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#Canada kinda thing #MichaelBublé - Save The Last Dance For Me [Official Music Video]

Toni Braxton - Breathe Again

#Parenting might not be a walk in the parc

I have written a lot about how being a parent is a joke.  I actually thing it still is.  These little aliens only need milk and a soccer ball and a field to burn off energy.

Some insist on "Mom or dad, help me with my homework". To this day, I still fail to understand ehy teachers send homework for the parents. Do you not know that we send the kids to you because we hate homework?

Then of course, that call comes.  "Madame Martha, your daughrer is going to receive a mefal today.  The whole thing will be 2 to 3 hours".

Denis calls this TUPID.  Are you frankly expecting parents to drop their work and show up and hang around for 3hrs to see their kid get a sully paper because she just whooped off some other kids whose parents allowed this TUPID?

Fine. We need an agreement of some sort.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Her Royal Highness, Princess of Bududa.

#Africa #Music - Les Wanyika : Sina Makosa

PICTURES: Of Museveni's Gen. Saleh, Brig. Mayombo's Katuraamu, Gen. Kalekyezi's Uwera, and Col. Kaka's Brian Bagyenda #Uganda

On 28th March 1999 Tooro's Prince Happy Kiijanangoma and a one Kaganda were shot dead in Fort Portal by Alex Twinomugisha, an army deserter. The assassins had been hired by the then Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister, John Katuuramu.
Happy Kiijanangoma had been spearheading the mobilisation of the royals in Tooro to move a vote of no confidence against John Katuuramu for his alleged role in theft of the Kingdom property. Kiijanangoma was shot dead two days before he was to testify against Katuraamu in the High Court over the same matter.
As the search for Kiijanangoma's killer was ongoing, around June 1999 the same Alex Twinomugisha shot dead three Makerere University students around Wandegeya.  One of the slain students, Cpl. Kajabago Mirundi was a potential witness in the Murder of Happy Kiijanangoma three months earlier. Cpl. Mirindi Kajabago who knew Alex Twinomugisha had witnessed the later at the scene of crime in Fort Portal shortly before Kiijanangoma was shot.
The following month in June 1999, military intelligence arrested the assailant Alex Twinomugisha over the murder of the three university students. It is alleged that Alex Twinomugisha confessed to having been hired by John Katuuramu to kill Happy Kiijanangoma and later Cpl. Mirindi Kajabago. John Katuuramu was arrested and charged with murder of Happy Kiijanangoma whereby in 2001 he was convicted over murder charges and sentenced to death. He appealed the sentence in the Court of Appeal which unfortunately upheld the conviction in 2002. He again appeal to the Supreme Court which also upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal in May 2003.
In November 2001, a Supreme Court ruling required that a condemned prisoner must be executed within three years of confirmation of sentence. Consequently, Katuraamu's death sentence was automatically reduced to life imprisonment which translates to 20 years. He is almost finishing his sentence and regaining his freedom. It remains to be seen if he will face fresh murder charges related to the three slain Makerere students.
Katuraamu is married to the sister of Brig. Noble Mayombo who was the Chief of Military Intelligence (CMI) at the time the murder was committed and the subsequent trial and conviction. Despite his (Mayombo) record breaking brutality, undue influence peddling and being the worst human rights violator ever in the history of the Museveni regime, Mayombo could not save his in-law, John Katuuramu.
This was because of the much stronger influence of the mainstream Tooro royal family (Mayombo belonged to the peripheral royal blood), Mayombo's hypocrisy and Museveni's game plan. In 2001, Mayombo hypocritically carried out brutality on his own brother, Maj. Okwir Rabwooni at Entebbe Airport in order to stop him from taking a campaign flight with Dr. Besigye.  Katuuramu had so much been helped by the NRA during the 1985 interim administration in the western region when he struck lucrative trade deals with the lead NRA commanders, Fred Rwigyema and Jim Muhweezi. He has been writing to Museveni reminding him of the past financial 'contribution’ in his quest for pardon.
A 2001 Commission of Inquiry into irregular purchase of junk helicopters for the army recommended the prosecution of Museveni's young brother Gen. Saleh for bribery and causing financial loss of US$ 7M. However, Museveni vehemently shielded him thus; "......I think Gen. Saleh told me about US$ 800,000 commission, since I did not want to delay the delivery of the helicopters that were badly needed to fight Kony, I told Saleh to go ahead and receive the commission but surrender it to the army for special operations in the north."
Museveni's pardoning of Gen. Saleh cleared the way for a series of financial scandals involving very heavy sums of the tax payer's money and state property by the same "retired" General who is above the law.
Around 2011 the then Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, Kashaka Muhanguzi stole 4.6b shillings meant for purchase of bicycles for Local Council officials. It had to take a parliamentary resolution for Kashaka to be charged before the Anti-Corruption Court. In January 2013, his trial commenced and in July 2014 he was convicted to 10 years’ imprisonment and ordered to refund the money. In November 2014, he was released on bail pending appeal and since then he has been a free man as his five co-accused languish in prison. Muhanguzi Kashaka is from Kiruhura and is the elder brother to Brig. Steven Kashaka and Col. John Kashaka. His bail application was facilitated by Cadre Justice Steven Kavuma after Justice Salome Bbossa had rejected it. One of his sureties was Brig. Amos Makumbi, the then ISO chief.
In January 2013, Police Chief, Gen. Kalekyezi's sister in law, Jackie Uwera was alleged to have murdered her husband, Juvernal Nsenga. Gen. Kalekyezi fought very hard to have the charges reduced to traffic offence but succumbed to pressure from the politically powerful deceased's family comprised of Mzei Don't Kananura and the then DPP, Richard Buteera. In September 2013, she was committed to the High Court for trial over murder. Gen. Kalekyezi went ahead to compel the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations, Godfrey Musana testify in defence of the accused - it has never happened anywhere in the world.
In September 2014, she was convicted for murder. On 4th January, 2017 a one Brian Bagenda murdered his girl friend, Enid Twijukye in Kampala. He was assisted by domestic servants, one Byamugisha and Vincent Rwahwire before disposing off the body in Namanve Forest from where it was recovered by the Police on 13th January, 2017. Four days later, on 17th January 2017, the Police arrested Brian Bagyenda and his two accomplices for murder.  Shortly after, a video recording of Brian Bagyenda's confession to murdering Enid Twijukye went viral on social media. On 24th January 2017, Museveni appointed Brian Bagyenda’s father, Col. Kaka Bagyenda as the new Internal Security chief (DG/ISO). Col. Kaka Bagyenda had fought the Bush War and retired from the army in 1993 at the rank of Major. In 2014, Museveni promoted him to the rank of Colonel. His job description includes among other obligations, securing the lives and property of Ugandans.
On February 1st 2017, Brian Bagenda and his accomplices were arraigned before court and charged with murder of Enid Twijukye. The deceased who hailed from Kiruhura was a 2nd Year University student of International relations. He sister is married to a senior army officer under CMI. In mid June 2017, the three accused were committed to the High Court for trial over murder. Note the suspiciously impressive speed at which the matter is moving!
In 12th November, 2017 Kenneth Akena was shot dead by assailants in a parking yard in Kampala. A one Mathew Kanyamunyu and his Burundian girl friend, Cynthia Munwangari claimed to have witnessed the shooting by strangers and only helped to rush the victim to the hospital. On 22nd January 2017, Mathew Kanyamunyu, his Bother Joseph Kanyamunyu and girlfriend, Cynthia were charged with murder of Akena.
On January 31st 2017 the Magistrates Court at Nakawa committed the three to the High Court for trial. Bickering and negative tribal sentiments between the Banyankole Bahima and the Acholi ensued prompting Police to summon Kanyamunyu's aunt, Edith Byanyima. On 28th March 2017, High Court granted bail to Joseph Kanyamunyu and Cynthia Munwangari. On 4th April 2017 Mathew Kanyamunyu filed a notice of intention to appeal against the decision on his bail application. On the same day, Museveni paid a visit to the late Akena's family in Kitgum where he assured them of a fair trial. Kanyamunyu is a brother to Col. Michael Kanyamunyu of the elite Presidential Guard unit, the SFC.


