Saturday, July 22, 2017

#Uganda, a country where everything is seen in inverted angle

Man is a political animal by nature. Some of my age mates say politics isn't their taste after all they won't be the ones to replace those occupying the offices. I don't know their aim.
This week we saw a police van emitting smoke like it had been set a blaze moving suspects from Mbale to Kampala. Imagine suspects on a truck in Dangerous Mechanical condition (DMC).
When you are driving in Kampala, in particular, you never wish to be followed by either a KCCA truck or police.  Both have the most dilapidated cars in our country followed by Methar trucks transporting sugar canes. Just say these are more hazardous than boda boda in the city centre.
When war in south Sudan intensified and different countries had to evacuate their citizens only Uganda sent trucks and they appeared new. Just imagining where did they go? In 2004 I was in Senior four and our school was to participate in coca cola championship and the school had hired a fuso truck for the morale boosters. Police halted our movement saying it is dangerous to life and risky to move on an open truck for such a distance within the same district.  How special then are police trucks to transport Human beings in this era? 
One time policemen stopped me on my way.  I was worried about what I had done only to be requested to jump their dilapidated patrol vehicle. Unbelievable!
Every time there is a highway accident casualties die on police pickups. Do we really learn or we unlearn?
I am now thinking of how and when does natural intelligence work in Uganda!
The only improvement ever made by the police seems to be the van for transporting Dr. Kiiza Besigye.
When shall we ever do right things right?

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