Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bypassing police, #Museveni supporter files harassment #AgeLimit complaint with State House - #Uganda

Museveni is so disrespectful of us and why should we respect him? Museveni is a bully who has ruled us by bullying the citizens into submission for over 3 decades and now people are waking up. His method of keeping power is through intimidation and corruption and use of deadly force in order to get his way.
After Anite got the taste of her medicine she ran straight to State House to report to her father dictator Museveni. Dad, Dad Ingrid Turinawe is intimidating me and many people are calling my phone threatening me to abandon pushing for the removal of age limit. What did the bully do? He went to the the microphone and asked us the kids that who is threatening my daughter? Who has given you permission to discuss age limit amendments? Leave the constitution amendment talk to the authorized people and I don't want you to talk about it anymore.
Museveni you are nothing but a bully and that's what bullies do. And I want to tell all those that believe that I am being disrespectful by calling Museveni a bully because that's who he is. Trump has been called a bully but you never heard of his defenders accuse those that called him out as being disrespectful.
Bullies thrive on putting others down in order to get their way. Ugandans are finally seeing Museveni as an ordinary human being despite his supporters putting up a fierce fight for him. Don't let anyone make you believe that social media is not a weapon to fight bullies and dictatorships otherwise Museveni's supporters would not be on social media defending a dictator.
Nathan Span

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