A week ago, a Kampala businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu shot dead a social worker, Kenneth Akena at the parking area of one of the shopping malls in Kampala. Since then the regime has behaved in such a way as to shield the culprit from the long arm of the law.
The trial has not yet commenced but the record breaking supersonic speed by which investigations were completed and the accused committed to the High Court within less than a month is suspect. It is a norm for much more straight forward cases to take years before being committed to the High Court.
On 8th April 2017, the Minister of Labour, Kabafunzaki was arrested over corruption charges. Together with two of his close aides, he was on 11th April 2017 charged with corruption related charges and remanded. The following day on 12th April 2017 he was granted bail. Two months later, today the DPP declared that investigations were complete. He has subsequently been committed by the Anti-Corruption Court's Chief Magistrate to the High Court's Anti-Corruption Division where they are to appear on 12th July 2017. Criminal Justice in Uganda looks expeditious!
All godfathers are equal but some are more equal than others.
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Anonymous or not - Activists must choose

I thank all the Ugandan friends who have expressed worry about my safety for not criticizing President Yoweri Museveni using a fake name or profile.

I wanna assure you that even if I used a fake profile, Museveni and Kayihura would find me.  As a matter of fact,  the Uganda governmwnt knows exactly where to find me.  They also know where to find my siblings and my mother. They also can go to the grave of my father.

Sure, I endager my family in Uganda and in Canada for being vocal about the issues Museveni regime has to deal with. My siblings, mother and elders will never be penalilized for my transgressions.

My entire tribe loves NRM to bits and I am obly a black sheep (damn proud of it).  It then becomes a question of who is in charge. Not once have I flown home and been detained.  Not once have I been issued an arrest warranty by the Uganda government because there would none warranted.

It is likely because of not being hunted that some Ugandans say I am paid by Museveni to be a seeming opposition.  It would be easy for me to accept a job for Museveni because I am not only cute but I have a brain.  My war with Museveni is very clear and he knows it well.  Museveni has a lot of money and he can pay for school for my kids and build a good house for my mother and my whole clan. He just knows that I would not allow it and he cannot force it.

Museveni knows that I want good for all Ugandans and will never relent.  In fact, Museveni wants the same for all Ugandans but he is surrounded by scondrels.  He would do well to sack all of them.

Where was I even going with this story?

Aha...Museveni is not the problem.  It is us.  We want and expect one man to deliver us from our stupidity.  Imagine he is trying to fight corruption and impunity and to get incestors but you sabotage anything and everything he tries to do.

I swear the day I become a Museveni adviser, some heads will roll.  Some of you will be fired.  And you won't even poison me in Kampala because you will have to break my Telecon connection.

Such madness to hold one person for ransom.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: I am not afraid.  You should be afraid because when I join Museveni you are gonna eat monkeys.

Something wonderful about #Canada

Those who paid attention will have noticed that I wrote about education in Canada.

The beauty of Canada is we do not see race or any of those other things Ugandans and some others care about.

Canada strongly believes that gicing education to anyone and everyone helps the person contribute as a citizen.

Canada is a multi cultural country.  Everyone fits amd is welcome.

Please consider Canada as your next home away from home.  Our passports get you into every country.  Canada is a peace maker.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Born and raised in Uganda but Canada proud.
PS: I do not work for the Canadian government sauf paying the taxes.

