010 when the West had put Museveni in the spotlight over his intentions to seek another term and he had been shy to declare his intention. A twin terror attack in Kampala left over 70 dead and immediately President Obama made a telephone call to Museveni reassuring him of USA's support in fighting terrorists. Indeed, in that confusion Museveni simply embarked on campaigns without even declaring that he was to seek another term.

That is why during that attack, no foreign national from the Western countries was targeted. Most of the suspects in that attack were reportedly arrested and they easily confessed. However, it has taken five years until recently for the suspects who confessed to be tried. The trial coincided with the murder of Muslim clerics and the lead Prosecutor Joan Kagezi. Indeed, the on going trial proceedings are revealing a lot of anomalies by the security and law enforcement agencies. Whatever the case, Museveni will have to design a special response to President Obama's recent direct attack on his life presidency scheme.

Once the Papal visit is over and the world has turned its eyes off Uganda, hell will break out. The TDA will have not taken shape and some political parties will have opted out of the electoral process leaving Mao's DP and Akena's UPC in the race. The elections will be conducted in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.  Gen Aronda the Minister of Internal Affairs will play a pivotal role in the electoral process to ensure Museveni's high score assisted by the Commission's Secretary Sam Rwakoojo.  Moreover, already Gen Aronda has been at the helm of preparing the voters register from the fraudulent National ID project. He will also coordinate the stifling of the media before, during and after the election in conjunction with the Media Center, Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), the Election Security Task Force under Gen Muhoozi's SFG and the regime Police in liaison with the Information Minister Gen Jim Muhoozi.

If Dr. Besigye will have been eliminated from the electoral process, the voter turn out will be very small and Museveni will be declared the winner. This will be after security forces will have been deployed at every corner of the country unlike in 2001 when concentration was in Kampala city. As usual,  opposition will cry foul backed by the West which will stop at only discrediting the exercise and calling upon the regime to form a government of national unity. Instead Museveni will appoint either DP's Nobert Mao or Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya as his Vice President.

The Prime Minister will come from the eastern region in the names of Mike Mukula. There will be some slight semblance of protests against the outcome of the elections but will be met with decisive brutality and persecution of opposition supporters more especially those of Mr. Mbabazi. In order to scare off those who may resort to take up arms, a real or stage managed attempt to form a political armed group will be made but either way it will be used to further purge political dissenters. Among the army representatives to parliament will be Museveni's son Gen Muhoozi who will have played a major role in identifying and facilitating the youth who will come to parliament on the party ticket. That way many old guards who are now dancing Museveni Pakalast will be surprised if they are undermined not to return to parliament.

As the new government will be settling down and consolidating its victory, the opposition pressure will lose momentum and civil society activities will be highly curtailed thus many will gradually join the oligarchy. Security services will be reorganised and restructured with many old guards either retired or depending on the situation relocated to other sectors. Towards 2021 almost all personnel in the security forces, public service personnel and parliamentarians will be loyal to Gen Muhoozi. Museveni will focus so much on East African Community political integration in the hope that he becomes its first President. That is why currently there is renewed vigor to sensitize Ugandans about the community.

Depending on how best he manages to manipulate the new President of Tanzania who will have been elected in October 2015, he already has the support of Kenya and Rwanda. He will work towards bringing on board South Sudan and Somalia in order to secure a military alliance under the guise of an economic block. The Nkurunziza regime in Burundi is likely to fall in the near future unless Nkurunziza kneels before Museveni and Kagame.

There will be a slight improvement in the health sector in terms of infrastructure and facilities in order to account for the oil but meaningful health care will be for the oligarchy in expensive private hospitals and abroad. The education sector will be further destroyed in order to breed ignorance which is a breeding ground for autocracy. Emphasis will be on vocational training which would not be a bad idea only that is brought in bad faith. Museveni's worry is that an enlightened and informed society is difficult to manipulate. That is why he is decampaigning the teaching of arts subjects and the English language while promoting the teaching of Kiswahili and Chinese languages.

He does not want the majority Ugandans to understand the dynamics of political and economic trends so that they don't make a comparison and criticism of his policies. To achieve this, he is already tampering with the education curriculum to suit his designs while emphasising political indoctrination through patriotism training in schools and among the youth.

Widespread ignorance will breed strong belief in myths about Museveni and reliance on superstition while at the same time driving a desperate and economically deprived population into unguided religious worshiping. Until recently when the government in Burundi slammed a stop of registering new religious denominations the figure had reached 680 different Christian religious groups in the country. Also, ignorance and hopelessness will breed a lot of attention on art like Music and entertainment just as was the way in Mobutu's Congo and Apartheid South Africa. National performance in sports will fall because of political interference as you saw the National netball team had to don party colors while heading to Australia. Selective quality education will be accorded to members of the oligarchy who can afford expensive schools in the country and abroad while the rest of the population swims in ignorance.

