Sunday, June 25, 2017

PICTURES: #Museveni benefits from chaotic refugee situations - #Uganda #RefugeeSummit #SouthSudan @UNMISS @UNHCRUK @antonioguterres @USAmbUganda

The Great Lakes Region (GLR) will never get peace and stability until America and United Kingdom realize that dictator Museveni is responsible for the political mess that exists today in most sub-Saharan countries.
The just concluded summit on refugee problems by the UN in Uganda, only has empowered dictator Museveni to create more refugees at the expense of Ugandans. Most refugees in neighboring countries mostly flock to Uganda and in turn dictator Museveni cries foul to the UN for financial help.
Museveni creates problems in which he financially benefits and once that particular situation is no longer profitable for him, he then creates another one. Museveni benefited from Kony war for over 22 years and once Kony's LRA was no longer profitable he then went to Somalia in 2007. When the Somalia project ceased to be profitable, he attacked South Sudan.
In all this, refugee situations are created and the majority of these refugees end up in Uganda spiking Uganda's population and the dictator sees that as a good thing for Uganda. UN has just concluded a meeting on how to finance the refugee crisis in the GLR held in Uganda. Sadly, the meeting did not tackle the actual cause of the refugee situations but on how to finance the refugees.
Now that Museveni has sent his army in most of these countries, now it's time for him to reap big on the refugee crisis in Uganda. Ugandans are dying of hunger but the meeting had nothing to do with that because that would put the Uganda government in a negative spotlight. Over 95USD was pledged by UN and other nations to help finance the refugee crisis in Uganda.
Kenya and Tanzania do not have much of a refugee crisis like their counterpart Uganda because they have restrained themselves from poking their noises in other countries internal affairs. Kenya sent her troops in Somalia after repeated attacks by Alshabab killing scores of Kenyan citizens and Museveni was vehemently opposed to Kenya's sending her troops in Somalia.
Until the US and UK stop supporting dictator Museveni, the GLR will be in turmoil and more refugee situations would be created. Indeed as Museveni said, that he is still a rebel in a suit. If it walks like a duck, it's a duck. After 3 decades Uganda is still ruled by rebels in suits.
Nathan Span

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