Something wonderful about under grad in #Canada

We made it.  We are now in Canada's top university.  But exactly why were we here?

Then the school asigns an academic adviser.  You have had too many of them and yet cannot escape them.

The first meeting goes like "you must do research and cannot skip school work.  You can only work 20hrs per week and preferably in your study area".

You then sleep in Robarts library or the computer lab and life passes you by.  Actually, you watch your young life vanish in front of your eyes for now it has become a question of you a
submitting and defending whatever nonsense you thought could get you a masters degree.

On the day you get told it is okay, you got the degree, you are also told you can proceed for a PhD.

All this while, your research supervisor has come to know you.  Mine had no issues when I dripped out from school.  My father was dying and I needed a job.

Something wonderful about #Canada university

Now you are finally all grown up and away from home in your under grad half asleep in your courses.  But you always have that academic adviser whether you are a Canadian or International student.

S/he notices that your grades are dropping because you are taking too much for granted.  Academic adviser then reminds you that you are on an academic scholarship so awaken.

You are in school with the best brains the world sends out.  You then wake up and try while missing home too much for it has been too many years away from your family and what you grew up on.  But this race is real.  You then try.

Next thing you know is getting into an IVY league or the equivalent.  You even do not know how you got admitted but write a Thank You letter to your academic adviser.

University of Toronto, I promise to work hard to prove to you that you did not make a mistake in accepting me.

Something wonderful about going to high school in Canada

All the schools have an academic adviser for the kids even if you are an International student.

All the schools and the designated academic advisers work hard to get all their students to go to the best universities in the world.

The fact that you are one of the few that made it out of Uganda, they believe that despite skipping classes you will get good marks.

So then you land in a decent University half asleep.

Something wonderful about #Canda

Canada has one of the best education systems in the world.  Our education system is replicated in Asia.

Coming from Uganda I was not sure I could meaaure up.

All the teachers are aware of the International students and help the kids to fit in and excel.  I came to Lester B. Pearson College in British Columbia. The rest is history.

Find it at

From St. Mary's Namagunga to a mixed school in Canada.