The economy will improve owing to oil flow and loans from China and Russia that will benefit only the oligarchy while poverty levels among Ugandans will worsen. A wealthy population gets quality education which brings about enlightenment thus quality education that arms citizens with knowledge about their rights - this is what Museveni fears. The gap between the poor and the rich will widen further thus the oligarchy will swim in wealth while the ignorant regime cadres will stop at singing praises of Pakalast as the majority of the population will just watch helplessly. With the oil cash, there will be increased involvement in the internal affairs of neighboring countries who don’t pay allegiance to Museveni and funding of fighting groups from the region. That way Uganda will find a lot of pride in hosting millions of refugees as is already the case now where it is hosting about 600,000 refugees.

Every aspect of public life will be militarised and members of the security forces will be sworn regime cadres who will be required to swear allegiance to the party and the founding Chairman (Museveni)'s ideology. In order to reinforce political indoctrination under the cover of promoting patriotism, compulsory national/military service will be promoted. Security services will be the biggest employer and most prestigious employment.

There is going to be created hereditary military families as fathers will be passing on the mantle to their sons and daughters and Museveni has already hinted on this when he ordered that children of army veterans should be afforded special slots in the recruitment into security services. Intelligence services will be restructured and accorded a priority as couples will spy on each other, students will spy on teachers, security guards will spy on their masters, drivers will spy on their masters, house girl/boys will spy on their masters, while neighbors will spy on each other.

Independent media houses will be history and there will be total control of information flow. Much of the local government and other government offices will be manned by military personnel and any semblance of political dissent will be brutally suffocated in its infancy. Gradually there will be some kind of false peace and stability that will last for decades in the same way it had been the case in Libya before it will explode out in a revolution. That revolution will be led by the grand children of Besigye, Lukwago, Ssejusa, Mao, etc. or the great grand children of Amama Mbabazi against Amos Museveni II - the 65 years old who will be the President of Uganda at the time and son of the late former President Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba of the ruling Father of the Nation Yoweri Kaguta Museveni dynasty. That will be around 2070 which is over 50 years from now when Museveni's NRM will be dislodged from power. It is only then that the dates of Museveni's birth and death will be scrapped from the national holidays list.

There is no doubt Museveni will use the same means he has always used to come out of the forthcoming elections as the winner and will continue to rule Uganda. However, the current opposition leaders have the key to changing the trend of events only if they can switch to realistic approach to the task before them of leading oppressed Ugandans to reclaim their country lest history will judge them harshly.

change of guards blog

Céline Dion - I'm Your Angel #Music #Love #Parenting

#Oil report for September 29, 2017 - @ObserverUg @DailyMonitor @StateHouseUg @UG_Edge

I am following the markets for a while till I get a signal to do another oil analysis report for Uganda.  I have done some in the past on this same blog. I do not share the oil report for any malicious reasons at all.  Actually, my entire life is in oil so I have to keep an eye on it.  But these Tuesday and Friday oil reports are shared from an oil investor / group from UK.  The ones I personally have my name signed.

The issues for Uganda that I am keeping an eye on are:
1) Refinery
2) Pipeline
3) All major oil importers going electric cars starting as early as 2020 and total bans in 2030 and 2040. Uganda's anticipates to export Museveni's oil in 2020. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. I will bet you $50.  Then Uganda intends to sell mostly to China and India.  Did you read the story I shared that China is burning cars too.  India depends on exports to North America, Europe, China, South America (Brazil has many cars running on only ethanol and it is a BRIC) as well as some other insignificant countries.  But when your biggest clients are planning to have supplies of your biggest competition coming down in the year of your production, personally, I would say maybe your policy makers hate reading. All this information is global at the click of your fingers.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Disclosure: I am affiliated with Imperial Oil Ltd. and ExxonMobil but all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Oil markets in the last five days have experienced one of the most bullish weeks so far this year. But as Brent neared the much talked about $60 mark, OPEC has begun to talk oil prices down in order to halt a possible shale production spike.

Brent flirted with $60 per barrel this week, but it might have to wait a little longer. After hitting the highest price in two years mid-week, Brent declined on Thursday after looking a bit overstretched. The price gains have been a little too much in such a short period of time, raising the risk of a downslide. "We've made a really impressive run here and I do think we're due for a pullback," Robert Yawger, director of energy futures at Mizuho in New York, told 
Reuters on Thursday.

Is $80 oil possible? There is quite a bit of disagreement about what happens next with oil prices. One notable call comes from Jodie Gunzberg, head of commodity and real asset indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices, who told 
CNBC that $80 is possible. She argued that Hurricane Harvey ignited a bit of bullishness from the outages, which could propel oil prices up in the coming months. "When we look at the index data, we can see the price could move even as high as $80 to $85 (a barrel). Not immediately, but with their structural backwardation and shortages in the market, you just can't replenish it overnight,” she said. "It is now in a bull market, Brent is up about 30 percent since June and we also had WTI up 23 percent."

