Friday, July 21, 2017

#Uganda govt to hike up Internet usage charges to cripple #SocialMedia debate on #AgeLimit

The government of Uganda is baffled by the recent harassment of its officials and members of parliament regarding the constitutional amendments in which age limit is to be lifted. ICT is considering putting pressure on Internet providers to increase prices. Many members of parliament and government officials both inside and outside Uganda have been bombarded with threatening calls to abandon the constitutional amendments.
In order to access the internet one buys Airtime and then MBS ( popularly known as Museveni's Bull Shit). By increasing the prices of these items many Ugandans would find it difficult to afford them and therefore less there would be less internet usage.
The government is aware of its biggest threat being from defiance and it has spent plenty of money buying equipment that would fight any form of an uprising. With the recent activities on social media targeting government officials, judges, MPs etc., the government cannot take any chances.
Targeting government officials and supporters is a method Museveni is very familiar with and its effectiveness but in this case, those being targeted are not eliminated as it was the case during the FRONASA days but just harassed. Times and methods have changed. Museveni is willing to give $3000 to each member of parliament in order to support the removal of age limit to allow M7 die in state house.
Social media has proved to be a formidable force to fight dictatorship specifically in Africa, as it was the case in Egypt and Libya. Many of those that support the removal of age limit have been identified and targeted and most of them have run to president Museveni seeking advice which prompted Museveni to make a comment but he has stayed away from the constitutional amendments comments.
Museveni cannot block the internet as it would create condemnation internationally and therefore as always the tax payers pay the heavy price. Museveni is not worried about rebels attacking his government or coups as he has signed a pact with Rwanda and South Sudan to help each other military should one country get in such a situation and both Uganda and Rwandese forces are in South Sudan which prompted Machar to flee in South Africa.
With an uprise Museveni cannot do much but free the country but the question is that is Uganda ready for defiance? Not taking any chances Museveni is ready to cut down on internet use by hiking Airtime and MBS prices.
Nathan Span

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