Sacrifice - Elton John

Uganda policeman Gilbert Arinaitwe owns a church


#Burundi: Disparitions d'officiers militaires, personne ne s'en soucie

Dans le cadre de sa « Campagne NDONDEZA contre les disparitions forcées au Burundi », le FOCODE a recueilli des informations et des témoignages sur la disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA, Greffier au Conseil de Guerre de l’armée burundaise âgé de 40 ans, enlevé à Mutakura le 03 juin 2016 alors qu’il s’apprêtait à accueillir son épouse à l’Aéroport de Bujumbura.
Ce dossier de la Campagne NDONDEZA s’inscrit dans une série de cas de disparitions forcées des membres des corps de défense et de sécurité. Alors que la majorité des cas déjà traités portaient sur la disparition forcée des éléments provenant de l’ancienne armée  (FAB), l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA a évolué dans les rangs du Palipehutu-FNL dirigé alors par Agathon RWASA avant son intégration dans la nouvelle armée burundaise (FDN). Comme dans les cas d’autres militaires disparus, les autorités de l’armée burundaise semblent insensibles à la disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA.
A. Identité de la victime
  1. Fils de Deo MAHENGAMO et de Jacqueline NIMUBONA, Hippolyte NZITONDA est né en 1976 à Rubizi, Commune Kanyosha de la Province Bujumbura (dit Bujumbura Rural), à l’ouest du Burundi. Marié à un sous-officier (une femme) de l’armée burundaise, l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA résidait dans la Zone urbaine de Cibitoke (Nord de la Ville de Bujumbura) au moment de sa disparition forcée.
  1. Ancien combattant du mouvement rebelle Palipehutu-FNL, Hippolyte NZITONDA a intégré la Force de Défense Nationale FDN, armée burundaise, en 2008 après l’Accord de cessez-le-feu entre le Gouvernement du Burundi et le Mouvement Palipehutu-FNL dirigé alors par Monsieur Agathon RWASA. Jusqu’au jour de sa disparition forcée, l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA (Matricule 76505) travaillait au Conseil de Guerre en tant que Greffier. Comme la plupart des sous-officiers œuvrant dans les services centraux du Ministère de la Défense Nationale ou de l’Etat-Major Général de l’Armée, l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA était également affecté au Camp Ngagara.
B. Contexte de la disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA.
  1. La disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA peut s’inscrire dans le plan de chasse aux membres des forces de défense et de sécurité soupçonnés d’être des opposants au troisième mandat de Monsieur Pierre NKURUNZIZA. Ancien combattant du FNL dirigé par Monsieur Agathon RWASA, l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA se trouvait ainsi dans la deuxième catégorie des militaires considérés comme des potentiels ennemis du régime de Pierre NKURUNZIZA, après les éléments provenant de l’ancienne armée. Sa disparition forcée le 03 juin 2016 garde les traits d’autres enlèvements commis contre les membres du Parti FNL restés fidèles à Agathon RWASA.
  1. Le 03 juin 2016 était un jour spécial pour la famille de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA. Le 31ème Bataillon du contingent burundais de l’AMISOM devrait rentrer à Bujumbura après plusieurs mois de déploiement en Somalie. L’épouse de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA, un sous-officier de l’armée burundaise, se trouvait dans les éléments du 31ème Bataillon qui rentraient le 03 juin 2016. Tout impatient de retrouver son épouse après des mois d’absence, l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA avait sollicité et obtenu la permission d’aller l’accueillir à l’Aéroport de Bujumbura.
  1. Alors que l’arrivée de son épouse à l’aéroport de Bujumbura était prévue à 13h45, l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA a été enlevé à Mutakura (un quartier au Nord de la Ville de Bujumbura) par des personnes en tenue de la police nationale à bord d’une voiture Corolla noire aux vitres teintées, aux environs de 12h30 selon une source qui s’est confiée au FOCODE. Quelques temps avant son kidnapping, l’Adjudant NZITONDA aurait répondu à un appel téléphonique qui n’a pas été identifié. L’adjudant n’a jamais été retrouvé depuis cet enlèvement.
C. Démarches entreprises pour retrouver l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA
  1. Depuis le jour de sa disparition forcée, les proches de l’adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA ont tenté de retrouver le leur en visitant plusieurs cachots et maisons d’arrêt connus, mais ils n’ont eu aucun signe de vie ni même celui de décès de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA. Une source a confié au FOCODE qu’après des démarches de recherche auprès de l’Etat-Major Général de l’armée, des proches de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA avaient reçu des réponses ironiques les invitant notamment à étendre leurs recherches dans les cachots de la République Démocratique du Congo. Cette attitude n’était pas nouvelle, plusieurs autres familles de militaires disparus ont reçu ce genre de messages ironiques.
  2. Une source au Conseil de Guerre a signalé que le Camp Ngagara dont dépendait la victime et le Conseil de Guerre qui l’employait ont écrit des correspondances pour signaler la disparition et demander l’implication de la hiérarchie dans la recherche de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA. Le dossier aurait été confié, selon la même source, au Bureau chargé du renseignement à l’Etat-Major Général de l’Armée(G2) mais aucune suite n’aurait été réservée aux demandes de recherche.
  3. Une source a signalé enfin que l’Etat-Major Général de l’Armée avait suspendu la solde de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA en arguant qu’il était décédé, mais aucune preuve de ce décès n’aurait été fournie à son épouse qui en aurait fait la demande. En attendant, comme dans le cas d’autres familles des militaires victimes de disparition forcée, la famille de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA n’a obtenu ni l’indemnité de décès ni la pension des survivants puisqu’elle est dans l’impossibilité de prouver le décès de la victime.
D. Silence étrange et indifférence des autorités militaires après la disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA.
  1. Depuis la disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA le 03 juin 2016, l’armée burundaise n’a jamais communiqué sur ce cas et aucune action connue n’a été entreprise pour le retrouver. Comme d’habitude, l’armée s’est empressée de suspendre la solde de la victime sans offrir aucune autre contribution financière à la famille de la victime comme dans les cas de décès. En effet, en cas de décès d’un militaire, l’armée octroie normalement à sa famille une indemnité de décès correspondant à quatre mois de solde brute du défunt ; la famille reçoit en outre une pension des survivants le cas échéant. La famille de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA n’a reçu aucune de ces prestations car elle est dans l’impossibilité de prouver le décès de l’Adjudant. Une situation très complexe que partagent les familles des militaires disparus.
  2. Face à ce mutisme de la hiérarchie militaire, la famille de la victime ne sait plus à quelle institution elle doit se confier et demeure dans l’incertitude totale.
  3. L’Etat-Major Général de l’armée et le Ministère de la Défense Nationale devront expliquer un jour pourquoi ils ne se sont jamais préoccupés des cas des militaires victimes de disparition forcée.
E. Prise de position et recommandations du FOCODE
  1. Le FOCODE condamne la disparition forcée de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA et tous les crimes graves commis contre d’autres militaires considérés comme des opposants au troisième mandat de Pierre NKURUNZIZA ;
  1. Le FOCODE condamne le silence et l’inaction des autorités militaires après la disparition de l’Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA, tout comme dans d’autres cas de disparition forcées des militaires considérés comme des opposants au troisième mandat du Président NKURUNZIZA ;
  1. Le FOCODE condamne pour la nième fois la persistance des lieux de détention secrète coordonnés par le Service du renseignement intérieur au sein du Service National de Renseignement (SNR) ;
  1. Le FOCODE appelle les autorités de l’armée burundaise à envisager des mesures spécifiques de soutien aux familles des militaires victimes de disparition forcée qui, après la disparition des leurs, se retrouvent dans une situation non prévue par la loi, ne pouvant prouver ni la vie ni la mort du chef de famille notamment ;
  1. Le FOCODE salue le deuxième exposé oral récemment présenté par la Commission d’Enquête sur le Burundi devant le Conseil des Droits de l’Homme à Genève, réitère son soutien à la Commission et lui demande d’accorder une attention aux crimes contre les militaires considérés comme opposants dans son rapport final attendu en septembre prochain ;
  1. Le FOCODE réitère enfin sa demande à la Cour Pénale Internationale de l’ouverture sans délais de l’enquête sur tous les crimes sous sa compétence en cours au Burundi et de l’engagement des poursuites contre leurs auteurs.
Pour le FOCODE ;
Sé Pacifique

Disparition forcée de l'Adjudant Hippolyte Nzitonda, Greffier au Conseil de Guerre - Ndondeza

DECLARATION DU FOCODE n° 014/2017 du 27 juin 2017 " Les autorités burundaises doivent faire la lumière sur la disparition forcée de l'Adjudant Hippolyte NZITONDA, Greffier du Conseil de Guerre enlevé le 03 juin 2016 à Mutakura ". Paradoxe burundais : quand la disparition des militaires ne préoccupe pas la hiérarchie !

