Thursday, June 15, 2017

Displaced #Ugandans from #LandGrabbing reject govt food despite hunger

APAA-AMURU By Rabba Naga - 14/06/2017
More than 7000 have been displaced and are spending dusty cold nights in the open in that little town.
They are hungry and sick. But hear this; Government sent food, 450 bags of posho  and many of beans. But Amuru peasants have refused the food despite the hunger.
They fear being poisoned. Now this is not politicizing this issue, this is real. When people distrust their government to the extent of being ready to starve rather than eating government food, then that government is doomed. It may not go tomorrow but it surely will.
For our people in Apaa, condolences for losing your dear ones who were hacked to death. RIP.

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