End of low oil prices? A top official from oil trading house Trafigura told an 
industry conference in Singapore this week that the “lower for longer” era was coming to an end. He argued that the oil market could see a supply deficit on the order of 2 to 4 million barrels per day (mb/d) by the end of 2019. While those were probably the most bullish comments at the event, other energy leaders at the event also struck an optimistic tone.

OPEC not as confident. Although the oil market has experienced a bullish streak as of late, OPEC is not quite as confident that the price gains will continue. According to
Reuters, OPEC officials are worried that demand will taper off and supply excesses will push down prices in the first quarter of 2018. Some top OPEC officials don’t see Brent holding near the $60-per-barrel level. “I don’t think it’s sustainable,” an official from a Gulf oil producer told Reuters. Another said that the current rally “might be short-lived.” He went on to add, “I think a range of $50-$55 a barrel is good, you don’t want to see prices rising to $60 or higher because then it will bring in more shale.”

ExxonMobil makes big bet on Brazil. ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) 
won eight offshore blocks off the coast of Brazil in a recent auction, highlighting the sudden interest in Brazil after the Brazilian government loosened its laws and allowed international investment. Brazil took in more than $1.1 billion in the auction. Still, Exxon is late to the game – Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS.A) already has a large presence in Brazil. Brazil’s energy liberalization has come after years of disappointing results and surging debt from state-owned Petrobras.

U.S. Gulf Coast shakes off Harvey effects. Refined product exports are 
reboundingstrongly as the region’s refineries come back online. That has eased the pressure on gasoline and diesel markets, pushing down margins that had spiked a few weeks ago.

Oil majors step up Permian investments. Earlier this week Chevron (NYSE: CVX)said that it would spend $4 billion on the Permian basin next year. On Thursday,ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) 
revealed that it has acquired another 22,000 acres in the Permian, bringing its total to about 400,000 acres. The oil majors, particularly this year, have shifted away from some riskier projects around the world and stepped up their investments in the Permian.

Saudi Arabia sells $12.5 billion in bonds. On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia 
sold $12.5 billion in bonds, the largest volume of debt issued by a sovereign country this year. It is also the third bond sale since 2016 for Riyadh, as the oil producer is struggling to plug budget deficits with low crude prices. The deficit, although down from the past two years, will still hit a whopping $53 billion this year.

Saudi Arabia threatened to quit OPEC. 
Reuters report revealed that Saudi Arabia threatened to quit OPEC last year unless everyone signed on to production cuts. The aggressive move was made with Saudi Aramco’s IPO in mind – Riyadh desperately wanted higher oil prices to boost the valuation of the public offering. The IPO has turned Saudi Arabia, historically more cautious about pushing too hard to increase prices, into one of the most hawkish members on oil prices. The report highlights how drastically Saudi oil policy has changed under the leadership of the crown prince, and it also illustrates how central the Aramco IPO is to the country right now.

Turkey reiterates Kurdish oil threat. Turkey’s Prime Minister 
reiterated a threat made earlier in the week by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, warning Kurdistan that it would cut off oil flowing through Turkish territory in response to the Kurdish independence referendum. Turkey said that, in a departure from its previous policy, it would now only deal with Baghdad, rather than allowing Kurdistan to export oil on its own through Turkey. The tension has put some upward pressure on oil prices but so far actual oil flows have not been interrupted.

More Niger Delta attacks possible. Oil analysts are warning that the calm in the Niger Delta could be nearing an end. The respite from violence over the past year has allowed Nigeria to restore a lot of lost output, pushing up production to 1.8 mb/d. But with frustration in the Niger Delta palpable, risk analysts see it boiling over once again in the near future. "Militant groups are running out of patience, the government is unable to deliver on its promises, the president is a 'lame duck', and the umbrella group negotiating on behalf of the militants shows signs of disintegration," Malte Liewerscheidt , senior analyst at Verisk Maplecroft, 
wrote in a briefing. "All of this suggests that the current period of ostensible tranquility in the oil-producing Niger Delta could be over soon as the country heads towards elections in 2019." Obviously, this would have huge implications for the OPEC deal and for global oil prices.

#Leaders do not micromanage or boss - #Uganda #Education

I was mortified when that witch whom many Ugandans call Betti Kamanya and some idiots even add Hon.  For how long will you accept MEDIOCRITY?  But I swear God is watching the silly fool who does her eye brows.

Where was this story even going anyway?

Kamya insulted all Ugandans and even her monkey self.

"No one can be a great president like Hon. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni".  Say WTF?  Did she say all Ugandans are too stupid to run for presidency?

The bitch was not done yet! The next month she has the audacity to say "President General Ssabalanyi is more intelligent than all of us combined"!

Kindergarten kids can rule Uganda. On playgrounds, kids use rules. "It is not your turn to jump on the slide yet", "do not steal the other kid's lunch", "say sorry", "do not bully", "share", "respect all rules", "say thank you", "always put al the toys back in the bin", "look both ways before crossing the road", "hold each other's hand because you have strength in numbers", above all, watch out for each other, "make love not war"!