#Uganda govt clears previously #Museveni banned Dott Services to continue road projects

Dott Services, the construction firm that had previously been blacklisted from doing business with government agencies, has been formally cleared by the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga, ending months of ping pong between the firm and government.
The impasse threatened to stall several construction projects that government had contracted to Dott Services. Chief among them is the 5.5 megawatts Nyagak III hydropower project, in which Dott Services is one of the three companies contracted under Genmax Nyagak Ltd. The venture is projected to cost $14.5 million (Shs 51.8bn).
Other ongoing projects by Dott Services include the construction works on the 4.8 megawatts hydropower project on River Waki in Buliisa as well as the construction of Nakivubo and Kinawataka main sewers.
In a letter addressed to the president, a copy of which The Observer has seen, Byaruhanga affirms: “Whereas Article 99 of the Constitution clearly vests the executive authority of Uganda in the president to be exercised in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of Uganda, the issuance of executive orders as legislative instruments with the force of law by the president in exercise of this authority is not specifically authorised by the Constitution.”
He adds: “Accordingly, in view of the above provisions, my opinion is that the executive instrument barring Dott Services from participating in road construction stands withdrawn as per the president’s directive and was, in any case, unenforceable.  Dott Services is, therefore, free to participate with any entities in so far as those relations are within the law.”
Byaruhanga’s advice is in response to an earlier letter authored by Museveni on May 29, where he made it clear that he had no objection retracting an executive order he had issued in April instructing government agencies not to deal with Dott.
Museveni had made it clear in his letter that he would seek further guidance from the attorney general. Yesterday, Venugopal Rao, the chief executive officer of Dott Services, welcomed the development. He said the company had not been formally informed about the earlier executive order and had only read about it on social media and in newspapers.
“For the company, it is business as usual.  We are very positive on the business environment and support for the private sector. As Dott, we are a responsible company committed to the transformation of this country through provision of effective service delivery in the areas of infrastructure, energy and agriculture,” Rao said.
ps: The president's brother owns 45% of that company so you can just follow the money (MLN)

AG officially clears Dott Services to end impasse with govt


Message for #Buganda on your land an rights - our rights - #Uganda

Mwe Baganda mwe.

Babajolozze nebabakamala. They burnt down your ancestral shrines. You kept your mouths closed.

They are in your land dancing, selling your assets, Using your fellow Bagandas. You still cooperate with them and make life difficult first your brothers and sisters. Them go laugh behind your backs calling your names like (abaganda basilu)

The state house is in buganda land, but from the gate keeper to the commander of army and police you don't see a kigandu name eg Bossa or Namakula (the Wamala they had, they made sure they put him off). You still kept your mouth closed. They laughed at you behind closed doors (tubamazze belagga lagga) They know how to overcome talk. But Action burre.

Salabed, schools have been burnt, that help your brothers, sisters and relatives to earn a living and attain knowledge. They keep on lying to you ( we shall search for the underlying causes of fire. How many times have they promised you these solutions, but all in vain? Did they give you a report on who burnt the shrines? ( maybe i missed this out? Fill me in).

They close themselves behind doors and even say the words in luganda laughing out loud. "HEHEHE Tubasikeledde. Kabasiliwalile eyo..." they add on insults even in their local languages

They use your own brother to dismiss your people and build arcades for their sons, wives, daughters and in-laws. And you continue keeping your mouths shut.

They have sold the main hospital Uganda had and that's Mulago ( where is it found)? Ofcourse in buganda. And you have kept your mouths shut and they keep on climbing ladders in front of you

No cancer machines. And you keep on fighting your own brothers. They enjoy the fights while they keep on plotting the next move

They promise young women free pads. All in vain, a fellow woman comes out condemns and actively collect pads and money for your sisters to remain in schools while they are menstruating. You still go behind her and you are used to bring her down. Where is the brotherhood?

They have managed to extend their illegal rule mostly in the Buganda region because of the above, not forgetting the major tactics they are using (INTIMIDATION).

Mr. Kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert yesterday when he ended his eloquent speech he clearly informed you that,

"The power of the people is greater than the people in power."

You only can change the situation you are living in. Like I have always said. No muzungu, no mu China, not sven Donald Trump is going to fight for you and me. It's we, ourselves who are going to liberate ourselves. And we must do it collectively. Abd NOW! Something they have made sure they have done in order to rule us for life. Is to seperate us and put Double Spies amongst ourselves.

IT'S TIME WE WOKE UP FROM SLEEPING. This issue of lying to us Mbu naletta eddembe ended in 1990s. Which freedom did you bring when;

19 women die on a daily basis while giving birth ( because of minor and treatable infections)

Our 80 percent Youths are unemployed and unemployable

Our infants ca. 230 below the age of five are dying daily due to the denial of affordable medical care.

No Rehabilitation centers for the elderly, the handicapped.

Young women are rapped, impregnated by their officials sometimes infected with different STDs and you still keep your mouths shut.

Your roads are not constructed (if constructed, last only a few weeks) causing you accidents and death and you still work with them to destroy the future of yourself and your children and grandchildren. Shame upon you!

Your lakes and rivers generate electricity and it's supplied to neighbouring countries but no electricity in the main hospitals, surgery wards, clinics and even your own homes. And you still dine with them. And accept to be used against your own brothers and sisters? Shhaa babajolozze nyo.

If you love your culture so much like you always say, you should as well guard those who promote your culture. Ain't it?

If you love your country so much, it's time you woke up from sleeping. And it's now! Will you?

If you want to prove to the late Obote who once said "a good muganda is a dead one," Go out and support that good muganda who won't be compromised.

If you still wish your country to be the pearl of Africa. Take Action Now For A Better Uganda!

Go Out And Vote For Kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert. Symbol 🕜🕛🕝🕑 Tomorrow 29 June, 2017. Guard Your Votes and Don't Be Intimidated. They Might Kill a few But Let Their Death Be The Commencing of The Long aWaited Revolution.

Akalulu Mukanpele Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. Aunt wange webale nyo you promised akako ka Bobi

Nsigadde nga MuwalaWaBesigye attatyabyokya atte nga lelo sikiliziganyinza na Tatta Wange Omulungi.

