Saturday, May 20, 2017

Toli mwaavu; mutwe gwo - #Uganda Business Ideas Part 1

What is stopping you series? Part1
Government Etuyambe!
Fred came from Luwero on Lorry carrying charcoal to Kampala,didn't have transport the lorry driver told him you will help me offload as fee.
He gladly agreed the charcoal destination was Bweyogere but Fred didn't know anyone in Kla, so he begged the owner of Charcoal store to allow him to spend a night at the store and he will provide free security. ..the lady agreed and even told him she will pay him 100k salary. This was God sent opportunity for Fred
She would give him lunch.
Fast forward after 5 months Fred raised 600k which was a turning point in his life,bought charcoal stove,10 litres of cooking oil,firewood,15kg Nike perch at 150k and Flyingpan literally his capital was 400k.
The first day , he made a profit of 30k,second 25k third day 40k ....from person who was sleeping in Charcoal store to a person who takes home on average 30k per day this was a breakthrough.
As I post this he has 5 locations selling deep fried Nile perch (Emputa)and makes 30k ×5 locations 150k per day excluding cost of operation, 4.5Million per month tax free. How much is your salary with BBA or an MBA?
I found him in his ispum yesterday with inscription on the windscreen "GYENVUDDE" I was very sure it was a journey worth sharing.
What is my point, many of us are complaining about NRM govt how it has made us poor,and how our companies are paying us peanuts.
However, we work 8am to 5pm after rush home to watch a soaps for the ladies and men join friends in bar to avoid jam and spending at least 20k in that kafunda on beer/Kigele (Mulokoni)or tea mbu that's life.
Yet there are number of Ugandans who will never reach before 11pm after supervising 6 small businesses that supplement their salary.
The sad bitter truth about your current salary no one has ever become rich on employment salary,anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter what you want to do even if it 5k per day ad your goal at the end of the month it will be 150k that can buy glossary at home,pay water bills and Yaka for a month.
If you continue to sing in chorus Govt etuyambe bano Abasajja are minding their own business and planning for the next elections as you join your colleagues complaining on social media and watsup groups.
Use the little you have to start something small rather than laughing at those who are hustling your are busy looking for applications to beautify your looks NOT your wallet.
Good luck.
#StreetPreacher Kiyemba Harunah

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