Then exactly why does Museveni need any of you when you did not even your manners?


I exited all the groups I founded on WhatsApp. Someone had said a callous thing and patience is my virtue!!!!

However, last year when I set up the groups, I avoided a Chris Msando and made 4 other people Admins. Our groups have strict rules and all Admins enforce them.

So quitting the groups today was a none issue for I have 100% confidence in the 4 Admins.

CRISIS for Uganda. Neither Museveni nor your employer think you are smarter than them and can do your work without being micromanaged!  Shaaa

Rise up! I have quit every job where the manager looked over my shoulder to micromanage me. Well that always told me that the company did not my services since boss knew everything. Kale, since boss knows it all, let boss do my work!

Martha Leah Nangalama
I train, inform, educate and then hand over.

How I got my #Canadian citizenship - #Uganda #Reading #Compassion #Parenting

For #Ugandans who say I should connect them, remember last month Uganda media was awash with people who were conned out of millions for getting visas to Canada.

This link must be read on a computer. It has all official requirements including registered Immigration Consultants for Canada.


When I was at University International Student Office sent this same link to us.

I told Thierry on Wedneday night "you are taking tomorrow off work".

He looks me in shock because this was bad. No questions asked.

We wake up at 6AM and get into his car. "Nangi, destination?"


We get to the border crossing at Niagara Falls and a US immigration officer looks at our passports then asks "what is your purpose for coming into the US?"

Officer, I am going to the Buffalo Canadian High Commission to apply for my Permanent Residency in Canada.  I have 3 lectures tomorrow so we will be crossing back into Canada in 4hrs.

"Goodluck Martha".

We get to Buffalo. My BF had just found out my goal.  He is like "but I am already a citizen and I can marry you and keep you here".

SORRY honey, I will get my own papers.

The immigration officer Buffalo High Commission was stunned at how I had prepared my documents. Reads them over and says "we need 4 of your pictures. There is a place across the street. I will be waiting".

About 20 minutes we return with the mug shots and says "I went through your documents. I do not think an interview will ne needed. We will send you an email next week. I already opened for you a file and here is your file number. You will need an Interpol letter from Kenya and Uganda. We already pulled the one for Canada".

Back in Canada. That night I got an email "no interview is needed. Do not worry about an Interpol from Kenya as you were a kid when you lived there. Please forward us an Interpol report from Uganda, copies of notarized birth certificates of your father, mother and you.  UofT has informed us that it is exam time so we do not expect you to fly back to Uganda.  Get a family member to get the documents couried to our office with your file number on each page".

I call my sister that night "yaya, this is what I need."

My sister is a great teacher and went to the shool Administrator and asked him for 3 weeks off for a family issue. She then has to take how many matatus from Kitale to Bududa and get the birth certificates. Then dash to Kampala. Interpol did not even have me in their system.

BUT BUT, now they  are looking at the birth certificates from Bududa.  The man looks at her "you are the spitting image of Nangalama. So Leah is your little sister?"  They issued the report the next day.

The following week, papers were in Buffalo and my sister was back in Kitale after only 1 week off work.

I am likely one of the fewest Canadians who can say that I got my PR papers in 3 months.

Key points
1) Read and follow instructions.
2) Act fast and be polite.
3) Leave a legacy. The gentleman at Interpol had stayed with our family in Nairobi when people were running into Kenya during Amin. He is a Munyankole. Ugandans used to be rounded up but mzee had told Kenya officials to call him whenever they arrested Ugandans. He was teaching at Kenyatta Institute of Technology and teaching Telecommunications.  He had been sent to Kenya by Gen. Amin after returning from Cambridge so Kenyans respected him for he was also a senior in Kenya Posts and Telecom.

But before coming to Canada, my passport, visa and medical exam had to be processed in a week. The British High Commission did it all. What stunned me is when I showed up at the desk for security for clearance.  This gentleman who was manning the desk was looking at me funny as he was going through my documents.

He then asks the Tupidest question ever. "Do you know  Dan Nangalama?"

I tell him "that is a STUPID question".  He embraces me saying "you are a spitting image of your father.  Remember Nelson banned you from using that word?  I will pay the fees for your passport, your med exam and visa.  Make us proud and make your father live in you forever".

This gentleman had fled from Uganda and Kenya police had called Nangalama "we got another one but he has a wife and little boy". What the heck? Our home was like a community home anyway!  He was a Munyakole.

I have another Munyankole family story which happened in Toronto. Story for another day.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Immigration Canada link.

#Ugandans hate reading - #Education #Corruption #Nepotism #Parenting

I sent David a copy of what I wrote about transparency and accountability.  His reply was "Who in Uganda knows the two words?"

David Mwesigwa has inspired me since we first met in 2013. It is because of him that I learne alot about Uganda.

Hence today I wrote for you about the broken moral fabric.