Wonderful #dictators who have won numerous electioms - #Uganda #DrCongo #Rwanda #Museveni

Well Museveni said if a dictator wins more elections then he is a wonderful dictator. Here is a list of wonderful dictators:

1. Kazakhstan:
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been winning elections since the Soviet Union dissolved. Jailed opposition leaders during and after elections. The opposition is nonexistent. His party always have the majority in the legislature

2. Iraq:
Saddam Hussien won numerous elections, jailed would be opponents, opposition nonexistent. His political party had the majority in the legislature

3. Fidel Castro
A revolutionist won elections since 1959-1976 as a Prime Minister and continued winning 1976-2008 as president. This one could not take any chances. No opposition at all.

4. Zimbabwe
Robert Mugabe this guy is loved. Very popular like Museveni. This guy always wins by 60-68%. He puts his opponents in jail. He is a revolutionist too. He has been winning it all since 1975. His party has the majority in legislature

5. Philippines
Marcos... yah? Filipinos loved him to. He won elections from 1965 to 1986. He jailed and killed his opponents. His party had the majority in the legislature. Filipinos woke up one day and withdrew their love and sent him packing in a hurry to USA.

6. Venezuela:
Hugo Chavez
This guy was a military guy like someone I know. He won elections since 1998 till his death getting 60-68% of the votes. He jailed his opponents. Even on his deathbed he still wanted to run.

7. Haiti
Baby Doc Duvalier
Haitians loved him so much. They even nick named him Baby Doc. He won elections from 1971-1986,  when his friends in the army had enough of him winning, they sent him running for his life to France. He had the majority in the legislature and yes, he imprisoned his opponents.

8. Egypt
Hosni Mubarak, this guy was born to win. One voter voted for an opposition candidate but he was so scared and went back to the polling station and told the police that he had made a mistake and was so sorry. He told the policeman that he had voted for the wrong candidate. The police told him never to worry as they had spotted his error and corrected it. No joke. He had the majority in legislature too.

9. Equatorial Guinea
Nguema Mbasogo
He even came to Uganda to visit his dictator friend in arms. This guy has been winning since 1979 and there is no end to his winning. Jesus is love

10. Uganda
How can we forget the one and only. Kaguta Yoseri Museveni. This guy is a revolutionist too. He is like the bunny rabbit. He keeps winning and winning. I will give him credit. At least he gives people who attend his rallies a T-Shirt and transportation to attend his rallies but on going back to the point of origin????? He has the majority in the legislature.

Paul Kagame, this guy needs to consult professional dictators on how to convince the world that he is really loved. This guy couldn't hide his excitement of removing term limits from the constitution. He blamed those over zealous Rwandese that they loved him so much and blamed them for not allowing him to leave power.

Nathan Span

Monday, June 26, 2017

Top prosecutor charges #Brazil's president #Temer with #Corruption

Brazil’s Michel Temer was charged with corruption by the chief prosecutor on Monday evening, in a highly-anticipated development that may put the embattled president of Latin America’s largest economy on trial.
Rodrigo Janot has charged Temer with passive corruption and stated there are indications of other crimes that need to be investigated, according to documents filed at the Supreme Court. The charges need to be approved by two-thirds of Brazil’s chamber of deputies to proceed. It is not yet clear how long that process will take. The prosecutor’s charges are based partly on a secret recording of a conversation between Temer and Joesley Batista, the former CEO of the meat-packing giant JBS. 
The document sent to the Supreme Court states that Temer received 500,000 reais ($151,000) between April and March 2017 from Batista via an intermediary. Temer’s lawyer, Antonio Mariz, told Bloomberg that he had not yet had time to analyze the report. The presidential palace declined to comment. The president has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.
Since he took office in May last year, Temer’s market-friendly administration has been dogged by scandal, accusations of illegitimacy and low levels of popularity. Last month’s explosive allegations of criminality destabilized yet further his government and prompted, briefly, a sell-off of Brazilian assets. But the president has vowed to stay in office and the decision of his main political ally, the PSDB, to continue to back his government has strengthened his chances of finishing his mandate.
Temer appears to have enough legislative support to survive a vote in Congress, but the process is likely to diminish yet further his low standing and complicate the outlook for his reform agenda, according to a report published on Monday by Eurasia Group.

Tanzania villagers invade Acacia Mining (#BarickGold) demanding #Landgrab compensation

Hundreds of villagers near the North Mara gold mine in Tanzania invaded the mine for several days last week in an attempt to steal gold ore. The armed confrontation between police and villagers is the latest development in an ongoing dispute between the mine owner, Acacia Mining (LON:ACA) and the Tanzanian government.
Security forces arrested at least 66 people, 34 of whom were women used as human shields by groups of armed men who invaded the mine, Reuters reported on Friday. "This week different groups of over 500 people armed with traditional weapons such as machetes and spears invaded the premises of the Acacia mine… they even went to the gold processing plant," police chief Morris Okinda told reporters. Several police were also injured.
The villagers were reportedly demanding compensation for their land and for alleged pollution caused by the mine.
The villagers were reportedly demanding compensation for their land and for alleged pollution caused by the mine.
The government of Tanzania accuses Acacia of under-declaring revenues and evading taxes worth tens of billion of dollars. As a result, a commission recommended that Tanzania demand the repayment of outstanding taxes, review the possibility of increasing government ownership of mines, and continue with an export ban on gold concentrate affecting the company.
Such prohibition was imposed on Acacia Mining at the start of March, when the president announced an export ban on copper and gold concentrates in an attempt to capture more of the value from mining for the country.
The gold producer, which spun off from Barrick Gold in 2010, said in a statement it was disappointed at the findings, adding it “strongly refutes” the “new unfounded accusations.”
Acacia is Tanzania's largest gold producer with three mines – Bulyanhulu, Buzwagi and North Mara. Mining contributes 3.5% to the gross domestic product of Tanzania, which is Africa’s fourth-largest gold producer. The government, however, wants to increase that piece of the pie by requesting more taxes from the sector. It has been on a drive to add value to its exports rather than send raw materials abroad.
Acacia has repeatedly rejected all allegations of wrongdoing and called for an independent inquiry into the government’s accusations.
In order to provide clear and factual information around the current situation, the company also created a micro-site, with its answers to Tanzania’s allegations, and details of the company’s contribution to the country’s economy.

PICTURES: Intentional impoverishment of #Ugandans by #Museveni regime - #Poverty

You will remember that the regime of President Yoweri Museveni sold all parastatals and destroyed all cooperatives rendering a minimum of 60,000 well paid civil servants jobless in the first decade of his rule.
Uganda's health care is so bad no one in government or affiliated with government dares get treated in Uganda for even things as simple as malaria (Norbert Mao, Nairobi).  The same applies for education since none of the people in power dare to put their children in the many public schools the country has.
What is even more scary and Ugandans need to pay close attention now more than ever is the intentional removal of income earning opportunities from the majority of Ugandans.  Remember what Martin Niemöller said about Nazi and the holocaust and now relate it to Uganda.
First they came for the street vendors, you did not talk because you were not a street vendor. 
Then they came for the kiosks.  You did not talk because you had no kiosk. 
Then they came for markets.  First they burned them and you were left in awe. Then they demolished the markets and you were left in shock.  You again said nothing and did nothing. 
Then they demolished houses apparently to construct for you highways.  You did not cry when the displaced were crying for your houses had not been demolished or you were in government and connected till a hotel of a biggie got demolished on Entebbe Road. 
Then they evicted people off their land razing their crops, burning their houses and stealing their livestock, you looked on in amazement as if saying "that could never happen to me" or something like "this government is a bad government" and end of story.   Well, they did evict people and are more aggressively doing it all over the country now.  
Next they are banning boda bodas out of Kampala and surrounding areas.  You wonder where 50,000 boda boda income earners will now earn a living.  They have no market stalls, kiosks or street vending rights. 
Then they are coming for the taxis (matatu) and now you have another 50,000 who will lose their only income earning opportunity.  Will they return to the villages and grow food for their families on land which they no longer own or will they fly to the Middle East as slaves for the Arabs?  
WAIT, but apparently you are going to be given the option (boda boda & matatu operators) to buy shares in the new Chinese company which is taking over Kampala. This will let you get a dividend once a year on the shares you will purchase.  PSYCH! 
The policies around Kampala via KCCA will have destroyed income earning opportunities for a minimum of 1 million Ugandans by the time you are done "cleaning" and "developing" Kampala.  You will see schools close down as parents have no school fees, other businesses close for people not having money (e.g. Nakumatt), arcades and mall rental fees keep going up and people have no money, clinics and saloons close, evictions by land lords, nebilala nabalala.
Did you ever stop to think about the impact of taking away work from 100,000 and its ripple effect on the whole city?  Non,, that would be too much common sense.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Reader comments from Kampala

The chaos in Kampala is not about to go away. The Bodas and matatus must be phased out gradually not just waking up and wish them away minus a meaningful alternative. Unless they are creating room for their goons to further terrorise the population.

Crime rates are already escalating and all is happening in an organised manner. The patterns in commission of crime are strikingly similar. Take an example of example of Kitubulu near Entebbe town, four girls murdered after what looks like they have been sexually molested and objects inserted in their private organs. In Wakiso, holes were made in peoples houses before intrusion and killing them. The iron bar hit men.

These imbeciles are busy implementing the chaos theory only for them, the crimes are not random but well calculated and orchestrated.  Nansana in Wakiso district remains a hot spot, Mukono had lulled a bit, neighborhoods in Kampala - Kulambiro has lulled since the icing of Kaweesi, Najera, Makindye, Busabala to mention but a few.

I am so worried for the next neighbourhood, it could be mine or anyone else's. The police seem to be heeding the presidential directive to stop idle and disorderliness wanton arrests. The police are almost redundant and it’s now their traffic colleagues that are on the prowl.

Everyday someone or people are being killed in cold blood. This is exacerbated by police’s inept investigative department. I always cry for my beloved country because am roundly aware, we are enjoying false peace.

Like a wound that gets septic before curation, the robbers brigade that is illegally in charge is now acting with unprecedented impunity. When peoples’ livelihood is overtly messed up, then criminality flourishes.