You must take this seriously.

Our 4th daughter my niece Dora, applied to come study in Canada.  She did all the paperwork with a 4hr skype session.  She is my oldest sister's kid.

At no point did she ask me to connect her. I sent her the same links I share with all Ugandans.

She got all her documents then applied to 3 universities.  Then was asked to send application fees after all documents were received and each university had opened a file for her.  I was low on cash but Mataya sent me $500 via Paypal and I paid the fees.

Then she applied for a visa when UPEI admitted her for the executive MBA.  The Admissions gentleman had even flown to Uganda and spent time with her.

The admission letter said she had to secure her spot with a none refundable $1000.  Neither her nor my sister asked me to pay it.  The kid paid it herself.

For the visa, she had to have $25,000 to show for her tuition.

My sister took a loan.  Dora got her visa to fly here.  She was already by 3 weeks so we had to buy the ticket super fast.  Mataya had told my sister and I to call him as soon as Dora got her visa.  I called him on Wednesday.  An hour later, he calls me saying she is flying from Uganda tomorrow. He emailed the eticket. Dora flew from home on Thusday.   Remember she only got her visa on Wedneday.  We pick her up on Friday. I call Mataya "the eagle has landed".

Friday night he drops $1000 in my Paypal "that kid is gonna need a laptop and smart phone".

Then Ugandans I send scholarships have the audacity to tell me "you are fake" OR "you are a human trafficker".  Both statements were said by Makerere graduates.

I have written a lot about human trafficking. I only give legal information.

This year, I have bee inundated with "connect me". I send the official Canada visa and education information "please read it on a computer".  Two minutes I get "I want to do a masters in Environment Science but the link you sent me says the degree is not offered".

I can tell Tupid from 15,000 miles away.  Instructions were not followed.  "Poor reading habits are the enemy of civilization".

For as long as you refuse to read, you will ignore instructions.

Or the ones looking for work. I send the link for express entry "please read on a computer".

Five minutes later "looks like Canada only allows doctors but I only have an engineering degree".  Holly shit!  The kid did not read.

The same engineer then tells me "you are there, connect me". Aya basi!  Actually Canada needs plumbers, electricians and machinists and engineer is up there!  Had that idiot read on the computer, the little 🐒 would have found the online form where you fill in your information for assessing your skills.

Key points:
Corruption (connect me) nepotism
Poor reading habits
Inability to follow instructions


Background Information
Dora is a civil engineer
My sister teaches Biology and Agriculture in secondary school in Uganda

Mataya is a CPA and owns an accounting firm in Los Angels

Martha is a Global Computer Network Analyst for the biggest publicly traded oil company


Martha Leah Nangalama

PLEASE READ.  IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN!  "Brain is the new sexy".

#Uganda's moral fabric is completely broken - #Parenting

Even if #Uganda gets a new government next month, all the corruption, graft, nepotism, incompetency, mediocrity, lack of transparency and accountability will remain. All these things will continue and even the culture of never questioning any authority but disrespecting those who dare to serve you for free or for a small salary (teachers, medics, boda boda, Human Rights Activists, etc.).

As a matter of fact, this culture of being docile when things must be thrown out and putting up with mediocrity will only encourage the next government to walk all over you. 

In addition, given that they walk all over each other imagine what they will do when they get into parliament.
We have a country of 75% people aged 35yrs old and below who have only known and grown up with these things and nothing better.

All education institutions will need to be overhauled. When I say these things some people in opposition abuse me for saying them "we are better than NRM". But you are no better than NRM. You are just as corrupt as them. You do not account for anything that you do and all your social media posts testify to this where for example in 2014 Chris Obore said (on Facebook) that there must be fighting in parliament and today he is licking Museveni's boots. Everything will haunt you for life.

But to save your country, do something please that is different from what NRM does so that we can be sure. Otherwise it is "stay with the devil you know instead of the devil you do not know". SO when FDC is lambasting their own members publicly to all of us, what the bloody hell will you do to us if we do not agree with a decision you take on our behalf?

Uganda's whole moral fabric is broken.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

ADDED December 30, 2016
Information used to be disseminated by elders, churches and schools.
1) Your elders have now become beggars from you whose duty it is to care for them. YOU SHAME ME by waiting till your mother, uncle or grand mother calls you to beg for food money. 
Do not be a dumb dumb. Put your parents and elders on your monthly budget. That Sh.10K you spend on Social Media attacking Leah should be sent to your mother.

2) You have desecrated your places of worship such that your religious leaders no longer teach truth and rather rob you blind as they give you false hope mbu THIS IS YOUR YEAR. Find the real teachers and stop kissing the feet of thugs you call Prophets!

3) Where information like hygiene, diet, manners and even crops. Germinating seeds in P2 or P3 as a school project. Now teachers rape their students. The good teachers go unpaid. The nice schools are no more. You procrastate to brainless school drop outs who give you little crumbs and teach you only lies and theft. You abandon the teachers of wisdom. 