#SouthSudan #Refugees condemn shortages of necessities in #Uganda camps

Dear South Sudan refugees in Uganda, 
We Ugandans also do not have those things which you are complaining about. As a matter of fact, at least you get some food and some medicine on the land which has been grabbed by force from our people to give you to live on and grow food as your children get free education while ours do not get education.  Perhaps you may want to return to your own homes so that we can get our land back and hopefully grow food to feed our families since we do not get given free food like you.  Good luck.  MLN
South Sudanese refugees have condemned the lack of health care services and the continued shortage of food within the resettlement camps.
The refugees have calling on world leaders to urgently support the Ugandan government to help fight the current crisis.
Nearly a million refugees have arrived in Uganda since the crisis erupted in Juba in July 2016, leaving Uganda as the country putting up with the largest number of refugees in the continent.
Joyce Night, a South Sudanese civilian who fled from Yei says refugees in Uganda are facing a catastrophic problem, such as food and health related issues.
She appealed for help for the refugees, pleading that something urgent is done to assist the situation urgently.
Lack of enough health care facilities in the camps is another major issue putting others’ lives at risk.
“If you met with a health worker she/he may give you a painkiller that is if you are lucky enough, but sometimes you can be sent home without any treatment, “said Night.
Night went on to say that most women would be willing to run businesses, but the lack of capital to start the business, poses a challenge and as a result, the women remain idle in the camps.
Food ratios have been reduced among the refugees in the camps, which has deepened the crisis of the refugees in the resettlement camps.
“People eat one meal a day, and those are good days, but at times some families sleep without any food,” she said, adding that the relationship with the host community was good despites the few reported cases between the refugees and Ugandans.
Joyce Night said that some of the host communities fight with the refugees as they go to collect firewood in the bush, but she said that the issue has been handled.
In the resettlement camps, there are a few water points that cause frequent fighting among the communities.
Bol Thomas, another South Sudanese refugee who lives in Rhino camp in the West-Nile echoed concerns on the refugees’ challenges in Uganda.
He narrated that too many children who were separated from their parents as they fled from South Sudan need an urgent assistant because they are exposed to many dangers.
Thomas said that children as young as below 15 years are at great risks, particularly the girls.
The lack of enough schools in the refugee camps also an enormous problem, with 100-200 children sharing one classroom. One secondary school among a few primary schools in the camps accommodates thousands of children.
Thomas went on to say that most of the children in the camps sometimes go to bed with empty stomachs and this exposes them to malnutrition.
“When you see me looking like a dead skeleton don’t think am sick, it is because we eat one meal a day. Sometimes you will go without anything to bed,” he told Sudan Tribune.
As Uganda is about to host the World Refugees Crisis on Thursday where the United Nation Secretary General Antonio Guterres and many dignitaries will come together.
The South Sudanese refugees urged the leaders of the world to urgently find an alternative solution to the refugee crisis.

#Uganda #Land row shines light on #Buganda Kingdom

BUGABO, Uganda June 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - " This land is peaceful,” said Abdul Seryazi, standing in his family fields in Bugabo, a village in central Uganda.
But a charred bulldozer alongside tells a different story.
In April, three bus loads of men carrying sticks and machetes arrived in the village with the bulldozer.
Angry residents fought back, fearing the land would be cleared, and the machine was set alight.
While violent evictions are not unusual in Uganda, the case is notable because the landlord is Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II – the king, or 'kabaka', of Buganda, the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day Uganda.
Mutebi himself is revered as a cultural figurehead for more than 6 million Baganda, the country's largest ethnic group.
However growing competition for land is fuelling bitter disputes in the region, which includes Kampala, the capital.
The latest flashpoint is a new land titling scheme which is bringing the kingdom into conflict with both the national government and local tenants, who fear they will lose the fields they have farmed for generations.
The kingdom began urging people to apply for leasehold titles on its land in April, saying it will protect tenants, offer security and encourage investment.
According to Abdul Nadduli, a minister without portfolio in the national government, the campaign fanned local anxiety that the kabaka wants to "confiscate the people's land".
But Dennis Bugaya, legal officer at the Buganda Land Board, which manages the kingdom's estates, dismissed the fears, saying tenants had been misled by “a pack of political opportunists”.
The debate over tenure revives old tensions between the government and the Buganda kingdom, which has long pushed for greater autonomy.
President Yoweri Museveni restored the historic kingdom in 1993, but has long quarrelled with the kabaka over land reform, political autonomy and the return of Buganda's assets.
In 2009, more than 40 people were killed when police blocked the kabaka from visiting a disputed part of his territory and security forces acted to quell unrest.
Although the kingdom still holds great symbolic appeal, it is unable to raise taxes and has limited powers, relying on its own businesses and patriotic fundraising drives for revenue.
The move to leaseholds with titles would allow it to charge more, earn more from its property and so boost its coffers.
"With financial independence comes some element of political independence,” said Bugaya. “There are some powers which do not want the kingdom to have a financial base.”
The kabaka owns 350 square miles of 'official' estates as part of his title, as well as smaller parcels of land as a private individual.
Hundreds of thousands of people live and work on the kabaka's land, on small plots known as 'bibanja'.
Buganda Land Board officials say formal titles will help tenants get planning permissions and provide them with the security to apply for bank loans. The scheme is voluntary and the new, 49-year leaseholds are renewable, they say.
“People should title their property,” said Bugaya. “It's only then that they can interact with market forces and the economy can grow.”
But while those who do not apply for leases have been assured they will retain their bibanja, many are not convinced.
“I can die without leaving any penny to prolong that lease – what next?” said Nadduli. “My family to be displaced, and another family, a tycoon, may come to occupy it.”
While the most recent evictions may not be directly linked to the titling scheme, residents say the problems have added to their fears.
Back in Bugabo, the men with machetes were accused of damaging crops, stealing tomatoes and blocking a water well.
Seryazi, 21, said the loss of his family's land would end his education: “Where are we going to get what to eat? Where are we going to get school fees?” he said.
John Kitenda, the Buganda royal treasurer, said the men who came with the bulldozer were sent by a private investor who had leased land from the kabaka.
“Those villagers are falsely claiming land,” he said, and had only recently begun to cultivate it.
Bugabo residents insist they have never met the investor and were paying rent to the kabaka.
“I like my king, because that's what the culture says,” explained Seryazi.
But he said the mood is shifting with many becoming suspicious of the kabaka's motives.
Betty Amongi, the national minister of lands, has herself called on a new land inquiry to investigate the titling scheme.
Meanwhile the kingdom has been forced to defend several court cases challenging its ownership and land holdings.
“I want a court declaration that the kabaka does not own [his official estates],” said Male Mabirizi, a lawyer in one high-profile case.
“He's holding it in trust for the people of Buganda.”