Then you ask how come the country has too many retards? It is in the food and water you drink. IDIOT. 

Does not take a genius to know that a proper diet makes a smart healthy baby. Fix a brain on what?  Sache waragi?

Where are the grand parents, parents, uncles, aunties, older siblings?

THEY BETRAYED YOU??? That is what you get when Society's moral fabric becomes broken. 

GO SLOW on Parliamentary Speaker @RebeccaKadaga #Uganda @KagutaMuseveni @aKasingye @IGPUganda @StateHouseUG

By Rabba Naga - 29/09/2017

Typical Museveni operational book.
That is what Museveni does. Through the years, in all NRM excesses, one clear CONSTANT is Mr. Museveni.

So, ignore the small actors under him. Under the Museveni power structure, no person can deploy Special Forces Command (SFC) except him, can attack a kingdom or a region, or a court, or carry out high profile arrests except by a direct Museveni order.

When Gen Sejjusa was arrested in 2016, I heard Gen Katumba claiming that he had ordered his arrest!! I pitied him just like I pity Gen Kale who claims he ordered attack on parliament as if SFC is under his command. Same when Sejjusa was arrested, it was by SFC and I looked at Gen Katumba and thought since when did he have power to deploy SFC? Not even his son Major Gen Muhoozi who was in charge of SFC then could deploy it without direct command from Mr. Museveni.

Did you see Kadaga's face as she moved out of the chamber for SFC to attack? Blank, expressionless, like someone resigned to fate. This was a Museveni operation, pure and simple.

Did Kadaga have options? zero options! Comply or go to exile or pay the ultimate price.

I hear people trying to give better alternatives as to how best MPs could have been removed from the parliamentary chamber, as if they have more experience than Museveni who has held power for 31 years! No, that is the way Museveni wanted it. He wanted to send three messages:

1. I hold the ultimate power, can use the army as I wish and no one can challenge me

2. To give confidence to the likes of Anite, Magyezi, Abiriga etc., so they can be more reckless if required

3. Send message all - all of us, what is the message? Am ready to do anything and everything to advance my project

So, when we concentrate on the Kadagas, we fall in the Museveni trick, and we get diverted.

Keep your eyes on the ball, Mr. Museveni!

One day they will come for you - #Uganda #Kasese #Genocide

First they came for Acholi. I did not speak up because I am a Mugisu.

Then they came for women in mini skirts. I did not speak up because I wear a gomesi.

Then they came for abolition of Public Assembly. I did not speak up because I wanted to kill a gay.

Then they came for the gays. I did not speak up because I too wanted them dead.

Then they said  that opposition would not rule Uganda till after 2056. I did not speak up because I had a great job with Crane Bank.

Then they came to Bundibugyo and slaughtered hundreds of innocent people and threw them into mass graves. I did not speak up because I live in Kasese.

Then they came. They came in big numbers with assault rifles, fighter jets, wmd AND slaughtered Kasese. No one spoke for me.

Come find me in the mass grave I was thrown in with my childhood friends.

Come find me in River Namuliki where I was tossed with a stone weighed to my feet so my corpse could not float onto the surface.

Non non non!  Do not come find me. Please go dig up the mass graves into which our toddlers were dumped after being killed like me a grown man.

But oh my mother. What happened to my mother and sister?

As my spirit was floating away into the heavenly skies
Freed from my bullet ridden body
I saw my mother, auntie, sister and all the women who raised me
Paraded naked and being photographed.

I do not weep for them. They are dining with the angels.

I weep for Uganda.






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Thursday, September 28, 2017

#Ugandans have eyes but do not see, ears which do not hear - #AgeLimit #LandBill #LifePresidency #Museveni

Matthew 13

A Story About a Farmer Sowing Seed
13 That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. 2 A large crowd gathered around him. So he got into a boat and sat down. All the people stayed on the shore. 3 Then Jesus used stories to teach them many things. He told them this story:

“A farmer went out to sow seed. 4 While he was scattering the seed, some of it fell by the road. The birds came and ate all that seed. 5 Other seed fell on rocky ground, where there was not enough dirt. It grew very fast there, because the soil was not deep. 6 But when the sun rose, it burned the plants. The plants died because they did not have deep roots. 7 Some other seed fell among thorny weeds. The weeds grew and stopped the good plants from growing. 8 But some of the seed fell on good ground. There it grew and made grain. Some plants made 100 times more grain, some 60 times more, and some 30 times more. 9 You people who hear me, listen!”

Why Jesus Used Stories to Teach
10 The followers came to Jesus and asked, “Why do you use these stories to teach the people?”

11 Jesus answered, “Only you can know the secret truths about God’s kingdom. Those other people cannot know these secret truths. 12 The people who have some understanding will be given more. And they will have even more than they need. But those who do not have much understanding will lose even the little understanding that they have. 13 This is why I use these stories to teach the people: They see, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really hear or understand. 14 So they show that what Isaiah said about them is true:

‘You people will listen and listen,
    but you will not understand.
You will look and look,
    but you will not really see.
15 Yes, the minds of these people are now closed.
    They have ears, but they don’t listen.
    They have eyes, but they refuse to see.
If their minds were not closed,
    they might see with their eyes;
    they might hear with their ears;
they might understand with their minds.
    Then they might turn back to me and be healed.’
16 But God has blessed you. You understand what you see with your eyes. And you understand what you hear with your ears. 17 I can assure you, many prophets and godly people wanted to see what you now see. But they did not see it. And many prophets and godly people wanted to hear what you now hear. But they did not hear it.


Feel free to check out the 2 blogs and the news site where we tell it as it is because we are not compromised. You can get all the fake and cover-ups from others.

Always demand for accountability for your #Donations - #Charity #Giving #Poverty

After we got transferred to Moncton, New Brunswick, it stopped from me flying from Toronto to Moncton for work.  It then became flying from Moncton to Toronto for meetings.  Which did not bother me at all because I am Toronto in every vein. However, Moncton is a much smaller city (100,000 population compared to Toronto of 5 million) and Moncton is almost like raising a family in a first world while living in my village in Bududa in Uganda.

One trip flying back to Toronto, I of course had taken the baby.  Pearson Airport is a none issue.  Check out, grab your luggage, walk to the car rental then drive to your hotel.  Except this one was a bit different.  I had to drive to Kitchener and buy summer sausages to fly back with to Moncton. Which also was not an issue.  There was a very tiny tinnnny problem.  I had a toddler.

I am on the 401 (biggest highway in North America) and I am driving and we are singing to Barney about love and rainbows then the kid touches my ears.  What the F?  How the bloody hell did she get out of her baby sit?  Had it been Natasha, I would not have been shocked but Rebecca breaks hardly any rules.

So we are getting into Mississauga and I am looking for the quickest exit off the highway to pull into some kind of parc and put that kid in her car seat.

Strap my little one.  In my excitement, I surely must have forgotten to strap her down,  The fine would be insane if I was caught with a kid un strapped.  So after all the strapping, I look around and tell her "BeckyBoo, if I did not know any better, I would think we are at the World Vision Head Quarters.  I have never seen so many porsche, mercedes, audis, lexus it makes no sense"

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I walk around to the other side to drive off, I look up and the building says WORLD VISION.  This could not be possibly be happening.  BUT it did happen.

Since that day, I do one on one help and not through organisations.  I am not attacking World Vision at all.  They do tremendous work globally and I thank them.  I thank them.  Just ask for their financials to see what percentage of your donations for Uganda arrive in Uganda.  You will be shocked.  Some 90% of what you donate does not reach Africa.  BUT this is not for World Vision.  It is for many other charities.  You can use Google to search for every organisation you donate to and see what percentage of what money you give reach the intended recipients.

Rebecca used to send $50 per month to a charity I will not mention because it is loved by Uganda and it is Uganda.  Poor kid was only always getting $80 per month for pocket money and then sending $50 of it to that charity.

Martha Leah Nangalama
DONATE SMART.  No transparency, no accountability means your money is being stolen and you are not helping anyone except to enrich fat people in countries with corrupt governments. STOP!  You would be shocked to see how many people in Uganda who run NGOs drive cars you cannot afford and live in mansions.

Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel - #Music #Love

I just got dumped by my girlfriend.  This whole Gay thing is not working out for me.

Before this one dumped me, the other had also dumped me.

I am writing with a broken heart.

Natasha tonight and Rebecca 3 years ago.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Passionate about Parenting, Human Justice and Education.  BUT both now fly out of the nest like doves.  For sure, they shall spread peace wherever they go.  AMEN

#Parenting is humbling - #Education #Adoption

I have never understood why some people say having a kid is hard and comes with a lot of responsibilty and costs millions to raise the child to adult.  SUCH NONSENSE.  Women were born to have babies.

Baby one. But I had gotten tricked though. Someone I love profoundly at work had dared me to get preggo and defy the norm of women building careers and having babies in their forties.

I never lose a bet. One year at work, I got pregnant.  The panic which followed.

To this day, I remember telling my manager that I was preggo. I was crying like you even have any idea. Also could not tell my husband, his family or my family. It was kinda taboo to have a kid one year on the job.

They all laughed after I told them.

So I am 9mths now. I fly over mothers (mom and my sister who raised me). Had rejected all those "teach how to care for baby" classes. I was gonna do this like my mothers, aunties, grand parents and all generation from Bududa. My people read no books and watched no baby born shows on TV! Temumalira budde.

Risk mitigation. Mother and my beloved sister had to be in Toronto in deep winter.  Who knows? I could screw up something for after all this was not Bududa.

Then the most magical thing happened. At 4am, my tummy felt funny and not too good. It hurt like the first day of your period. Then my knickers got wet. The man who had been too scared to have kids called our doctor's pager. PUT HER IN THE CAR AND DRIVE STRAIGHT TO HOSPITAL.

Then these people are telling me "first baby takes many hours and it can be more than 24hrs". I am yelling "give me the drugs, drugs, now now".  By this time our doctor was driving to his clinic for his patients having completed his ER shift. But he rushed to the hospital when he was told I was yelling baby is coming.

By this time, I have received the elidural (this is another story).  He finds me in my room totally calm reading the Financial section of The National Post and the same of The Globe and Mail.  "Martha, you told me you would not take the needle".  But they told me it could take more than 24hrs of pain. Do I look stupid?

Super fast labour then happens. He had asked me when I thought that baby was gonna arrive. I had told him "latest 10AM". Baby popped out at 9:45AM.

She looked a bit strange but her eyes were full open and she was making silly things like smiles.

Trully, having a baby, borning a baby, growing a baby supercedes everything in life.  You have never been loved with such a depth till a child you hold looks in your eyes as their connection to light.  And this is the same for parents who adopt.  Rebecca was that one kid in Grade 1 who gave the crying answer. WHAT DOES ADOPTION MEAN? All kids meandered.  She replied "Adoption is when the baby grows in the mommy's heart instead of her stomach".

Ladies and Gentlemen, kids do not need much at all. Hopefully you will let impoverished kids on every village grow in your heart and you protect them and help them learn as though you bore them.  For the parents who cannot have kids naturally, when is the last time you visited a foster home or orphanage? Some kids are waiting to love you!
Martha Leah Nangalama
PS:  there is that tiny detail. Every kid you have knocks back your career, your promotion, your salary increase. For example I used to be dropped from the top 5% performers to the lowest 5% performers every after a kid. Like I even gave a damn!

When #Uganda’s president, cabinet, security chiefs take to detective work - @KagutaMuseveni @RebeccaKadaga @IGPUganda @PoliceUG @aKasingye @Business @VOA @AlJazeera @Reuters @WSJ @DW @SputnikInt

Uganda's growing crime rate has now taken a different posture of unresolved rampant mysterious gruesome murders targeting women. The Museveni military regime has deliberately refused to put a stop on the
vice simply because it serves well the scene of keeping citizens in perpetual fear.

The Police Chief, Gen. Kalekyezi has on several occasions been cited at the crime scenes carrying out inquiries. In one of the series of a scene of crime visits, at Abayita Ababiri in Entebbe, he was seen interviewing local residents. He told the press thus; "Murder is the major point that has driven me here. I was shocked to read this in the media and therefore I came to see how the police has been handling these cases and surely I've got some information on my own." 
The Minister of Security, Gen. Henry Tumukunde (pictured) carried out a two days visit to the murder stricken Wakiso district. He interviewed different groups of local residents including traditional healers, Boda Boda cyclists, fishermen and prostitutes. At one of the scenes of crime, commenting on police efforts, he told the media thus; " for me I have come to find another angle to their investigations."

Museveni (pictured) also visited one of the scenes of crime and interviewed local residents as he personally took down notes. He later informed the press thus; .... the Wanainchi gave me valuable
information; we shall apprehend those behind these killings. I will fight Wakiso women killers using a pen and paper." He went on to blame the police thus; "But police have been using backward methods. We are going to solve this including new technology such as DNA to investigate. We shall also install CCTV cameras in major cities to ease police work."

Despite all that high level on spot intervention, the mysterious murders have continued unabated in the same areas. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Jeje Odong is busy bleaching his skin as he claims that the murders of women are orchestrated by witchcraft. The Minister of Security, Gen. Tumukunde the other day was crying like a baby after he was mysteriously shot in his leg. He therefore lacks the moral authority to handle the security of citizens.

In April 2017 Museveni deployed his bodyguards to arrest Labor Minister, Herbert Kabafunzaki as he allegedly took a bribe from an investor. The other day, the Minister of State for Health, Sarah Opendi had to dress in a Muslim Hijab and ride on a motorcycle to a health centre to net corrupt health workers. At Naguru government health facility in Nakawa, she netted two poorly paid and facilitated health workers.
Where is the police CID who are mandated to handle crime detection? No wonder? The development came at a time the Nakawa Region Internal Security Officer (RISO) for Nakawa, Nathan Agaba had been arrested over conning of 75M shillings. He had used questionable LPOs in fraudulently borrowing the said money on pretext of supplying murram to the UNRA.

Earlier, in August 2016 Museveni made an impromptu visit to Mpumudde Health Centre where he sacked on the spot a number of poorly paid health workers over absenteeism and poor service delivery. In August 2017, the State House Health Monitoring Unit arrested suspects involved in alleged theft of drugs from Amach Health Centre in Lira.

No wonder, the figurehead Director of Criminal Investigations Department, Grace Akullo, is "held hostage" by the regime. Where individuals replace institutions, anarchy reigns.

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